Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm hell engaged with FYDP, short for Final Year Design Project. Somewhat similar to ETP, but by no means it's lots more technical.

As suggested by its name, it shall take into some research works to set up a chemical plant from scretch. It indeed is a good platform for the chemical practitioners to exercise the learned theories and put them into practice. For example, plant design dealing with various units operation, material energy balance, economics, process control and so on.

As for my situation whereby I've diverted into some chemically-irrelevant stuffs during internship, in other words, I've abondoned chemical eng, well not to say that I'm having problem big time, but then again, it's gonna squeeze me hard to refresh, swallow and reproduce the learned stuffs.

Another shit is that I'm the group lead. When I'm inadequately resourceful, so as the rest of members, I guess we're sailing to nowhere. Grudge! ...

Why don't they arrange the course prior to internship ler...I hope I won't be screwed.

Anyway, positive mind works things out. Hopefully it does.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Change of lifestyle

Having come back from internship, I'm now leading another way of life.

First of all, I'm getting more norturnal. In the course of training, I always went to bed by midnight. Now, nights is always still young. I just don't get it why it is so hard to practise early hours when in U. Well, I can go to bed early, but I just can't doze off and ends up suffering insonmia. So, gotta cope with late hours and "missing all the morning worms".

X-Mas at The Curve
Secondly, I need not to tie up my stomach. Anywhere in KL, the food tend to be more pricey than here - middle of nowhere, or commonly known as "Toronto". Those days, failing to control food budget, hell big a hole I'd get in my wallet in light of timid pay. Now, just gonna whack any lovely food lar...

KLCC park--Dancing water

ANTM made up challege? KLCC function square.

Well, I have to say life now has gotten a bit of dull. Those days, it was interesting yet challenging every other day. Life was more dynamic and mobile. I could easily met new faces just anywhere, learn to social and more often that not, with the people who are more senior than me. On top, I find it pretty much a delicate job handling relationship with people at workplace when I could hardly find a peer. I'm hell scared I might have crossed the line unintentionly by saying or committing something. It was a culturally diverse environment. Anyway, I got through all these, I do get some satisfaction. Unlikely, here, most of the faces are peers. If can get along well, it is pleasing. Otherwise, just don't give too much a damn. A simple "Hai" will do. Boredom is also due to the daily routine. Other issues with KL: congestion, personal security, and may be "suicidal jump". Haha...


If I were to answer which of them I'd prefer, I guess Internship-life. Happening, no assingment, no quiz, no finals, more importantly the learning curve is steep being able to come in contact with industry people and stuffs...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The weather has been raging. Got myself sweat profusely in the room, no the furnace. Btw, I guess my room ain't taking good fengshui when the sun strikes entirely into the room in the evening, and also it grants access for the bad odor from cafe.

May be I should revert to a solar energy project for my FYP. I suppose we can yield good production of electricity while the photovoltaics (PV)technology isn't going anywhere far. By harnessing immense energy against low PV efficiency, I'm somehow convinced that it works. Well, any expert, pls enlighten me.

Another interesting thing to combat warming --vegetation. Somewhere in the world has implemented an incredibly unconventional way -- Green Roof whereby they carry out vegetation covering the roof of their buildings. Not only it absords heat, but also it absords the green house gases. It's truly an one-stone-hit-few-birds method, isn't it?

Friday, August 7, 2009


I walking was out from library only to see to the notice about the closure of university. It was last friday. So all here got a week long break. Unfortunately, I had a brief conversation with a H1N1 suspect, Fei and I find myself having a mild cough. Acting paranoid, I went for a medical check-up. Was again annoyed by the unpunctuality of the panel doctors. Even worse when they brought those under quarantine for H1N1 into the clinic staying exactly together with others! I was thinking: Oh gosh, that's what causes me H1N1, instead of Fei. Sweat! Anyway, the check up showed that I'm H1N1 negative. Off, I balik kampung immediately. Some of my dudes were on holidays too as their univerisities had been shut down. As usual, was on holiday mode, did absolutely nothing but lazed around.

Korean Drama 《食客》--NICE.

Where i fish

The fish i fished. Gonna fish a bigger one.