Monday, May 17, 2010

Living with shemale

Something of my house which I feel worth to pen it down here, the "faggotism", which I've spend almost the whole semester trying to orientate myself to but to no avail.

Fresh as it may appear to you, it's derived from the word "faggot" or simply "fag", which means ah gua, or chua ah gua. Therefore, "faggotism" is the culture or style of the shemale.

I'm staying in male dorm (of course). Making some noises is pretty common, but what's unusual about my housemates (I suppose 3-4 of them) is that they yell, they shout, they scream on regular basis, if not every night. We (me and roommate) kept wondering what's going on with them. All I can tell, they sounded like as if they're riding on each other doing the thing. Horny and top of their pitch. I don't think Adam Lambert can hit that note, seriously. Oh, they sounded exactly like the UTP's monkeys.

Yew Ting, a friend of mine whose room is one floor above mine has been insulted/harrassed too by their noise. He actually asked me to find out what's happening. A turkmen, Bayram was amazed too by them when dropping by my room.

I reason it that it's either because they've never grown up or they have too much estrogen flowing in their bodies. The latter makes more sense though.

I find one of them particularly irritating. He always squeezes his pimples in the toilet and have the water flowing non-stop for at least 30 mins every time. He really thinks the water is invaluable. Screw him lar, king of fag.

If I manage to record anything of them, i probably will pose it on fb. Darn, a bunch of weirdo.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The clearance

When you first enter the university, you may be a happy lil kid but there are piles and piles of works (if not shits) waiting for you to take on. As you go along, you offload or clear them out one after another. Towards the end the journey as an university student, you have got the best part of them done. And then you'll kick off another journey as another happy lil kid again. By that, are you all kidded by life??

Oh hell yea, I'm going to write the first subject my final final examination, Engineers in Society, one of the most boring subject on earth, according to noisee munkee!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The chemy outing

The sand art game.
The triathlon game

The Greenies

The rubber passing game

The assembly before push-off

The netball game

The Blackies

Being amongst the graduating students, we the chemies are soon to bid each other farewell (of course lar). Having been through the similar range of encounters (easeness, hardships, torture, joy, tension, relief and the like) together for nearly 4 to 5 years, we thought it's fair to celebrate upon their completion. On top of that, it's good to celebrate the identity of being a chemie, a lil something of which I have my pride. I have to say it has been bumpy journey, and without reasonable doubt, we all have come a long way. Congrats to my (course)mates.

So the chemy outing was today (the whole day) at Teluk Rubiah. Thanks to Achul, who volunteerily took up the responsibility to organise such outing. We all have been so occupied till lately. Of huge accident and mistake, I was taken as assistant project manager nonetheless I didn't help out much. My apology to the committee.

With regard to the event, it went pretty smooth. Convoy consisting of nearly 30 cars from UTP to Teluk Rubiah, wasn't it breathtaking? Apparently, the turnout was more than marvelous. Luv ya sporting-ness the chemies. I did have good fun, personally. The mini games such as passing of rubber bands, passing of balloons, run- crawl-puzzle, sand art were kinda boring. However, after lunch, the games were exciting, of which the netball games was my favorite and my team emerged winner. Hehe... Also, we had tug-of-war just by the beach in rain. It's such a terrific experience. May soon attach sum photoes here.

It's definitely one of the memorable events throughout my campus life.

All the best, the Chemies-to-be.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Of noisee munkee's

I got to know this dude when I entered UTP. Since then, we have been co-rooming for nearly 5 years. Wow, freaking 5 years already. Without reasonable doubt, he is one of my best buddies in the campus. I'd like to dedicate him this post.

Sucking cincau-teh in Old Town Ipoh

Avril's concert during Merdeka eve.

State of being molested. Get yaself a pepper spray.

Inspector Noisee Munkee for English II.

Locating national treasure during convo treasure hunt.
Remember we went mamak till the wee hours of the morning and
then found ourselves exhausted to hunt.

The last two standing.

Posing in the V1C-cell (syok sendiri)
~Happy Birthday~