Friday, December 2, 2011

Outdid the year 2011

Year 2011 has been awesome so far. There're lots of things which I am happy and grateful for.

Got hired early of the year, starting out my journey as a working adult. Engaged with closed loop drilling technology, something which I used to have very little exposure of, but yea, I find the work rewarding as it's something interesting and I believe it has a promising future too. Besides, the job has already taken me to many different places. From Kerteh, Labuan, to Singapore, Batam (Indonesia), Songkhla (Thailand), Aberdeen & Edinburgh (Scotland), there are many beautiful things to see and experience one place to another.

Did couple of outdoors, such as Skytrex, Paintball, cycling & trekking in Pulau Ubin, Singapore. I guess these are the things which add spices to my life. Hope that there are more different kind of adventures to execute in future.

Had my house renovated. Had done a food trip in the town of Malacca. Had found a significant one and still trying. Had learned about own self better. Had met up lots of people and made lots of friends from different ages and levels. Had improved my social network. Had missed the family trip to Hainan (with regret). Had laid a good groundwork at work for years ahead, hopefully. Had earned a bit of money. Had learned more about independence and to remain positive in light of adversity. Had settled my bond with Petronas who'd sponsored for tertiary education.

This year I see myself taking on a pretty steep learning curve, it's however that I find it interesting and fulfilling. I believe the momentum is still poised to pick up more in 2012.

Looking ahead to a passionate and optimistic 2012. Waste no time, live life out.

Monday, November 28, 2011


No, I haven't watched the movie yet, though it has been hyped tremendously and it's already holding several records. Basically a movie with huge success.

I got the book for someone significant, which she said that the movie is touchy.

And I downloaded the e-book, started reading it since yesterday night and just done reading it. Can't believe that I finish a novel in less than 24 hours. This is the first novel which I read from first page to final page, and page to page. Usually I don't finish the novel I read.

Basically the author narrates his adolescence. A bum student who at first does nothing but causing mess and disturbance, totally transforms himself after being "assigned" to a good and pretty girl who is supposed to keep an eye on him. He changes and catches up a lot in his studies. He starts a romance with another girl who is excellent in academics until before secondary school. After that he falls in love with the girl whom he used to be "assigned" to and started his relentless but uninformed pursuit. There are many scenes of sweetness during the courtship. I admire his persistence towards love for someone he really likes.

There are pictures which I can bring very close to my heart. I wasn't really interested in books until standard 5. I was very playful and always rooming below the average region. In order to look good to the people I liked, I started working hard and caught up a lot. To date, I'm doing relatively well among my clan of those days, which I can proudly say.

It's a good read. There are many tips to pick up too. And yea, ADOLESCENCE is perhaps the greatest moment in live I think.

Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011

A date to celebrate, isn't it? To many people (including myself) it is a strong affirmative.

So how would you look at it. A repetition of Elevens, or a repetition of Ones? I'd prefer the latter. One, as in the origin, or the point of time when it all kicks off or "原点" in mandarin. It's kind of like a reminder for me to go back to some points of time in the past when I have had well-defined visions or dreams. Unfortunately, time erodes almost everything. We got lost, we sway and we go out of focus when we are faced with multitude of shits.

So, nevermind that the reality bites, nevermind that things don't usually go in our favour, or however big the challenges are, be sure that you're responsible to preserve a strong, relentless, and persistent will to follow through whatever your heart genuinely believe in from the very beginning.

Yea, I am a believer of the future and I've got lotsa things to look forward to. So the 111111 is again something to tell me that I need to move forward and look ahead.

A bookmark I made it my own, it's a dedication for U & me.

And yea, it's a pretty special occasion too, so much so that I've got five injections of vaccines for my forthcoming trip to Papua New Guinea. I seldom face needles, and today I faced 5 of them all one shot. Great!

What to expect from the adventure in PNG?? Honestly I'm quite freaked out but at the same time I can't wait to find out, that's me, GATAL!

Monday, October 31, 2011

She've made it thru

Selena Jen, has made it. She was at the peak of her career as a singer as well as an artist before the nightmare fell on her. A fire mishap during the filming of My Date With Spring (我和春天有個約會) in mainland China had almost robbed her of everything, but not of her live and her love. It's said that she suffered a 3rd degree burn on 35% of her body. But yea, these all weren't too big a challenge for her to take, she has pulled it through and there she is...

More pictures of her wedding, see here.

