Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautiful day!

Yea...I'm pretty much on top of my world, exaggeratedly speaking. Well, today was not bad. Not at all.

Early this morning, I bang into someone. He used to teach us, the chemical engineering students a course last semester. He was really dedicated to teaching us, but his way of teaching was just not to our favor. Towards the end of semester, he was kind of stressed out (by his own us?). To round up, it's sort of bad ending--We thought he's emo and he frowned upon us about the effort we put into his projects. Specifically the distillation column design problem--Still remember? But yea, I scored an extinction for his paper, which is "tough". Yippie. Whoever concerned should be able to guess who he is. I had a brief chat with him. As always, he was in a rush and he pushed his way into the train. Just found out that he's quite man. The world can be so small sometimes!

I made my own schedule to leave the office early for lunch. Of course no. For G2ooo clearance in Menara Chan. It's a really good sales! Price cut up to like 80%+. Actually I went there yesterday but returned empty handed. I learned lesson. I went right the time it opened, yet the crowd arrived before me, and snatched all the nice wear. Luckily, I still managed to secure a nice shirt.Yippie...

Just now somebody, the other somebody fetched me back on his new ride--Man, its Mazda 6, which looks something like this.
I always have a thing for car! Sporty type! He bought this car like last month.
He quoted: 220km/hr (Mazda) = 120 km/hr (P.S)!

He blowed me off! No, I mean the car!
A young man...No need to save money meh?? haha...

This is how my beautiful day goes.

On top of that, I'm tossing for the long weekend long--Labor Day mar.
First time that I feel Labor Day actually means something to me.
I'm going back "oversea" again.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

^ Completion ^

Completion for Production? No sien meh~

Too much of Kenny-ism that I signed myself up for a Jogathon spanning a distance of 7km this morning with some 7K contestants, mainly Chinese. More info on Jogathon Warisan.

As a matter of fact, I put myself through. Real champion lar...hahaha.

It's totally insane to wake up as early as 530am. Had a real poor rest last night due to the bloody heatwave! I was thinking about iced shower!

Fantastic T-Shirt design. At least 7K people owns one as per claim.

In spite of that, I think I outran it than my estimation. I used to suffer stomach-pain back in the jogathons I joined. last jogathon was 4 years back, when I was still hanging out in Matriculation Gopeng. This time, only the tapak kaki ached mildly. Perhaps 7km is nothing. I don't jog leisurely but I guess my jogging expertise is sharpening by its own. WTH...

It's thousands-of-people race! Stiff competition? Well, my target was completion, which I actually made it. You might need to consult the 30plus-th Melvin, a guy-of-FitNess 1. He is a runner! Don't play play.

The completers 3 -- FIR?

Hot-&-Spicy 麻辣板面-
by a restaurant somewhere opposite to JobStreet Office, Medan Tuanku.
Walkable from Dang Wangi.

It's really one of its kind, bery bery spicy--bery bery chigei--bery bery tasty.
The noodle is very cuttable, the Ikan Bilis--is from Pangkor (crap), some cut beef and a "torn" egg.
Yup, it's bery bery tasty!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The "amzing" house lead 三人行

The global tranquility has all the while been agitated. Conflicts among countries can take a slower walk, but never will they cease. Agree? Peace barely takes control of the world. Well, not even a freakingly small house community, which made up of 9 people, talking about my temporarily rented house now!

The structure of my house:
Big room -- (4 girls- the negligible 4)
Medium room-- (me+ roomate - the fun2)
Small room + Living room -- (houselead 三人行)

Things started not bad. The fun2 were first-&-once getting along with the 三人行 quite well. We could hang out in mamak, occasionally. We talked about going for steamboat together and some other nasty things. I was once pleased to help around with the chores--"housekeeping". By this, I mean that when I cleaned my room, I cleaned the living room ( 三人行 's workplace) as well. I did so several times. I could proudly claim that I was sort of providing to the house. I didn't make "sharp" calculation with them, not at all.

