Thursday, August 19, 2010

While unfolding of TBH's death

His death was suicidal or homicidal? This is absolutely a big case, as many things are on stake now including the justice, humanitarian, the reputation of the country, the credibility of profession like law and forensic pathology and so on.

Dr Pornthip, a renowned forensic pathologist, risking her personal security, came to testify in court for the second time few days ago. She has ruled out suicide in disagreement with the other three pathologists hired by MACC (two locals and Dr Peter Vanezis, a brit).

Dr Pornthip. Very the *chio* right, but she is highly recognized for her piece of work and professionalism

The case is being really so well plotted out. Perhaps all are acts fuelled by desperation to hide the truth. Dr Porthip's report was made public in recent inquest and the world (both the locals and internationals) watched a *world class* inquest. *World class* because we have thai and britain national pathologists as witnesses and "world class" lawyer Abdul Razak. Haha...

This is him, the *world class* lawyer. Widely criticized for his incompetence despite 24 yrs in service. But yea, his great sense of humor is out of question.

If you have little/no idea about TBH's case, read this through. I assure you it makes your day.

Here goes my fb comment in dedication to Teoh's inquest.

*In short, TBH's case shows a lot of ugly sides about the country (the corrupted execution system, the sluggish jurisdiction system, the incompetence in profession of law, and the bias and superficialness in forensic pathology. Indeed an insult to bolehland*

Hope the truth will be revealed soon.

Handling of phone call pon a lot std deviation

These days, companies normally have their own websites for whatever reasons la. Of course one can always find the contacts of the companies from their website for whatever inquiries.

Am doing jobseek recently. I searched for contacts and called up quite a number of companies Here goes some of my experiences with the ladies on the other end of the line.

Company A-->I actually got contacts of several personnel of the company. I called them up one by one and to my absofreakinglutely surprise, none of them actually picked up my call. Apparently I was kind of taken aback. All of them are away, really?? Public holiday or what?? By the way, a friend of mine told me that he had to call in more than 10 times until the call was finally answered. It means that this is a constant situation which may have been around for months or years, god knows.

Company B --> I called up the general line. A receptionist picked up and was damn blur about everything, so she forwarded me to another "expert". You know what, the "expert" was freaking blur too, she sounded like she just got awaken from sleep or something by the call. Her tone was bad which made me think she was on her period. Absolutely wtf.

Company C -->The receptionist was fast to pick up my call and was very helpful. Sounded professional, directed me to the relevant personnel who was adept at responding my inquiries. Damn impressed.

Company D --> The personnel was someone whom I'd dealt with before. Impressed because she is still able to recognize me although I have not been "bugging" her for a while already. Of course, she was helpful and able to provide me the tips I wanted.

Different companies make different level of phone call handling. Some are satisfying while others are not. I wonder whether phone call response actually reflects the operational efficiency of the company cuz I can see that some screwed up companies suck big time in it

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Somebody masuk longkang

Weather was just nice this afternoon. After getting some stuffs done, I decided to go "on-patrol". Being unemployed, I'm doing nothing but guarding off the island from any invasion or intrusion sort of things. Plain craps, but yea, I rode off slowly enjoying what the mother nature has to offer, the soothing breeze, the merciful sun and the scenic seaview. Nope, I wasn't checking out for chicks. Instead, I was kind of looking out for any signs of construction and devestation done to the used-to-be a wonderful place. In fact, I have always been vigilant on this since the arguably renowned Datuk Zambri was officially made the Menteri Besar of Perak.

Alright, back to the loser story. While I was having some fantasies on my mind, a motorbike overtook me swiftly. I was kind of shocked as it was all out of a sudden and I literally heard nothing coming from my back. Spooky?? My initial thought was: Walao, so fast meh!!! Need or not!! Chill lar bro...