Congratulation, Selina. She definitely has touched many hearts with her courage and toughness.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm never so sure about it and and I'm never so determined to want to do this and so yea, I hope this is a good mix of right timing, right place and right person! Finger crossed then =)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steve Job

Apple has been doing extraordinary phenomenal in recent years and it even overtook the big oil Exxon Mobil as the most valuable corporation in US. The worldwide craze, hype and excitement that Apple has drawn when it launched its products is totally mind-boggling, at least to me. Apple hit it again - More than 1 million consumers in seven countries ordered Apple Inc's latest phone, the iPhone 4S, in the first day, beating the company's previous record despite complaints from fans when products was unveiled. Read more.

The huge success of Apple has to be attributed to a man at the helm of the corporation, who would be no other than Steve Job, a truly visionary and inspiring leader. He pursued for quality product intercepting with fine art, a vital recipe for unrivaled coolness, in my opinion. Otherwise, the Apple fans wouldn't have queued up overnight to be among the firsts to get the iPhone. Make sense enough?

I'd love to call Job the inventor of modern days. He had brought about revolutionary change in the digital world which we are so heavily relying on for various purposes like communicating with each other and multi-media usages. The way we perceive technology has also been changed, partly due to the experience from Apple's innovative products and unconventionality.

Job's passing is no doubt a huge losses to the world. Some even said that his time hadn't reached a peak yet. When I first learned about the news, I was shocked.

These few days, I can't help but to notice that all the big media are doing coverage about Job, his life, his ways of success, his characteristics, and so on.

Few messages from Job that I've captured:

Don't dwell on mistakes.

Passion counts for a lot.

Stay foolish, stay hungry.

Steve Job, RIP.

Friday, September 2, 2011

1st "Mid-sem" break at work

Back from a week long break, thanks to the Hari Raya and Independence Day. I was off to my lovely hometown for rejuvenation.

Time was flying freaking fast. Spent time with family and friends. Went for badminton, and of course, sea-swimming. Can't believe that we even had a brief picnic too, and it's kind of fun.

It so happened that my friend's dad passed away, attended the funeral to offer my condolences. Hope she will get over it soon and stay tough in light of the challenges the life has to bring to us all.

Just yesterday, while going round aimlessly by the beach, I bumped into an American couple who was in the middle of trouble because their motorbike was out of fuel. I went up to them and offered a helping hand. I know how hell of a time it was to get stuck at that particular stretch of road which is kind of isolated and the day was getting darker and darker, worst still there is no street light. I rushed to the town and bring them a bottle of fuel to "live" their bike. They were very grateful of me and wanted to give me a tip of RM2. Well, pretty stingy i guess. Anyway, I turned down the offer. I hope that I had made an impression to the American couple that the people of Pangkor are kind and friendly and spread it out to his friends and family. I'd like to see people from all over the world learn about Pankor and even make a trip here, forgetting the part they do cause pollution sometimes.

Anyway, it is a pretty enjoyable break, I hope things will start rolling again.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nearing the crossroad?

You know, when you are coming to a crossroad, a junction or any equivalence, you will have gotta make a decision, or else you are just going to stay on the same ground and going no where.

I am kind of in a dilemma right now whether I should seek for a change or stay on, wait and see. Frankly, I totally love what I am doing now, but situational arrangement may prove to be quite unfavorable to my long term growth. Well, perhaps it's an issue with the person-organisation fit. I am not sure if I am a fans of the culture and values of the company.

It will be another test of patience I guess. I say give it a bit more time to assess if the situation may become favorable or bullish. Because once I make a decision, it means I am just gotta get going and no turning back.

All is well...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's up next...

Long lost, ain't I? haha... I'm still good and kicking around. But yea, am kind of lazy to do posting here, due partly also to the lack of interesting ideas of what to pen down in here.

Anyway, recently I can't help but to get caught up by the kind of messes the world are facing. It is coming from all direction, spanning from political upheaval and reformation, economy crisis (what many believe a double- dip recession), chaotic social orderness. To name a few, US faced a downgrade of credit rating from AAA to AA- by S&P, Euro zone is still struggling over the sovereign debt, uprisings in middle east, tsunami and nuclear crisis in japan, unsustainably escalating inflation in china, and the list goes on and on.

What's up next?

In those days, it was not that difficult to foretell/predict what's gonna take place, how something would turn out to be like and so on. Back then, there was no such thing as supercomputer for modelling various scenarios or processing tonnes of formulas. Simply relying on hindsight, our forefathers could get a fairly good idea of what's up next. Conventional wisdom proved to be pretty adequate.

