Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Saturday Report

It's a Saturday morning when I should have got up late! However, not long after the dawn broke, me and 2 dudes went over to Petrosains. As suggested by "early bird catches the worm", we gotta be early to collect the free admission tickets. So, this was in conjunction with 10th anniversary of petrosains. Otherwise, I, or perhaps we won't even bother to check out petrosains lar. Such a lame place for a little fun, isn't it? You're quite wrong if you have this thought.

Petrosains, does have a series of things to offer, well may be it's only recently. It does even greater good for those who're in love (be it great or little love lar) about o&g exploration and production.

It's recently topped up its collection with "Jurassic Park", which was our first stop. I've to say that the conned dinasaurs were very much alive. What's a work of art. Terrific! I love T-rex! There are also some interactive games for information revelation.

After brief hang-out there, we proceeded to "Petrosains", where there's display of theories of physics, and more interestingly, the petroleum engineering (PE) showcase. Got miniature platform(i.e. control room, hostels, kitchen...), drill bits, drill strings, derrick man, various rocks, chopper simulation, and so on. In addition to that, there're some PE and G&G (geologist and geophysicist) to share experience. I did find it pretty much informative lar. Can say "Not bad"!

Next, Midvalley. Heard there's Velocity Girls runway show or something. Humsup? Whatever you like to say. Unfortuantely, we reached there after the show! iissskkkk. We had real good lunch, the Ikan Bakar Portugese! Again, I've to say "Not bad"! Check it out if you haven't. Aimless rooming at the megamall. Missed the "Knowing" by National-Treasure-Man, Nicolas Cage, as a result of friggin Q. It's Saturday! Shit.

Back to KLCC, for witnessing the Light-Off by Twins Towers. killed some time by hanging out at the Grand Prix booth inside Suria KLCC. There's a F1 fuel filling contest, whereby per day they're giving out a cool watch, costing >RM1500, to winner who takes the shortest time to fill up the tank. I think I'm a swift person. Hopefully I get to sign up myself. Btw, it's open for all. There's also a >RM700K M3 Coupe being exhibited. And of course, no exception for the showgirls. Whatever...

When the Maxis-Tower-Clock ticked 8.30pm, the light of the Twins Towers went off sequentially from top to bottom. They appeared to be like two gigiantic monsters right in front of you. Wondering they might come forward to assasinate, it could be fearsome. What an imagination!

Eventually got home with shear tireness! This Saturday was "NOT BAD"!

P/s: No photos, the reason is because 3 guys outing mar, better don't leave shit to accusation!haha...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Earth Hour- March 28, 2009 8:30 – 9:30 pm

It's a habit that people, in general turn off light before going to bed!

So, what about letting the globe plunges into a total darkness during the Earth Hour. Read more.

The whole idea of it is spreading awareness for combating global warming, which is as a result of excessive GHG released into atmosphere. We are observing more severe climate change (i.e. enormous typhoons, heat waves, prolonged and much colder winter, faster than ever ice melting, outbreak of diseases, just to name a few). All these are catastrophic to the WHOLE ecosystem on earth! The cause is non other than unprecedented level of human activities (i.e. factories, transportation, power plants...etc) to meet the demand due to the exponential growth of human population. So long fossil fuel remains as the primary source for world energy demand, it takes even greater effort to mitigate global warming. Better technologies for carbon capture, sequestration (ccs), heat recovery to improve energy efficiency, talking from the chemical engineering sense. Of course, these apply to the industries.

As for individual, we do have our own role to play! Check out reducing carbon footprint. In fact, back to very basics, go plant more trees or use less papers! This means a lot! When you see someone wasting so much of paper, go drill him/her!

Working together, we can make a positive impact!

Light Off

March 28, 2009 8:30 – 9:30 pm

Look also Montage 2009.

Does it mean that we're saying NO to David Cook-Light On! Certainly No. haha..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unexpected "Operation"

I hesitated quite a while to make a post on this incident. Thinking that I could make an ingredient for laughter out of it , here it goes like this!

