Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lionel Messi's is plucked!

One of the limelight figure in this World Cup, Lionel Messi who is predicted to be capable of leading Argentina to win the championship. Take a look at the photo down here.
Taken from Sin Chiew Daily's World Cup special edition.
Erm...I would suggest him to go and insure his penis or perhaps the whole of his body (from head to toes) because it's for certain that his opponents are going to mark/mock/tackle him just to make sure he will be on the bench because he is such a huge threat.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surprises strike

Just received an invitation for job interview in a southern state. It's a job which I don't desire much though (at the moment). Then I find out there is a notification regarding an invitation for interview from a giant that I've been longing for. Few days back, I got the feedback that I'm "recommended", which means that sooner or later I have got to return to the company. However, it's no surprise that the company moves so snail that I'm afraid I can't afford to just sit at home and wait. And when I was typing away this post entry, I got another phone call from a sound service company inviting me for an interview. Wow, all come in one morning session.

Now I'm left undecisive which one to go with. I'm bonded, do I still have the choice?? Darn!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The bullfighters lost (by chance)

The bullfighters (Spain), a team which I forecast is going to come head to head with Brazil in the very final of FIFA 2010 lost to the watch-maker (Switzerland) yesterday.

Just when everyone predicted Spain would have bashed Switzerland terribly, they defaulted. It's certainly heartbreaking watching how my favorite dominated and took excellent control of the whole game but failed at every finishings. Switzerland, on the hand, penetrated the goal just at the very few attacks and concerted all their efforts defending throughout the game and their strategy did harvest fruit.

Fernando Torres, the iconic striker of Spain,

Plz go make us some surprises.

Sheo ba zhang

It has been quite some years when I wasn't home during Duan Wu festival. This year I got lucky to able to feed my taste buds with the home-made dumpling (shea ba zhang in Ho Kien). It is definately one of my favorite food which I would only bother to have ones on this special occasion. My mom's dumplings are usually small in size, which she said it's good cuz the portion of filings are bigger compared to that of big dumplings.

I think this festival is gradually eroded by time. Apart from the dumplings, there's no other relevant festivities organized here. Sadly, even in the news, it is reported that the prices of raw materials needed to make dumplings are on the rise, and thus the dumplings are sold at higher price.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Huge minerals reserves discovered in Afghan

So, I came across this interesting news. It said nearly 1 trillion of mineral deposits found, an amount which is so significant that it is claimed to potentially alter the Afghan economy and perhaps the war itself. Among the deposits identified including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metal like lithium (the key raw material for manufacture of laptop batteries and Blackberrys). Can you imagine that Afghanistan becomes the "Saudi Arabia of Lithium" and transforms into one of the most important mining centers internationally when the country is in a terrible chaos thanks to the terrorism and corrupted politics.

Further in the news gave some analysis of the implications due to the discovery, both the positive and negative. Among them are the prosperity brought about by the resources, the possibly intensified battling of Taliban to take control of the mining business, a more corrupted Afghan government, worsened China-US relationship, degradation of environment due to irresponsible exploitation, and so on.

Immediately then, scenes in the Blood Diamond popped out my mind. Terrific and meaningful movie it is!

Such discovery may be viewed as a prosperous gain, but to greater extend, it can always leads to disastrous torment to the underprivileged, innocent and vulnerable public of Afghan.

Let's pray that peace will prevails in the land of terrorism. =)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The worst oil spill (BP Deepwater Horizon)

The catastrophic explosion of Deepwater Horizon drilling rig situated about 40 miles southeast of Louisiana April 20 has by far caused the worst oil spill ever occured in the whole history of man kind.

The spill rate has been revised and suggested to be twice as much as the initial estimate, which amounts to 25000 -30000 barrels of oil per day. The amount is equivalent to exxon valdez disaster could be flowing into Gulf of Mexico every 8-10 days.

After a series of failures to seal the leak, BP is now resorting to a large capping mechanism to contain the oil slick and production vessels for recovering some cut of the leak. It is said that the flow can only be stemmed by drilling two relief wells and permanently plugging the well.

Methods that have been tried to stop the leaking oil.

The damage as a result from the leak is still surging. The cost for clean up could easily run up to billions of dollars. As the revised figure of leak is on the rise, it poses even greater stake to BP. Fearing the company may end up declaring bankruptcy, many investors have sold the company shares leading to volatilization of BP's share price over 40%, which amount to tens of billions of losses. It said "Today BP is worth $91.4 bil. In mid April, the company was worth $180 bil"

Such a spill is totally disastrous and its impact on the environment and economy will remain for decades to come. I hope that the planning, implementationof offshore activities will go through greater scrutiny, be free from bribery and in compliance with regulations.

Extension I
In view that the regulations for deepwater drilling which were established since decades ago have expired, as the operators are going to ultra deep water, president Obama annouced a moratorium for offshore drilling in US water. Whilst, drilling experts are reviewing the regulations to meet the unprecedented drilling conditions. According to industry officials, new regulations aimed at permanently reshaping the US offshore oil and gas industry will raise cost and could reduce offshore output.

In response to that, four of the world largest oil companies have come together for an initiative in order to regain confidence and thus get the moratorium removed. An industry consortium called the Marine Well Containment Co. has been founded to combat future oil spill. They are going to manufacture a system that is capable of containing spill in water as deep as 10000 feets, and capture up to 100000 barrels of oil a day. It is said to be flexible, adaptable and available for rapid response.

Extension II
The US government officially lifted the moratorium on Oct. 12, but energy companies are now due toface a more difficult and costly process to get permits to resume exploration there.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A concluding note

Wow, my university life has finally come to an end.

Attending university has long become a norm for today's society. However, having grown up in an isolated island, the environment wasn't as competitive in terms of education in the old days as compared to the urban area. Back then, the people in my community didn't actually view education as a survival kit. Sad but true that most of us are up to nothing but enjoying slack life. Thanks god that I didn't go too far with the kind of thoughts. There had been several individuals who had helped me much and yea I got lucky to land myself in a pretty decent university, or so to speak eventually.

It's been 5 freaking years already as a university student. Ups and downs happened, inevitably. The univerisity brings together people from different locations and background and thus a variety of personalities I've encountered. At times, I was shocked with some discoveries. Again, thanks god that I've made some great friends here who are true, who are more than willing to help, who are there for enjoyments and adversities. I seriously couldn't ask for more other than this. This point onwards, everyone's gonna head to different destinations, difference and alienation should arise, but I hope the friendship remains resilient over time.

I used to be very impatient to get out from this place, but I'm having mixed feeling now. I do wish I could stay longer, wish I could doze off in lectures, wish to hang out with dudes and so on, wish to crack a lil more jokes and so on. The reality bites. When it's time to go, we just got no choice. Well, let's embrace what's there awaits for us then.

What a great time it has been. May be it's because that I'm a happy person who tend to forget about the bad times.

Wish everyone a good future.