Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Close to the finishing already

Yo, finally break free! State of bliss and relief.

Lately (perhaps for the past two months) I've been squeezed like hell. Pressure, boredom, sleep deprivation, fuss, and the likes all kicked in. Was on marathon from assignments to projects, to quizes, tests, and finally examination. All rowed up back to back. Hardly could steal time for myself. However it's all over. Which also means, final year first sem GAO DIN though it's a bumpy journey.Shits happenned.

Who's the one saying final year is fun?
but hell yea, we did have lotsa fun out of these shits. Coz it's like nothing else matters anymore!
"So-what" is everywhere applicable when you're confronted with shits.

Time flies. Some of my batch mates actually finished their undergruate studies. Congrats and have a good future.

And what's next? Christmas, New Year, Final Semester, Final examination, and cool enough CONVO! Hooray hooray....

Last X-mas gathering with KL-based interns in Berjaya Time Square Complex.
Doubt there'll be any gathering this X-mas...
~Have a nice break~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The game

After mamak, I joined a few dudes playing cards. It's supposed to be a brief game. Simply wanted to release stress, stimulate the brain cell, kill some time, and more importantly have fun. We did play money but of insignificant amount.

As the game went on, out of the blue, Buddy A got 4 X TWOs and thus winning triple straight away. Speaking of which, we were playing Chou Tai Di. That's the turning point of the game. That point onwards, the nature of the game changed. People wanted to recover the loss, which had become a lil of significant unexpectedly. We become strained by the game rather then being entertained off.

The games continued and again, someone drew 4 X TWOs and won straight three times as much. Oh....the tension level shot up. How can this combination of cards occurred twice! hahaha.... we played few more rounds more before we stopped. By that time, two hours plus gone. away from the objectives.

Actually, the money involved wasn't that huge. Probably we js don't want to be crowned as "L*ser". Hahaha...

Anyway, it's another fun game though. It kinda teaches you to be cool and chilled when facing the unexpected and also taking into account the risks and stuffs like that....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Supercar Zenvo ST1

It took me by amazement and exciment. The very first Danish Supercar by Zenvo Automovitive.

The exterior is more than ass-kissing! What a design! I'm all for it.

The other details of Zenvo ST1 -- Learn more.

Quick tour by Zenvo ST1 - Youtube.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New way to become "bloated"

It's been a bit of absurd. I have yet to engage with my calculator, even little, since the begining of study week. Isn't calculator the core tool for an engineering student? But yea, it's of real little use to me this semester. I have got all the reading subjects to cramp my nerves. When there's one or two of them, things are still pretty much manageable. But I'm doing 4 in a row. From Human Resource Management, to Cultural Anthropology, Malaysian Study and Petroleum Exploration, all are reading and memorizing. Not to say out of hand, but I'm literally "bloated" consuming all "this and that" (theories, examples, definitions, and stuffs).

Guess that the Humanity people are much bloated since they gotta swallow lot lot more stuffs. Year after year, they are getting out of shape, are't they? hehehe...

Pls join me to pay them salutation.

Any possibility to embed this into human brain?
Towards creation of a tomorrow brain -- e-brain!
EE people, come & give a shot.
But note that the warranty period is 5 years!
What happens thereafter?
The hear of e-brain may turn faulty and become "Holly Crap" .
So product durability is critical.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's not finished yet, probably starting over.

I CAN'T believe that I'm still working on my FYP NOW. Now, in the midst of study week. Tak habis habis lagi. A stupid miscommucation happenned. I missed out a session of 20% in weightage as a result of following the official annoucement made in elearning. My evaluator was too fussed to listen to me. Ohhh, f...k it! Hopefully I get to redeem this later. Things are negotiable, aren't them?

It's worse as the project will need a major change as advised by my sv. He js freaking told me this last friday, which means I will have to start my research all over, the feasibility, the apparatus availability and stuffs. Erm...not exactly so but something like that.

So, it kinda reminds me of the following.

So this will be my slogan. Till the date of completion of FYP and FYDP.

~ Cheers ~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Stars of My Age!

When I'm still fighting hard for my degree, there have already been a bunch of people of around my age emerging prominenly and gaining fame all across the globe. Is this because that they are
lucky as in meeting the right people? Or because that they know well their own talents and cherish on them? Or merely their hardwork and extraordinary diligence? Or simply their destiny?

Anyway, here goes some rather recent artists that I like to hype about. Umm...all are females.

Megan Fox - 23
Generally labelled as sex symbol.
Oh yea, I have to say she is gorgeous and stunning.
She had starred several hollywood movies (i.e. Transformer, Jennifer's body)

Taylor Swift - 19
Sweet country singer. Charming, playing guitar, song writer and composers.
My favorite songs of hers: fearless, fifteen, you're not sorry, tim mcgraw, love story...

Miley Cyrus - 16
Having acted in Hannah Montana, she has now moved into singing.
"The Climb" is a meaningful and wonderful song.
Also, she shared a stage with Taylor Swift in Grammy 2009 singing "Fifteen". Acoutic and real fantastic.

Not forgetting also
Lady Gaga (23)
Orianthi Panagaris (24)
...If you can tell more?

Of course, there're many more from other field/industry for example sport, corporate world, so on. They are "young and dangerous".
I actually doubt if I'm ready to take on the world like them now if given an opportunity. Typical asian mindset. But then it's good to know them and get some inspirations.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Js watched MJ "This is it" rehearsal movie. Although I'm not a big fans of MJ, I enjoyed it much. I've kinda grapped the idea of how freaking incredible MJ was. Do mind my igonrance! But yea, I have no doubt that his spirit, passion and talent in music would have summed up to an incredible concert, if not the finest one.

I was particularly caught up by a scene in the movie whereby a female guatarist was perfoming along side with MJ.

Introducing you Orianthi. She rocks. She's cool. She's gifted. She geeks in guitar. She's decent. She's fabulous. She is one of a kind. If you are into guitar thingy, I bet you surely wanna check out her more.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just learned about it

Js brought down H.R.M test, a paper which I js learned about in less than 20 hours. I considered myself lucky though as I so happenned to check up the e-learning last night. Otherwise, I might have missed the test or rushed my ass off doing the revision though I sorta did. The annoucement was made in the last Thurs class which I skipped as FYDP presentation intervened.

Being totally unposted, thanks god, I am kinda for certain I unscrewed it js now. hehe...Getting a bit of complacent.

"Last minute revision"--Not a problem at all for a F.Y student! I went to bed early last night and even had a short poker game few hours before the test. Well, wanted to kill the boredom!

But yea, dun attempt this at home!