Ahead of us was a van moving slowly and further down is a narrow sharp corner. Instead of slowing down, the man-in-act went on speeding up trying to overtake the van. As blocked by the van, he got off from my sight momentarily. To my surprise, there came an incoming proton saga from the opposite direction going kind of slowly too. Immediately I started to wonder how would he even manage to get through it based on the difficulties: *narrow*, *sharp corner* and *incoming car*. I rode on and then I saw him came to a halt already. He had got himself plunged into drainage channel by the roadside. He just stood there, unharmed and seemed frustrated. The bike got cacat a bit kot!!

Thanks god, it didn't turn out an accident, rather a failed stunt. That said, I think I'm a much skilled rider than he is. Yea, I always speed on the road but the difference between us is that I control my speed, at all time.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Personal financial management

A meaningful program was aired via Ai FM this morning. I'm here to share some points regarding the topic.

Just when everyone wants to be rich, they normally do not have a definitive idea of how much of a wealth or asset should they possess. In simpler term, most people in general are actually not aware of what is the eventual wealth for them to attain financial freedom. Even simpler, how much is enough? They may say they want to earn a lot of money, have big houses and cars and other luxurious materials like jewelleries and so on. This is the misconception of the group of public about being rich.

By the concept of scarcity in economics sense, the wants and needs of individuals are always unlimited as opposed to their resources (time, money, skills, etc). Having that said, ones would normally get tied up by liabilities in pursuit of the materials as the cash outflow is faster than the cash inflow.

According to the guest of the program (陈凯顺, if i got it right), financial freedom is the state when our reserved resources can self-sustain/fulfill our needs and wants without needing us to work or find the external income. That would mean that at our retirement (say 50 or 60), we can still lead a desirable lifestyle using money from savings, investments, or business for ten, twenty, thirty years or so on until we die. That would also mean that we need a substantial amount of reserved resources which can generate sufficient cash inflow by themselves. Apparently, I couldn't agree more on his perspective about being rich.

He also mentioned about a golden rule for personal financial management which says the personal income should be broken into a ratio of 2:1:1:6 as representatives for investment, kid's education, insurance, and expenses.

2 for investments including bonds, mutual funds, stocks, real estates and so on.
1 for kid's (tertiary) education fee when they finish high school, or marriage fee.
1 for insurance (to protect for emergencies that need huge sum of money)
6 for expenses including food, transportation, rental, entertainments, parents and so on.

NOTE: Prior to this income breakdown, it is important to have upfront a saving of 6-12 months of your current income so that you can cash out for emergencies or unforeseen events (i.e. out of job).

Of course this is just one of the example out of so many strategies to personal financial management out there. And different individuals have their own constraints and situations to which they are bound within, and thus need different strategies to go about it. The key point to make here is that it is important to learn about it EARLY, execute it EARLY and probably do a review from time to time. Why bother to start EARLY? Well, simply we want to take advantage of the compounding, a process of generating earning on an asset's reinvested earning.

Being the greatest mathematical discovery of all time (quoted by Albert Einstein), here is how the compound interest works the magics. The formula is:

[Future worth = capital x 1.06^n], where n is number of yrs;

Take 6% interest rate and capital as 10,000, then:

n= 1, thus FW = 10,000 x 1.06^1 = 10,600
n=5, thus FW = 10, 000 x 1.06^5 = 13,382.26
n=10, thus FW = 10, 000 x 1.06^10 = 17908,48
n=20, thus FW = 10, 000 x 1.06^20 = 32,0271.35
n=30, thus FW = 10,000 x 1.06^30 = 57,434,91

If one is to plot it in graph, one can see that the graph accelerates fast with increase in the number of years. It takes reinvestment of earning and time, therefore it's critical to start it early.

Back to the Ai FM program, I find it very insightful and particularly useful for ones who are "green" about personal financial investment. Indeed an excellent program.

The final words of wisdom from the guest: ones may earn less but financial freedom is absolutely achievable by having a good financial management. Ones who earn a lot but may remain money slave forever if they do not manage their wealth properly.