To date, things have gone a little out of control. Things are less predictable. Things are going erratically. Things are ferocious. Things are somewhat at scales never seen before. No doubt, our generation are smarter and more efficient than our ancestors were. However, are we getting to anywhere? As people keep wanting for more, more than what is needed, the whole system will become unsustainable. We think big, we want to take on something big fast enough. We cut corners. We manipulate things at the expense of something else. Worst of all, we operate in such a way that we ignore our responsibility, integrity and ethics. A fucking corrupted system, isn't it?

Thanks to globalization, thanks to advances in information technology, we are enjoying increased opportunities and instant communication with anyone anywhere anytime. The other side of the coin, the fact that we are so much connected/linked depending on one another, that we can no longer do without each other. What this means it that we barely can isolate the detrimental effects or damage done to our neighbours or someone at different geographic location. This means that crisis is even harder to be contained and managed.

It's time to give a thought what is our contribution to the mother earth and the world, although tiny as it may sound, if everyone shares the same thought, this is immense enough to make a difference. We are living in a highly complex world but we have got to always take care the fundamentals to go ahead and go further.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marathon of unexpected events

Got surprises one after another recently.

At first I was flown to Kemaman for job, tentatively to fly offshore in 2 days. It was my first trip to offshore, and I was pretty excited about it. Unfortunately and totally unexpectedly at night, I got a call asking me to come back to KL the next day because the job had been delayed. Well, fair enough, I tried the nasi kukus which I had heard a lot of.

The day after I got back to KL, I traveled back to home at Pangkor. It's Father Day. I guess it's not too bad as the job had been off but I got to come back home unexpectedly on Father's Day. Fair enough lar.

I tried to push for a back-up, which was to travel to Labuan for job preparation at the yard. It actually happened. I got approval the day before my flight, which was only confirmed 3 hours earlier than it. I rushed my ass off, from office back to home, did my packing, and got to KLIA all in 2.30 hours, a pretty great record for myself. Pretty unexpectedly, I am in Labuan now.

I just entered the yard today. The condition was rather unexpectedly tough (probably I had sit too long in the cozy office). It was a freaking hot day, and lots of physical works. No easy job, but no problem, I can pull it through.

Still, I am waiting for my replacement job offshore Guess it will come as a surprise again. I find it a lot of fun when there are many things taking place just out of the thin air. Hope that such momentum will keep building up till a point when I wanna put on the brake.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Don't forget to smile

Living in the favorable and unfavorable situation is called "Part of Life",

but smiling in all those situation is called "Art of Life"

A very meaningful post here: Secrets of Smile.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mixed experience at hair salon

Thanks to the fuss over the heatwave, I finally decided to visit. Don't see the relationship?? Longer hair tends to trap heat.

Quite often, it's a hard decision as to which salon to visit, since there just so many of them around the area I reside. I am actually thinking to try out one by one.

I entered the Quay salon, a random choice though. I sat down.

Girl assistant (GA): who (which director) are you looking for?

Me: It's my first time here, I have no idea.

GA walked off for awhile and came back.

Me: How you do charge?

GA: Hair cut is RM35, hair wash and treatment is RM5. Blah blah blah...(Wth, She was mumbling, I had to observe her lip's movement to guess the message. Is it the new way of doing sales? )

Me: (Shit, so expansive one!) OK, wash, treat and cut then. (See, she managed to close the deal)

Hair wash, scalp message, rinse, blow all done in 5mins plus. The director showed up. He was called Ah Boy (wth? C'mon ain't you a freaking director? Ah boy? Lol). He is around my age. Appearance wise, he doesn't quite portrait the sense of a hair director, don't wanna comment further.

Ah boy: How do want to cut?

Me: What hair can you do for me?

Ah boy "ransacked" my hair and head, to which I could tell that he was having excessive energy.

