Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New year wish list

It will soon be 2010. People make their new year wishes every end of year. Here go my wish list:

1. My family is blessed with good health and of course big fortunes.

2. Play-out my final semester. Dear uni-mates, do grab this very last opportunity to enjoy life as a university student. Let’s come together and have fun doing activities in bulk before we bid our farewell. Night-outs, birthday pranks, chats, makan, mamak, sports, parties, lepak…list goes on. Together, we can make the semester just as memorable as that during foundation.

3. Graduation trip to Bali. Hopefully, nothing interrupts and we all gonna have all the fun and come back one piece.

4. I’m gonna need a job after the second quarter. Hope the economy is reborn, market
restores its vibrancy and the crude price gets stabilized. All for paving me to a decent job.

5. The climate change keeps deteriorating. Disasters become more frequent and severe than ever. Like the recent snow-storm in US, China, and part of Europe. Hope that people have seen enough of outcomes of their selfish deeds. Simply consume less, it should be a better world.

6. The nation politic shows no sign of stabilizing. If there shall be a general election (by speculation), hope that Malaysian think far before casting their vote. Good governance should embrace values like honesty, efficiency, trustworthiness, transparency, and accountability. We made it once, and let’s again prove to the politrick-ians we’re liberal and we want changes.

7. Hope for a cease of fire (warship, suicidal bombing, and terrorism). The world leaders should come together resolving problems rather than confronting each others.

8. I would be happy that Brazil and Spain rule the FIFA all the way and meet in final. It should be an interesting match.

Lastly, a quote to share :

2009 is a good year for me, but I am sure 2010 will be a better one for all.. Happy new year :) (Teehooi Suan, 2009)