Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking back and ahead

It's the last page on the 2010 calendar! I think it already makes no point to try to describe how fast time flies.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. So this is time to do this.

This year has been quite bumpy, but ain't it always about "swim or sank". Yes, I have survived storm after storm, and thus I'd say I'm tougher than ever (well physically may be rounder). I am expecting awesomenesses in the new year which has already proven to be a more challenging time. Nevermind, just remain hopeful, things will come the ways we want it, i mean EVENTUALLY!

I have had some milestones this year. With all kinda greatness, both the goods and bads, I have come out of the university and assume a title of "fresh graduate". Shit happened and I was out of job for quite a long time. I had gone through a couple of interviews before I successfully landed myself on a job. I'd say getting a job is no easy, let alone a desirable job. Being a little bit choosy should make things worse. Anyway, the good part is the I'd gain some experience.

On the other side of the coin, the protracted unemployment has allowed me to spend more time with my family. Since I got into university, I have been away from home most of the time. This time around, I was with my family for many festivals like duan wu jie, qing ming jie, zhong qiu jie, dong zi, and christmas. Well, it's nothing but meaningful. I have been swimming a lot too, that makes me a better swimmer, hopefully. Along with my job search, I have done quite some traveling, from Singapore to Johor and KL.

So, my 2010 is somewhat like a pendulum that has been swinging downward. This point in time, it almost hits the bottom, and looking forward, it will swing upward. The future is never predictable but I do have some optimism and enthusiasm. Pray for a better tomorrow!

BYE 2010 & HELLO 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My first french dude

I was introduced by a friend to a French dude, Patrick by the name, whom he "met" via couchsurfing website. Couchsurfing is almost like facebook except that it serves the backpackers community. It is indeed a great offering for those who wish to experience the distinctive way of live of the local people and their cultures and norms , let alone to cut cost.

The three of us hosted Patrick. It's a 4D 3N trip. We provided him a place to stay and showed him around the places. He is a French but he speaks very fluent english, to which I presumed the otherwise at first and that I would have some problems communicating with him. He is at his early of 50s and in a very good physical shape. He is an archeologist, rare enough? He could even tell that there's a mistake with regard to the date the Dutch Fort being listed as Heritage of something. Well, he may be wight. We brought him to the newly open Galery of Pangkor. He seemed to have great deal of interest on the ceramics and writings on which many of us have almost zero interest. Really interesting it is.

Despite the huge difference in age, generation gap wasn't even an issue for us. It had been very nice, informative and enjoyable to chat with him. We had some real good chats by the cliff, on the rock facing the sea at night, over meals, during swimming, at home and etc. Exchange of ideas is really the thing which I have vast interest in and this time, it was with a Caucasian. Our topics were so broad, from the stories about his 30D India trip, couchsurfing experience, the European's stuffs, the field of archeology to whatever stories of ours. I went with him to a spot at where the sunset is best beheld and I learned a good lesson about it. While many of other tourists were impatient to leave the spot, the two of us were taking our time there seeing how amazingly the sunset changed every other seconds. I wasn't awared about this last time.

Arhhh... there is a laughing stock. The two of my friends had a funny conflict/disagreement on who is greater, the beatles, celine dion or air supply. Well, the three are of something like apple, orange and pineapple and are all awesome at their respective time I would say. Another thing is that having a karaoke isn't such a good idea for him (perhaps the Causasians in general). It's thought as noise especially when you have either a terrible voice or terrible song choice or both. But yea, it's pretty entertaining and it actually made our day in a way. Conflict arised too between him and Sin over the use of facebook and couchsurfing. It is however, in essense, the differences didn't bother us much.

So we have become friend and yea we were invited to pay him a visit at Reims. Hope my financials will improve a lot to allow me to do that as soon as possible.

A little souvenir =)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is it!

the sky is kind of blue today,
the weather is just pleasant,
thanks to the downpour last night,
refreshing breeze felt in the face
the leaves of the durian trees flip over blown by the wind

it is almost like as if thousands of glorified-yellow hues greeting me good morning,
the songs played sound nicer than all other time,
I feel light, easier to move around and move along,
the intepretations of a handsome mood are amazingly fantastic,
I should be staying this way...yes i should,
let's blossom on positive energy everyday.
yup, I'm delighted at the moment.

Courtesy SNSD-Jessica's new solo: Sweet Delight

finally I know it's near the bottom after months of fucked-up unemployment,

c'mon i ain't that bad,

hell is that many things are just beyond control,

and fuck it,
i'm gonna be back to active mode leading a more meaningful live soon,
it sounds like a reborn,
well it is,
have faith and stay strong and lucky ...