Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Ferrari guy

The W.M gang was rooming around at Bukit Bintang. Out of the blue, a Ferrari was spotted doing it's parking right outside Time Square main entrance. It seemed as tough this freaking powerful machine actually poses some difficulties when it comes to parking, despite its size which is relatively small.

Together with some other people, we were watching the whole parking process from an overhead bridge some distance away. Yea, I do mean some distance away. Well, this is the magic power that every machine that logo-ed with HORSE possesses. It is as though that its aura penetrates deep into every corners around it. We were expecting to see some kind of heavyweight "champion" emerging from the machine. Doesn't it make him a champion by owning a millions dollars machine? Well, if only it is his ride.

However, it's somewhat a let-down to find out the champion is a freaking "round", and badly groomed guy. He simply lacks of charisma and is literally heavyweight! The people beside us uttered something like "Walao, he sucks!" and fled the scene straight away. Having listened to that, I was having difficulties holding back my laughter. The reason is because I shared thought exactly the same thought with him.

Anyhow, we actually walked over to check out the super car. Topping my surprises, there were also a Mercedes-Benz SL, BMW 645Ci & Lexus ES. a car show. Regrettably, there was too many people around for some snapshots. Just grab and plug some pics from internet.

Johnny, we could only steal a snap of it some distance away.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rock climbing

Early of this year, I heard of someone suggesting to go "rock climbing". I was like..."Are you sure"?!! How the hell it should be fun! Lol...but yea, I used to be this skeptical about it. I'm not sure how popular it is. As to my superficial knowledge, it's gaining recognition as well as acceptance as being a modern type of gym.

Until last Sunday, I did my very first rock climbing, out of thirst to go hiking but found no companion to come along. We went to a shop called something like "Mad Monkey". It is equipped with walls which are screwed with many "handles". Got no idea what's the right word to use. Paying a fee of RM14 for a day pass, we got our hands literally dirty and up with the wall. Yea, we needed to chalk-bath our hands to reduce friction grabbing the "handles". I thought it's rather easy but it's just the other way around. At the beginning, I was sustainably energetic to climb and used only the strength of my arm to support my body weight. This is called climbing like a bull. Consequently, I exhausted my biceps and they became too tense to even do simple pulling. As so, I was like physically "impaired" and became "big time loser". Earlier on, I was talking big that it's not a problem at all. Lol...damned it.

Well, it actually takes some skills to perform the climbing. For example, balancing out your body weight between legs and arms, using the right "handles", breathing, the right gesture for resting, and so on lar. There was a girl seems to be physically weak but she managed to climb long way. Well, she works in the shop and she is pretty well trained I supposed.

Something like her, Queen of R.C! Indeed meticulous!

As I was so running out of strength, I could only manage to beat the simplest "route". The other people were not bad. Well it's their second times mar.

I spoke to a guy who told me that this indoor climbing is much more exhaustive than mountaineering. The ratio is like 3:3 --> 3 months: 3 years. I'm not sure how true his statement is, but then I am now suffering a real bad muscular pain. I guess it works very well for muscle building. In fact, it's regarded as a modern gym.

Camp 5
-- the Asia biggest indoor rock climbing provider.

There were people who climb horizontally with their backs facing down.
Just like the above two.
Really incredible.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stuck in the room.

Gosh...It's Saturday. Everybody has " chao". I got left out of joys. Some are doing "investment" uphill -- I guess most probably they are playing with the speculation shares (high risks high gain, hopefully). Some are downtown polishing their "throats" with mic. Instead of going with the wrong companions and becoming more agitated, I choose to pull out and stay home. At the minimal, I gotta rest, online, chat, blog or whatever it is. Totally not in the mood to get down to my business yet -- slides!

But yea, I have had good blast over the week. Caught "Drag Me to Hell" which is well-horrifying. Probably the good audio system made up the vibe. Say you like horrors, go watch it in cinema.

Gotta played in a FIFA size futsal court. It's much bigger than that we normally play. We were fortunate to have 14 players. Or else, everybody surely went punctured. I took advantage of more spacious court to penetrate through the defense. Well, I used to be a field soccer player. Futsal court is simply too small for me. Arh...there's this English-Australian player who made real powerful shot. He almost shook the goal post. Lol...

Arh...I had a chikuteh in Suzi Corner. Chikuteh is a chicken version of bakuteh, what's an improvisation, isn't it? It's tasted almost like bakuteh, not bad. I just found out the pricing in mamak is quite kidding. Plain rice = RM1.50; Fried egg = RM 1. Inflation! Inflation!

Encountered an intolerable round "shemale" teen with two females in train. Yea, "she" is round. "She" might be thinking that "she" talks, moves or whatever is it gracefully, but I just thought it is entirely the other way around. Well, I don't know "her", and I don't know why I'm damn annoyed by "her". Perhaps "She" is just not the amusing type out of lots! Yea...this thing is gaining in number.

Counting down the weeks left to leave here lo...time flies.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About Ipod Nano

I bought an Ipod Nano early this year. Since then it has become my "buddie". I've been taking good care of it but all to no avail. Perhaps the quality control of apple isn't as stringent as expected! Talking about possibility lar. Well, it actually got assembled in China. My gadget was down last month. Its faultiness is somewhat related to the battery which failed to be charged all times.

