Friday, July 30, 2010

Jho Low's frenzy

Recently, this young Penangite has been drawing tremendous attention from both local and international media. Initially, Jho Low was widely reported to have partied with Paris Hilton and many other international famous socialites and his excessive lifestyle spending exorbitant bills on alcohols and entertainment. As a matter of fact, he had so little track records in the past, and was whole mysterious to especially the oversea media who started off making away speculative reports.

Not until he lost his patience and came out to clarify rumors around him. Going through his profile, I am incredibly impressed. He has been a millionaire while he was still in university. Built on excellent fundation in business and superior networking with some super-richs from middle east, he is now a distinguished businessman, investor and fund manager, at the age of 28. Me, got mind blown off. He attributes his successs to the right place, right time and right people, which I couldn't agree more with the saying. If any of these factors is absent, the story will be whole different. And of course, he needs to possess a set of quality within him to deal with the resources made available to him.

I think he is a very inspiring figure, and if can I would wish to take some lessons from him...wakakaka...Well, he proves to us that "Malaysia Boleh" as opposed to the politicians who prove us nothing but bullshits. As an instance, malaysia foreign direct investment (FDI) crashed by 80% for year 2009. (Read) Perhaps Jho Low could somehow help to attract more middle east investors to pump in money here, like what happens in the Iskandar Zone where the major investors are from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


前两天,海南岛的亲戚千里遥遥,跨山渡海,到我家乡来探亲。其实这是初次见面。我是觉得满陌生的,但他们却相当的亲切,初次和我握手时,似乎握着久久都不要放手的,最后还要我用微力的拉脱. (是扮出来的吗?听太多中国人骗扎的故事了。)




Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So doing the butterfly liao

Fearing of getting out of shape, I tell myself that I have got to work out constantly. Or else, routine consisting of eating, sleeping, tv-ing, online, and little walking does grow people horizontally, no escape for anyone. Just this evening, I went swimming though without any companion. My dudes have gone out for study, working and so on. That's the thing for an isolated island that is short of facilities and opportunies, what to do. So it's only me who get stuck here. I'd never gone swimming alone, not until just now. Perhaps, part of the reasons is that I was dead bored.

Eye candy
And yea, am on a self-learning course to do the butterfly. Just for a lil fun lar...again, dead bored mar...(ZZZZZzzzzz) Had gotten several educational videos on it from youtube, but still I couldn't get the exact patterns doing it. But yea, just found a really good illustration on the steps.

Wish me the perserverance to master it. =)

Regret that didn't get Ah Beng, the Perak's swimmer to teach me this last time. ZZzzzzzz...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're gonna pay more for everything

The subsidy rationalization was put forth by Datuk Seri Idris Jala. According to him, the country would become bankrupt by 2019 say the government debt continued to grow by 12% per year. (Yet to be verified)

The cut finally phased in last week. It came as a surprise too because there was no related public announcement made, well may be there was but the coverage was kind of limited I suppose. Prices of commodities such as petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and sugar have gone up. It is a rather marginal increase I believe as many have yet felt the pinch of the price hike.

Yea I can't agree more with subsidy rationalization. It is necessitated as the global prices of commodities continue to soar due to increasingly higher demand to fuel for development and industrialization. If the national commodities prices are to be maintained unchange, the government will have to fork out unprecedentedly huge sum of money to offset the increase in global prices of commodities, up to an extent that the government's expenditure goes beyond the government's revenue (tax), the country will sustain deficit and eventually go bankrupt.

So, subsidy cut should be in place. Consequently, we are going to have to pay more for almost everything, from transportation, to food and beverage, goods and services and even the properties. The cost of living will inevitably go up further. If it is not implementated systematically and timely, the general public is going to face huge pressure of living while the underpriviledged groups will face an especially hard time. They may be so frustrated that they go on strike, carry out demonstation, commit crimes, and so on to get extra money, release tension or whatever. All these will cause instability in the national security and thus affect the country's economy and even politics because they all are interrelated. Therefore, cutting subsidy may be a bad move if it's not done well.

I hope our government is dependable and capable of laying out a sound subsidy rationalization plan and be very vigilant and effective with the implementation. The money saved should be used wisely. There should also be reasonable relief programs to facilitate the various groups to weather the price hike. Companies should also revise their wages for their employees. I believe it will set the country in better position to move forward or probably achieve the vision 2o20 (in the best case senario).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Got the ticket officially

It turned out the most cocked up results I ever got. As a matter of fact, it's the least I'd expected it to be. As in that the subjects which I was very confident in (did well in coursework, nail their final examinations) sinked, while the subjects (FYP & FYDP) in which I was nonsense-ly lambasted ballooned. Honestly, I'm fxcking lost trying to figure out single good reason for it.

Well, I got my ticket in the end. Can't bother much but to be thankful! Let's get on and yea, I'm praying all for lucks, lucks and lucks!!
I'm coming!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain won her first WC

Paul the octopus is not merely a creature with tentacles, but that comes from the future who had repeatedly and accurately forecasted the world cup's results without fail.

In the war between Netherland and Spain, Paul chose the meal served at the Spain's side.

Andres Iniesta, the man who contributed the only goal that concluded the game.

Here goes my fb's posting regarding the game:
Initially Holland put up very good defense (by burning the yellow cards) but when more and more cards came out from them, it's clear that they're in big SHIT...Yea eventualli SHIT happenned. Losing a player = handicapped. Spain, after letting so many chances slipped away, they made it thanks to Iniesta's wonderful goal. Robben's getting MAD!!

It's with regret though that Brazil, my all time favorite didn't make it to final. The rest of this world cup are pretty much fascinating for me. Wonder what would the result be if for a final between Brazil and Spain?? It's time to shake off the nocturnal habit...Get some rest!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The final of FIFA 2010 is here

The long awaited South Africa World Cup is approaching its end soon. This time around, I'm pretty much of a world cup fanatic, following more than half of the 32 matches, which I used not to be doing. Thanks to the idleness I'm indulging in. I don't bet on a single match, instead I just enjoy watching the dynamics going on in every match. Thus far, the results of the matches are absofreakinglutely unpredictable I would say despite the probability of 50:50 (win @ loss). At first, both the teams competing for the final in last FIFA (France & Italy) were kicked in the preliminary round. After that, the highly disputable judgments committed by the umpires as thought to be the probable causes for the elimination of England and South Korea. Some bookies effect and the Octopus's prediction too create a lot of twists.

Anyway, it will be a final between Netherland and Spain.

Holland bad girls??
Definately the source of motivation for the Netherland FIFA Squad.
They are the one who sent the 5-times-world-cup-winner Brazil home. Their coach is like a magician who is adept at re-strategise. Take for instance netherland vs brazil, first half Brazil took the lead and freaking dominated the game, then second half, Netherland made it the other way around and defeated Brazil. Roughly the same pattern seen in the Netherland vs Uraguay. They also have superstar players like Robben, Sneijder...who actually throw us surprises.

The bull fighting nationals (why all males har?) cheering for Spain fifa squad.
They're the 2008 UEFA champion and their form are back having defeated Germany who incredibly outplayed the Argentina by 4-0.

So, here I'd pronounce my support goes to Spain. Let's see.