This situation has changed, abruptly and I still try hard to think a reason for it. The 三人行 have became hostile to the fun2. They turn a bizarre face to us, perhaps should say their true face. The conflict didn't surface until one day the house lead asked me to move my big table, (left behind by ex-housemate) out for public use. Instead, he got me a run-down small table. Yea, he claimed it's to be put in the living room, so that everyone in the house can use it for whatever reasons, like eating, cooking, studying, etc, conveniently. I was too reckless and I accepted the request, as it's for everyone's interest. However, I still haven't found out how the everyone's interest comes into picture. They use it all time. My workplace has thereafter become a rundown and uncomfortable table. This is the onset of my bosong-ness! I think I'd got enough of them.

The tap in the kitchen snapped. One of the 三人行 is a freaking "vandal" who broke it. They got a pipeman to come and fix it. The maintenance was shared by everyone. This amazed me and made me to think much. Our house is given a parking lot, which we rent out for RM100/month. The house lead collects the money. Initially, I suppose that this money is collected as house fund, which is to be spent on wear-and-tear of the house or streamyx subscription. But then, when I questioned the house lead as to where the money goes, he said it's the house rule that the houselead takes this money. He explained to me about his cumbersome responsibilities to the house, in turn to us. None went into my ears. It's all craps. All he needs to do is to settle the bills before they due. It happened once when all the girls moved out and left the master room empty. The house lead said we all need to share its rent in addition to ours. Apparently he has been eating all the money. Well, I do agree that he should take charge of the money, but not the "full amount". If I were to stay for long, I'll overthrow him.

This even amazes me more. They always cook, for lunch and dinner. Thus, they create rubbish and also they use the best part of the gas.
Two things here:
--They always complain to us for not helping to clear the rubbish. Sometimes, their food remains get rotten in the dustbin and terrible smell comes out. I don't care. It doesn't seep into my room.
Gas -- The houselead shamelessly claim the gas money from each and everyone of us in the house. I am certain that they use almost 99% of the gas. Really WTF.

One more things, the fun2 are the biggest stake holder of the house. We each pay double the amount of their individual rent. They even pay less the than the girl's rent. Supposedly, we should be the ones in charge but the otherwise happens.

Is it all because that our rent is temporary?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Engineers in demand

Today The Star says:

"Malaysia short of engineers"

According to Institute Of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) president Prof Chuan Hean Teik, in receiving wawasan 2020, 200 000 engineers are in need. The current figure is only 60 000, which is only 30% of the desired figure. Link to full text.

So, engineering graduates, we guys can still chill out! Unfortunately he didn't go into telling which engineerings face excessive "reactants" and which face otherwise.

For the non-engineering people, "zha shan"--(canto) lar... Obviously, the finance market is at its bottom. Perhaps any of you might have a great idea to twist the situation around! If that happens, you would then be headache as to where to put you notes! Switzerland bank? haha...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today...erm...kinda eventful!

I had been engaged the whole morning, and yea I got a task completed. Well, it's fair to say that it's kinda my very first assignment. It will be jigsaw-ed into the pilot project. Hopefully Landmark can win the contract. Mission accomplished, of course I felt good.

One of my colleagues, Siti who is a G&G support analyst is quitting her job. While many have been laid off, she fires the company. Well, she actually has a sound reason, which is to take care of her parent-in law, as her hubby is going to fly to India for half a year. Although I don't have much interaction with her, it's still a sensible loss to me as I am not very much close to others either. For farewell celebration, we went to Madam Kwan's Restaurant for lunch. Apparently the food are overpriced. A nasi lemak costs RM12, but it's claimed to be their signature dish. I had a stupid Chicken-Wantan Mee for RM19 alone (including tax) - a very unsatisfactory rate considering the portion and the tastiness of food! Some had the Nasi Bojari, which seemed to be not bad, came with "handsome" drumstick at RM 19 each (excluding tax). So long I got a choice, I wouldn't like go back. In the evening, someone dedicated her a S.R chocolate cake as a token of farewell. So, everybody got to eat!