Ah boy: I'm gonna cut roughly the same style as it's now, but the side I will trim more ... blahx3

Me: Fine. (You better prove your creativity)

Cutting in progress. He started off using "mow-er" to trim the side hair, just like how the Mico's director did. However, he was pretty detailed, to which he did it over and over again, changed the mow-er's head into different sizes. I could definitely see that he's concentrating on my hair. Unfortunately, this led to a problem. He f*cking pulled my right ear, yea just the right ear to lock my head into position so that he could continue to mow. I could totally feel his "pinch" and I could observe that my right ear already turned reddish. Recalling back the scene, it brought back the memory when I was in my primary school back then, the teacher did that to me (as punishement) for submiting the homeworks late. I was puzzled, didn't I ever screw him, did I? My left ear was completely untouched. Thanks god but still wth big time. Then he switched to a scissors and continued to work on my hair. From time to time, he'd just pulled my right ear again and again. I was getting pissed off already, and the level just went up and up. Lukily he managed to get my hair done in time before I lost my control to may be sound at him or something.
The GA came to rinse my hair. Still very soft-spoken. While blow my hair to make it dry, a kid came in. Out of thin air, she showed all the of excitement and she actually could speak up. Not it yet, when she done with me, she then used the hair dryer to blow away my cut hair on the floor near the wall. I got quite puzzled.
About the same time also, a malay girl came in. She had to remove her tudung and a guy help to cut her hair. It's like an eye opener for me. Lol...

Ah boy styled my hair. I paid and left with the director's name card, for god's sake"Ah Boy" is clearly printed there, no kidding.

I thought my hair is pretty well done, his detailed efforts somewhat pay off. I got chilled a lil.

I said the money I paid make a bit of sense but a lot of nonsenses.

Likin the new hairstyle quite a lot...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Everyone born awesome

Every single one of us is awesome, but not many of us are aware of the fact. Well, a better way to put it, we tend to forget that we are awesome/beautiful in our very own way.

We constantly need assurance and positive feedback from people to help reminding us that we're good, or even great. At times, we receive bad comments or critics, we may take a blow. To me, this is quite unnecessary, simply because if the critics are constructive, take them in and change for good. In contrary, ignore the comments if they are nonsense, there is no need to take offense.

There is no way to tell/measure how awesomeyou are, simply because it is not something quantifiable. Different individuals have their own standards and expectations.

We all have got our parts/roles to play. Our values is definitely there, it is whether you choose to see and believe your values or ignore them. Of course I will go with the former. Even the leech has functons to serve. According the, leech is any of various chiefly aquatic bloodsucking or carnivorous annelid worms of the class Hirudinea, of which one species (Hirudo medicinalis) was formerly used by physicians to bleed patients and is now sometimes used as a temporary aid to circulation during surgical reattachment of a body part.

So, if you already know that you are awesome, valueble, important and etc, I congratulate you, thrive on the thought. If you haven't, you seriously should find out the hideout of your values.

While you should believe that you yourself are pretty good, don't let the ego kill you too, unfortunately this happens alot. Be at the middle, at best, in the spectrum.

Monday, April 18, 2011

About the priority

Different individual has different agendas and preferences, as each one of us sees things in our very own ways. So, automatically we all have our own set of priorities, which are, to a considerable extent, depending on our own values, resources and limitations. Bear in mind that priority is sort of dynamic and ever-changing, as it subjects to the passage of time, meaning to say at different stage in life, different things matter to us. (In my point of view) It is critically important to get the priorities right, and it's similarly/even more important to be able to follow them through disregard of what the obstacles are. From time to time, do revision. This is easy said, but no easy at all to do, at least to me, as I am up to so many things at once. I am definitely not getting all these easy on myself right now, and I have to tell myself chillax again and again...(take a deep breath)...

I have just walked into the society as a working individual/adult, for like 3 months ago. That said, I'm young and inexperienced, and am still trying hard to figure out how actually things work in the society and also the path which allows me to really optimize my resources: time, money, skills and what not. Until I have got these all sorted out, it's not going to be easy for me to proceed down the road, perhaps bypassing some shortcuts to my desired destination, or going on a bumpier road. I'd more than pleased to sit down with any individual who can insightfully advise me on this matter.

"Do today what you want for your tomorrows”. Robert Kiyosaki. I couldn't agree more with him on this. Your actions now will have significant effect on your future. So, make sure you put your resources to work for you or and use them to your advantage, rather than just letting them go to waste. This is especially true in the case of time, which I think can be singled out as the MOST precious yet finite resource one can have. Waste no time and always remember: The clock is ticking. It really scares the hell out of me every time I look back how fast the time flies, incredibly fast!!! It somehow scares me too when I see people not capitalizing their time too...

Distraction is by all means HUGE out here. Be focused or get drifted off and drowned. Let's pray for an "all izz well".

