Thursday, January 22, 2009

CNY mode!

Today, for the very first time, I sneaked out writing and putting up this post in the office. Yea, the world is witnessing worst-ever recession in past few decades. No room at all for mistake (mismanagement)!We've heard about retrenchment, bailouts, jobcuts, layoffs, crisis, things like these. Ain't me putting myself at stake just to make this entry. Well, the world is also witnessing a sign of change when Mr President, Barack Obama is in charge. It's commonly perceived that he is leading to postiviteness. Hopefully! In fact, everyone, be it the country leaders, corporate entities or individuals need to do well this time around! So, let's be postive about the future!

Watched Transporter III last night! It's a real turn-on to watch. I like the muscular+bold+freaking car skill & sea survival skill+one-against-infinity+hot guy, provocative+bitchy girl, rigid+looking good+rocketing+Mercedes-kickass Audi. I thought it's pretty much compatible to Die Hard IV. Do check it out if you haven't!

is released today. However, I am going for the premier! Coz my style is lagging! WTH.

My sv left the office friggin early, 3pm, which inject a strong poison into my mood! Damn sien now! Can't wait to get home & be a CNY guy!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Lunar Year

It's another week before Lunar Year, more commonly known as Chinese New Year.

The festive ambience is pretty much felt. During this course of time, I particularly love to visit malls to check their decos. I went to KLCC Suria, Pavilion, The Garden, Time Square, MidValley, Sg Wang. In this pageant contest, Pavilion emerges as the "MC&I award" (most creative and innovative). KLCC Suria, as usual wins the "Giant award" having a huge red Chinese calligraphy. Sg Wang takes away the "most CNY" award because its deco pretty much make up CNY feeling.

Apparently this is OX year. It's fearsome, isn't it?

Note for a flet of drummers there.
They imitated my school's formations.

Just now after dinner, me and housemate fellows walked over to Jusco. Well, it seems that it has tight budget with the deco. There was a mini stage performance also. We were just in time to watch 2 little "Twins" singing. One can dance well--She kept shuffling on her foot--a bit of hilarious though--should say amusing--"haha", while the other one sounds like Ella--boy-like-voice. Wrapping up, it was pretty much happening at the doorstep Jusco. Not bad at all.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gloomy Friday

Fridays is, by all means more than pleasing to each and every office people. Today, is Friday of course, but I thought it's gloomy Friday, not knowing reasons why though.

Trying to scrutinize the reasons:

1. Last weekend was a bit of horrific. Yea, I lost some bucks to Uncle Lim. Lesson: Don't go to Monte Carlo when you are not as sober as judge. I didn't have good rest. Basically my bet is based solely on optimisms ignoring the probability of failure. Money lost, lesson learned, well worth right?

2. "Irretrievable" cough. Hor, come on, I have had this cough for more than 3 weeks. It is really taking a toll on my fitness, both physically and mentally. I can't have good rest for many nights. I have refrained myself from all sorts of frills. I switch on my fan 1 at night. I drink only warm plain water. So much more done. Yet, here i am, still cough! I would say give me the bittermost medicine, as long as it cures me right away. CNY is weeks ahead. Taking care of ownself isn't easy! Not at all.

3. Today is last day of internship for some friends here in KLCC. Yea, senior peers by 1 semester though which include Mee Kee and Michele. Usually I go brunch with these 2 + UTP-UNSW fellow Kiang Fei, sometimes Eevon may join. Hence, I am losing brunchmates thereafter. The slb Jim appeared abruptly and had brunch with us. He certainly does fantastic har, looks good, talks good, actions good also. hahaha...Roomed around Suria for a place to dine-in but the situation was like full house! Ended up in Secret Recipe in Avenue K which is out of air-conditioning. haha...

4. Belated Christmas Gift Exchange party. Yea, everyone got to give and receive but me, doing the giving only. What kinda organiser! Come on, intern should get due respect also, okey? Perhaps they hadn't got my name during the lucky draw. Forget and forgive you this time! Btw, when you're in halworld-Halliburton World, don't expect for excellent little food. We had only unbranded donuts and self-made sandwich.

5. Fucking results!

Cheering tactics:
1. Can't eat chocolate, nor ice-cream.
2. Went swimming
3. Eat Maggi
4. Chat with friends

Above of all, doing this post!

I want to recover fast!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fallen into deep shit (sick)

It's been a while without update. I've caught a cough for 3 weeks. I am actually too weak to put down writing.

My cough remained uncured despite having taken drug like "pipagao", "three legs cooling water", "cough relief" from the Guardian, to list a few. Am I getting overdosed or what?

Just this morning, I felt really unwell and lost my appetite. Having drank a hollick, but I literally threw out 3 times in the office.

What worst is that on my way back by train, I couldn't cope for even longer than 1 sec but to vomit inside the train. I was friggin embarrassed. I was thinking to drill a well to put my head. Luckily it wasn't packed at all in the train. Otherwise, somebody will be "wetted". It's just a handful of liquid that came out. One kind woman offered my a beg of tissues. Feel warmed by that...When you are in trouble, someone offer a helping hand, it's very much appreciated.

Finally I decided to go see doctor. I thought the company will give me ING medical card. However, it is only applicable in the case of hospitalisation as I am an intern. Sien lo. Paid RM40 for the fee. Last time parent paid for it, now I pay my own. Sien lo. The doctor advised me to avoid cold water and frills (fried food). Last saturday I had a Baskin Robin ice cream in Genting. It's RM 18, tasty of course. But the thing is paid so much to make my life miserable. Fark!

Hopefully my illness is coming to its termination as soon as tomorrow. I guess my body will need tonic alr...

Really fallen into deep shit, ain't I?