Saturday, October 12, 2013


Certainly I don't come back to this blog space as regularly as I used to be, blame it to the laze.

What's been up lately. Well, pretty much still going around places. Went to work in China (Tian Jin and Beijing) for more than a month. It was a good experience that I got to see firsthand the Chinese way of life than I normally read and hear about. I don't have too much of a problem to try to blend in with them but at times I reluctantly speak because of my "rojak" tougue. After awhile, I was a better mono-linguist. But yea, I don't really fancy working out there, as translations are needed for every piece of documents, which means that I'd have to make a lot of efforts to brush up my broken "Chinese", it may well be my nightmare.  

However, the plan to transfer me to China didn't pull through, feel partly blessed and hence I continue to remain in AP region. Had a work visa to Brazil applied, but unfortunately plenty of jobs are ongoing here right now and we're left shorthanded. Chance to expand my exploration to far West may be not taking place or just yet. Keep hope alive, anyway.

Went to work in Labuan. Took a short trip to KK, went snorkeling at Sapi Island. Pretty relaxing. Then went to work in the isolated and godforsaken jungle nearby Miri, more than 3hrs of boat ride upstream Sungai Baram. Hate to have to share a container with more than 10 men. Similar to the PNG jungle, bugs are everywhere. Have survived about 3 weeks there and so here I'm, back to KL, get days off and going to go back the same location, but I hope a new one. Keep finger crossed.