Friday, April 1, 2011

First of April

Today is April Fool, nothing much happened, except for part that I bidded a crystal stone. I guess I made a brilliant choice to dine at the food center near the LRT station. There was an auction going on. A crystal jeweller put up a stall and started talking to the crowd, the people who came and had their dinner there. Initially I didn't quite give a thing about it, as the background noice of the traffic and train was overwhelming. Partly also, I am kind of skeptical with auction at such place. However, it started to grab my attention when the jeweller explaining on the connection between some fengshui with different crystals. For the first time, I was participating in a bid and I guess it's pretty fun. The scenes in Hong Kong drama where the riches call out prices in an auction popped out in my mind and I thought those are cool acts. I called the price too. The difference is that for every call, there is an increase of 2 bucks, completely insignificant to what's in the show. Well, I think it's manageable and within my budget, so I took part. At the beginning, the "market" was kind of passive as in not many people paying attention to the jeweller despite all the fantastic sales pitches. He wasn't engaging the audience. Soon, it got warmed up a bit as the items being autioned become more and more interesting. Apparently there was a group of guys at the other table sort of "coming after" me. The items I was up for, they wanted them too. I called the price, then one of them called, and i called again and he called, on and on and it went beyond my limit (RM30), I stopped. As far as I am concerned, we never should pay too high a price for anything even if it's good stuff. think the auction itself is a good simulation of the scenarios in stock market. The way to play it is never get too obsessed with anything in partcular, always look out for numbers. Something which are attractive will become unattractive if it gets over it's intrinsic value (book value) and therefore the risk incurs will be increased correspondingly. It is also about control of greed and fear, the emotional work is imperative. At certain point of time during the auction, when those guys were aftering me, I was kind of feeling that I was losing my ground. I feel like I should probably put up a good fight and I almost failed to refrain going over my predetermined prices at times. I came pretty closed to being carried away by what people call, the stampede effect. But yea, I managed to bring myself under control and keep head cool. Eventually I got a pretty good bargain I guess. The bunch of dudes ran out of "bullet"? Lol...
The jeweller called it White Rose. I bid it for RM 16. Of any worth???

For health, for luck, hope that it works things out well for me.

White Rose?? What a name. It's said that be from Paraguay, am i conned?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seeing good trend in things

Don't I look good on my CNY cloth...It's so red, I might well wear it during CNY Day 1!

Things are going pretty awesome. I've secured what I have been up for, landing on the department which, in my firm belief, is offering the industry some technologies of tomorrow.

MPD --> Let's drill for the undrillables!

Some major changes in the company's management and policies are taking place. Of course I will be affected in one way or another. However, let's don't bother about what is beyond our control...or simply control the controllables...

For one thing which I am goddamn sure of, I have a lot a lot of things to learn and pick up. It's so much fun that you know you are absorbing so much stuffs everyday. Time's lapsing fast, you see, I mistook today for wednesday. The last thing you want to do is thinking a way to kill time, and this is not my case, indeed terrific.

Things have been lovely thus far for me, let's hope for the good if not better.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two months old at work

Have worked for almost 2 months. If you were to ask me how's my works like or how do I do thus far, I'm sorry that I can't really answer your questions? As a matter of fact, we (14 of us joined by 6 thai) haven't really done much. As this is a graduate program, the past two months is kind of an orientation period for us (variety of engineering backgrounds) to grab some pieces of the whole picture into what this industry is about and the company's diverse businesses and its organisation. Well, some of us might be more informed about these, I guess it is still of help to revise stuffs over before they get too complicated. Well, I am pretty sure they by no mean will be complicated, else we wouldn't have the edge to earn big bucks, correct or not??

Anyway, I did accomplish something already I guess. Apart from the increased level of understanding about the industry, I've built a pretty good relationship with the thai trainees. They are truly a fun and interesting bunch and I'd love to join them in bangkok or songkla in the near future. On top of that, I had passed the BOSIET training in MSDS Pasir Gudang. I did the courses like Helicopter Under Escape Training (HUET), boat transfer, fire fighting, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), manual handling and cardiopulmonary resucitation (CPR) by the formula DRABC (Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulationg) and so on. Yea I hope I am able to make an escape in any case of emergency and if possible help to rescue lives. Be informed that in time of emergency, the key thing is to remain calm, think and act. Pray hard that there is no emergency throughout my career life though. So, I have got my "passport" and I'm ready to go. Cool stuff!!

My honeymoon is coming to an end perhaps in two weeks time. It's almost time to get rock and roll...cheers....and yea that also means that I can almost able to answer your questions above. Keep finger crossed!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The bowling masters

Few weeks ago, I went for bowling session with the thai trainees in Time Square. I hadn't touched this game for like a year but I did pretty well.