Routinely, I went for futsal with colleagues in the evening. Had some sudaneses to join us. They played fast game which punctured out all of the Landmark-ers. After that, went Suzi's Corner for diner. I said before, Suzi serves one of the best steak in the town. But I wasn't that willing to spend more than 50 on a casual day. By maths, the steak is about RM30. I'm earning very very "thin" salary. I really had to say no, give me a grilled fish please, which is still RM 12. Sweat...

On my way back to condo, a guy was kinda pissing me off lar...He, hiphop-ly dressed up, was driving a myvi, a modified myvi installed with an awesome audio system. He had song on deafening loud that I clearly heard that song, which is by Akon. I felt displeased seeing his LANSI face but I have to say his audio system was fairly good in projecting the beats---boom boom boom...

Tomorrow is friday --- so long "awaited" and so lovely!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad economy!

Several things to relate about the impact of economic downturn as I personally saw/ heard/ went through:

1. My business trip to Mumbai is officially called off. Why? Operators anywhere around the world are cutting back on their spending as oil price has not shown satisfactory pick-up. Contractual review, request for better rate, cancellation or deferment of projects are being carried out throughout the industry. Hence, contractors loss many business, so as the suppliers & manufacturers. It's what called as chained reaction! It's an era of cost management! about the bonus for high rank staffs, as that in AIG?

2. PC_fair_II_09 is seeing decreased scale and number of booths in relative to PC_fair_09_I. I was very much impressed by the latter, reasons being that there were dedicated halls for high budget products (laptop, camera, Apples), audio system (speakers, home theaters) and low budget mixed products respectively. Besides the large variety in projects, there's other things to "behold", talking about the "promoters"! Unlike wise, PC_fair_II_09 is just "nothing-so-special". However, it's still very much congested by visitors. Arh...I just wonder are we really getting better rate at PC fair, at all?

3. I recently visited a job fair held in MCA building. Apparently, it came at precise timing when many are retrenched. I was hoping to check out some O&G companies, but none was exhibiting. However, I gotta do two personality tests. First test was by The Star which revealed me as adventurous--(quite true) while Melvin as CREATIVE--(WTH)! Second test just blew my mind off--GenoCode test based on finger print. The preliminary test hell gave me a very very "zun" revelation--I was like: Ooo...this exactly who I am! (secret lar) However, I didn't do the full test as it's gonna cost me RM300+. Anyway, I think it's good that one knows his/her ownself well, as to where he/she should head for and from where to pick up self pride sort of things. I was too stingy to pay for the test tough.

This is PARADOX! There are many active constuction sites around KL city center, be it expansion or new building/towers. I shall perceive that the building sector is booming instead of declining. It just doesn't make sense to me. Somebody tells me why...pls.

5. Complaints about late salary transaction of PET Interns...even from the guy-of-Rome. haha...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dunno # what tag alr...

By Pinkie

Just K.I.S.S it. (Short&Simple)

Real Name: Ho Ching Shearn

Nick: Jeffrey. Not Pangkor pls! Si Pinky ya...

Horoscope: Sagittarius

Shcooling: S.J.K.(C)Hwa Lian, S.M.K Pangkor (was once legendary--notorious, Gonna be one more year in UTP.

Loud/ Quiet: Quiet. No denial pls!

Sweats/ Jeans: Jeans, rugged look.

Phone/Camera: Camera Phone, 2-in-1, more convenient.

Health Freak: Lots to say. I never go on diet. Neither do I opt for a balanced diet for meal per day. Always have my supper. Got sleepy when I'm. Fuller, sleepier! haha..Can't deceive myself to doze off with empty stomach. Nevertheless, I seldom fall sick. The thing is I always work out. No doubt, exercise is very important for health lo. And I have a good figure, don't I? hahaha...whatever!