I was very frustrated until I decided to seek for "medical attention" from Machine Plus, an Apple Private Hospital. I was happy with the manners they handle customers who come to them with faulty products, be it i-mac, ipod...etc. However, there's one thing that nearly shocked me to "h*ll". Someone was picking up a new Ipod Nano as his old one had suffered dead battery. Yea, an absolutely new Ipod he got!

I tried to probe things out with the technician. He was honest enough to inform me that they have been getting quite a number complaints of Nano with dead battery. The rough figure is like 3 weekly, all related to battery problem.

I was like: Oh shit, my Nano's warranty is going to expire end of this year and then it become spoilt?!!! Pray hard that this is not happening.

And yea, I got a brand new Nano as a replacement for the faulty one. But I didn't get to choose other color. Erm...wonder if it just became unfix-able. How come they didn't fix it and return me the same Nano? Is this their marketing strategic to "please" their disappointed customers. Frankly speaking I feel valued though. I would say this is a tactical play by Apple.

New Nano, bagi off RM100, anybody?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wait . Action . Money

While having dinner at PapaRich Kopitiam somewhere in Sri Rampai last night, I simply threw out the gang an idea to go jogging the next morning. Well, the idea was prompted by someone who suggested going OldTown Kopitiam for breakfast the next morning.

Spontaneity always work well with us. This morning, I mean Sunday morning, the gang got up as early as 7am for the morning exercise. To get away from conventional route, we simply roomed and managed to find out a friggin park. It's a rather elusive spot in KL. It's very much green. Air was quite fresh. The yesterday downpour has cleared the haze. So, it's somewhat of cooling and refreshing. The jogging track stretches along a seems-to-be non-polluted river with bushes along the other side of it. I would say it's a fine spot for any morning exercise.

Done with jogging, We had a grasp for air in the middle of playground, waterblowing, cooling down or whateva it is. There goes an interesting incident.

Melvin who just got back from his "business" alerted us of some red notes on the floor somewhere in proximity where there're actually two malay teens playing. We thought to recover the notes after they left the scene.. Yea, we were this dishonest! We waited for quite a while before I actually reached to a conclusion that the two were actually aware of the notes and they were doing what we were doing. So, I wittily walked towards them, pointed my finger to the notes and subtly asked:

Me: Hey, wang ni you jatuh ke?
They: Tak.
Me: Tau tak siape yang jatuh wang ni?
They: Erm...yang pakai cermin mate tu ko. (pointing to a friend of mine)

I picked up the money, turned around and walked to my friends there to confirm.

Me: Hey, your money meh?
Xiao Hui: Erm...(korek her pocket inside out. Took out only a packet of tissue.)

I turned back to the two malays and gave (fake) a smile. Evil? hahaha...

Well, I was about to burst out laughing. Earlier on, she told me that she brought out a 50 note. The thing is her acting, response or whatever it is, was pretty natural until the other two of my friends were actually amazed and confused. Well, little so was I.

With RM10 gain, (haha...a bit disappointing), we walked to OldTown Kopitiam for breakfast. It's located somewhere in Sri Rampai, near to PapaRich Kopitiam. Noteworthy that it's a fine spot for dine-in as well. Classic interior, spacious dining lounge, air-conditioned, comfortable seats.

A morning of marvels!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Eat out in KL

It's the birthday of a friend of mine, Doodai when I actually carried out foodhunting in the virtual world, the net. 康城茶之屋, one of the many episodes of Ho Chak particularly caught my attention.Yuppp, it was indeed a foodhunt. We initially had no clue at all about the location of the restaurant. In fact, little did you know about a place by the name "Genting Klang".

The feasting turned out to be great. Amazingly, the restaurant is very much like home-eating style. As in everybody that comes in really feels at home. First of all, shoes off before entering the dining area. Asides this, we had to sit on the floor(Nippon style). While waiting for the orders to arrive, we got to play "literally-noisy" board game. It simply reminds you of home.

In bowls are 葡萄牙式雞飯,意大利蛋捲 is served on the hidden plate.
Both are dishes of signature

My Portuguese grill fish-->Not bad.

He can never be happier than this, what do you think?

It is this homey + Nippon style.

Second spot of foodhunt--> Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee
Well, I had eaten this a couple of times, yet I still haven't had enough of it. Ironically enough that I'm never into a Pan Mee. Well, It simply makes the best chili Pan Mee in the town. It takes me a trip and some walking to get there but I thought this is worthwhile. Check out the links below. One of them is like stupidity in disguise. Guess yourself which one of them. Link 1; Link 2.

Next up -- Midvalley Oasis foodcourt Portuguese Grill Fish. View. If only you like spicy food, it surely can satisfy your taste buds.

Last--Jalan Alor, somewhere in Bukit Bintang. We had a marvelous dinner in a restaurant. We order several seafood -- Ikan Bakar, Oyster fried with eggs, sambal la la and sambal kangkong. All the dishes tasted delicious and it wasn't that pricey. Definitely a revisit from me.