Check out for row 2 -Jeffrey, a score of 125, led the game all the way through.

But yea, this dude was fantastic. Row 1 - TH scored 139. This is insane. haha...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pencil has got some lessons for us

A pencil maker told his pencils 5 important lessons in life...

1st: Everything you do will always leave a mark...
2nd: You can always correct the mistakes you make...
3rd: What's important is what is inside of you...
4th: In life, you will undergo painful sharpenings that
will make you a better pencil...


5th: The most important is to be the best pencil you can be.
By allowing yourself to be held and guided by the hand that holds you.

Excerpt from Dawn Yang blog post.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moments of CNY 2011

Snapped using my bro's semi pro. This is a good pic, the people and the backdrop...excellent!

My former high school mates. They all are looking good still.
This pic is also good set against a backdrop of fishing village, truly Pangkor, lovely!!

Gathering @ the ZS's house.
Those who are in their own random shirt other than white shirt are the pissed opposition getting ready for a mess.

It's a freaking hot day, but it's all worthwhile having a nice pic like this!
This is our self-designed t-shirt, specially for cny 2011, *Year of Rabbit*.
We planned it out, had it designed, but it was a terrible finishing.
Supposedly it looked good, at least looked ok provided the piece of cloth is something of quality.
Unfortunately, he gave us all piece of crap at an unfair piece.
It's a pretty much fucked up "project", and the shirt wasn't well accepted at all.
He, the cheater actually got cursed during CNY...too bad.

Summing it up, it's a pretty good celebration, things (gathering, eating, gambling, yumcha, night out by the beach) were a bit routine, but I'm cool with all these. Sharing moments with good companions matter the most to me. Time ran out swiftly. I heard quite a few people saying that the cny is going to be more and more boring as we've grown up. I'm not that buying into such claim. Of course, if there is any fresh elements added to the course of time, it should be a lot more interesting.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Good to go already

As a scholarship holder to the national oil company, it is basically that everyone of us is obliged to wait for 6 months after graduation before you are free to go and join any other companies, provided there is no job offer coming through from them in the length of time.

Yea, there is always another option which is a breach of contract and repayment of a full loan, of which the amount is probably equivalent to a Honda City. Since my background isn't so strong, the second option is not even a legitimate option actually. In other words, I am practically and entirely unprepared for a boc.

However, I personally have some issues with the bond of 10 years, as I would prefer to seek adventure somewhere else and take full charge of my future endeavours. This is probably to say that I am choosing a more difficult and uncertain path which can be more rewarding too if things turn out anywhere from good to great and of course it can be the other way around. I can tell y'all that it is the risks which I am willing to take.

So I pretty much stucked at that point/period of time. I could do nothing except for waiting for their offer to call me in (which I pray not) and at the same time waiting for the six months to expire (which I truly pray for). This is a hell of a kind process, as it took a great deal of patience. It kind of broke my nerves at times. However, I simply had got no choice.

But now, the cloudy sky has cleared out for me already. I have come out from the tunnel. The six months is FINALLY and EVENTUALLY and ABSOLUTELY over and thus I am freed. Well, I still have to pay a cut of the *Honda City* worth bond, but I am more than happy to do that.

It used to be that I am on the chopping board but now it's the opposite. Indeed an excellent and awesome gift for my 2011 chinese new year. Things seem to be changed in my favor and I am guessing if it is the manifestation of the Law of Attraction, after all my relentless prayers.

Kong He Fa Choi

Friday, January 14, 2011

Going to go to work

Of sudden, I am feeling a bit agitated. Perhaps I have already gotten myself too comfortable at home, a place where most things are taken cared of and you need not worry much. It has been a really long hiatus which is very soon to come to an end. Of sudden, the clock seems to tick faster. Is it a sign telling that I'm looking forward to go to work? Thinking about having to do the 8-5 hours, I am sort of freaked out already.

Pal, time to stay out of comfort zone and keep your finger crossed. tc =)

Monday, January 3, 2011


又新的一年。应该会很忙吧。 忙事业,忙捞人生的第一桶金,忙自我增值,寻找自己,忙寻找欢乐等。。。

当然还要忙下找个伴, 时间终于对了,(还不算太迟吧?)有心不怕迟!骗下自己好了。



Jessica Biel: 美貌+健康+神秘感

Jessica - SNSD: 甜美+活力+开心

Ivanka Trump: 美貌+智慧+本领高