Drink/Smoke: Hatred smoking. Will get migrant with "free" smoke. Booze, sometimes.

Do you have a crush on someone? Erm...Someone crush me lar!

Eat/drink? I drink to live. I live to eat. With exception though.

Piercing: Last year guo. It's sealed up! Bad experience. Suffer minor "ear" operation.

Tattoos: None as of now.

Social/antisocial: Selective! Love to social with fun-beings. Well, people group themselves by what they have in common.

First relationship: (egg)

First best friend: No idea. I js know that I got bros, i got dudes.

First Award: Oscar best male artist,1987!

First Kiss: Not sure its taken by dad or mom ler, or may be the nurse. I was cute mar.

First pet: Not applicable.

First love at first sight: Such a great thing! I'll worship those who attain it. I don't think that one who always has lots of thinking will ever hit it.

First big Birthday: 24th November 1987

First surgery: Several stitches long back.

First sport: Basketball.

Orange/Apple juice: Orange juice.

Rock/Rap: Rock

Country/Screamo: Both no.

Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera: C.A

Night/Day: Night, when the evils turn true form.

Sun/Moon: Moon, it comes out at night.

TV/Internet: TV is a subset of internet. So...

Playstation/Xbox: XBox.

Kiss/Hug: Kiss...I guess.

Iguana/Turtle: Both no.

Spider/Bee: Both no.

Fall/Spring: Winter lar...

Limewire/iTunes: Probably iTunes--APPLE product mar...but 千千静听 is better.

Soccer/baseball: Soccer.

At the time being:
Eating? Rewriting this blog due to HTML error thingy.

Drinking? Rewriting this blog lor...

Excitement level? Very calm.

I'm about to:
short goal or what? I looking for signs of change! Good change! Everything!

Listening to:<太阳之歌> by Kaoru Amane

Plan for today? Get a good rest.

Waiting for: so many...Shortly: 5M+Xenon Flash Camera phone, my graduation, & of course my love! hahaha...paiseh paiseh...

Energy level? Low, Everyday is exhaustive.

Thinking of someone? Yea...Missing you.

Future plan:

Want kids: Ya.

Want to get married? Ya.

When? When I'm financially stable and ready for commitment.

How many kids? 2-3.

Any name on the mind? No.

What you want to be when you were small? Fire fighter.

Careers in mind? Somewhere in E&P-Exploration & Production.

Something you would never try: Suicide, drugs.

Mellow future/wild? Wild.

When do you want to die? Don't even wanna think about it.

Which is better in the boy/girl you like?

Lips/eyes: Eyes.

Romantic/Funny: I do the funny part. She does the romantic part.

Shorter/Taller: Shorter.

Nice Stomach/Nice Arms: Nice Stomach.

Sensitive/loud: No for both.

Hook up/Relationship: ...

Trouble Maker/Hesitant: Thoughtful decision maker. Perhaps asking too much.

Muscular/Normal: "Fit" is better.

Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger: No.

Broken a bone. Yes, fish bones.

Lost glasses or contacts: I don't wear specs.

Ran away from home? Never will.

Held a gun/knife for self defence? No yet...

Killed someone? No yet...

Broken someone's heart: I did.

Had your heart broken? Can say so.

Been arrested? No.

Cried when someone died? Ya.

Liked a friend more than a friend? Never.

Do you believe in:

Yourself? Depends, what, where, who,when...

Miracles: No really.

Love at first sight? I think I should.

Heaven? Ya.

Santa Claus? No.

Tooth Fairy? What is this!

Kiss in the first date? Why not! haha...

Angels? Always around me!

Answer truthfully:

Is there 1 person you want to be with right now? May be...

Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now? I think not bad...Things happen by Law of Attraction kan? So be positive!

Do you believe in God? I have faith for god. I believe in Karma.

TO tag: U