Early that morning, I went to office as usual. I boarded a lift with another colleague. He, is actually the company's finance controller, or so-called "big shot". I'd never made any conversation with him before but I greeted him whenever I met him in the office. This is to show my manner rather than me "kissing his ass".

The lift takes a good minute plus to reach level 42 before we switched to another lift to go higher. I could proudly say that me, being an intern, have successfully made my presence felt as supported by the fact that he (big shot ler) could recognize and greet me even we're outside the office (inside the lift). As I personally couldn't stand the stiffness in air if we both did not talk at all, I got the ball rolled. However, I was like lacking of idea what to talk. I was clueless about this person. So, I shot only.

He appears to me like a foreigner, most likely from India.

Me: Morning Sir, how are you doing?

Big Shot: Good. You?

Me: Good too. Are you from India?

Big Shot: No, Kansas. (blur tone). You're local right?

Blar blar blar. The lift arrived. The story should proceed into next scene.

Setting: A heavy figure was walking in my direction. He is the boss of bosses, or short GM. I wonder what could have make this fellow come to me in person!

Bigger Shot: Did you talk to XXX ( the finance controller) this morning? In the lift.

Me: Ya, I did.

Bigger Shot: Did you ask him whether he is from India?

Me: Ya, I did.

Bigger Shot: Why did you ask so?

Me: Erm...I just wanted to make a brief conversation.

Bigger Shot: Do you have any clue what you're doing?

Me: Yessss.

Bigger Shot: I think you don't. Please next time don't go around asking people where they are from.

I was stumbled, hanged and speechless a while.

Me: Ooo...Ok sir.

GM walked into pantry and talked cum laughed with someone. I cracked my head trying to figure out what the problem is. I wonder how did GM get to know about this conversation! Don't the big shots have much better things to talk among themselves instead of gossips/nonsense! Perhaps mixing up Kansas and India is way ridiculous.

Anyhow, since it's the GM who came up to me and sent a very strong message about this, I'll, as much as possible, avoid "shit" like this!

"Going around asking people where they are from", it potentially leads you to shit! Do take note on this.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

MU lost!

On the way back from dinner, FY stopped by a stall for a wafer. It's 8.35pm and coincidentally, BPL (MU against Liverpool) was being aired live. Without much discussion, FY, Melvin & me hanged out at BRJ (most popular mamak around Wangsa Maju).

Sarcastic but yea, I personally love playing football though I'm not fever for BPL or any other soccer leagues.

As a matter of fact, MU has always been at the top (#1). It receives wide popularity, more than any other English FCs. Liverpool, on the other hand, is slightly less favored standing right below (#2) . No doubt, it gotta be a stiff match.

FY is a fans of MU. Hence, I chose to side Liverpool in order to put up a "fight". MU did take the lead by 1-0 soon after the game kick-off. Ronaldo made a wonderful kick in penalty. However, Liverpool stole whole highlight making goal by goal in following minutes. The final result is MU 1 - 4 Liverpool.

Interestingly enough that we were watching the match under a small personal umbrella. It's drizzling and our table set at the unsheltered area. Of course it's a damn gay scene with three guys squeezed themselves under an umbrella. However, we were legendary to stay tuned for 90 minutes long match.

It's a first of its kind experience! Since when I got crazy about BPL. OMG...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Get it out. Go back.

Sweat.Sweat.Sweat...The software that I've been working with all this while failed to execute this Mon. It's a nonsense failure. I've never made any changes to the setting, neither have I installed new software. Over the week, I just focused on getting it fixed. However, it's still perished. Hell sake. Even My sv couldn't do anything about it. Install. Uninstall. Setting. Security. I kept iterating the procedures. How the hell I should stay chilled!

For one reason, I go icy chill. Gonna take leave tomorrow. The faulty software has been haunting my mind the whole week. Get it out and go back and get tainted with so Caustic Soda (garam). Great. Topping it up, there is friggin Thai Pu Sam during this weekend. I always love watching Thai Pu Sam.

Very simple formulation: Get it out. Go back.