Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marathon of unexpected events

Got surprises one after another recently.

At first I was flown to Kemaman for job, tentatively to fly offshore in 2 days. It was my first trip to offshore, and I was pretty excited about it. Unfortunately and totally unexpectedly at night, I got a call asking me to come back to KL the next day because the job had been delayed. Well, fair enough, I tried the nasi kukus which I had heard a lot of.

The day after I got back to KL, I traveled back to home at Pangkor. It's Father Day. I guess it's not too bad as the job had been off but I got to come back home unexpectedly on Father's Day. Fair enough lar.

I tried to push for a back-up, which was to travel to Labuan for job preparation at the yard. It actually happened. I got approval the day before my flight, which was only confirmed 3 hours earlier than it. I rushed my ass off, from office back to home, did my packing, and got to KLIA all in 2.30 hours, a pretty great record for myself. Pretty unexpectedly, I am in Labuan now.

I just entered the yard today. The condition was rather unexpectedly tough (probably I had sit too long in the cozy office). It was a freaking hot day, and lots of physical works. No easy job, but no problem, I can pull it through.

Still, I am waiting for my replacement job offshore Guess it will come as a surprise again. I find it a lot of fun when there are many things taking place just out of the thin air. Hope that such momentum will keep building up till a point when I wanna put on the brake.