Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Everyone born awesome

Every single one of us is awesome, but not many of us are aware of the fact. Well, a better way to put it, we tend to forget that we are awesome/beautiful in our very own way.

We constantly need assurance and positive feedback from people to help reminding us that we're good, or even great. At times, we receive bad comments or critics, we may take a blow. To me, this is quite unnecessary, simply because if the critics are constructive, take them in and change for good. In contrary, ignore the comments if they are nonsense, there is no need to take offense.

There is no way to tell/measure how awesomeyou are, simply because it is not something quantifiable. Different individuals have their own standards and expectations.

We all have got our parts/roles to play. Our values is definitely there, it is whether you choose to see and believe your values or ignore them. Of course I will go with the former. Even the leech has functons to serve. According the, leech is any of various chiefly aquatic bloodsucking or carnivorous annelid worms of the class Hirudinea, of which one species (Hirudo medicinalis) was formerly used by physicians to bleed patients and is now sometimes used as a temporary aid to circulation during surgical reattachment of a body part.

So, if you already know that you are awesome, valueble, important and etc, I congratulate you, thrive on the thought. If you haven't, you seriously should find out the hideout of your values.

While you should believe that you yourself are pretty good, don't let the ego kill you too, unfortunately this happens alot. Be at the middle, at best, in the spectrum.

Monday, April 18, 2011

About the priority

Different individual has different agendas and preferences, as each one of us sees things in our very own ways. So, automatically we all have our own set of priorities, which are, to a considerable extent, depending on our own values, resources and limitations. Bear in mind that priority is sort of dynamic and ever-changing, as it subjects to the passage of time, meaning to say at different stage in life, different things matter to us. (In my point of view) It is critically important to get the priorities right, and it's similarly/even more important to be able to follow them through disregard of what the obstacles are. From time to time, do revision. This is easy said, but no easy at all to do, at least to me, as I am up to so many things at once. I am definitely not getting all these easy on myself right now, and I have to tell myself chillax again and again...(take a deep breath)...

I have just walked into the society as a working individual/adult, for like 3 months ago. That said, I'm young and inexperienced, and am still trying hard to figure out how actually things work in the society and also the path which allows me to really optimize my resources: time, money, skills and what not. Until I have got these all sorted out, it's not going to be easy for me to proceed down the road, perhaps bypassing some shortcuts to my desired destination, or going on a bumpier road. I'd more than pleased to sit down with any individual who can insightfully advise me on this matter.

"Do today what you want for your tomorrows”. Robert Kiyosaki. I couldn't agree more with him on this. Your actions now will have significant effect on your future. So, make sure you put your resources to work for you or and use them to your advantage, rather than just letting them go to waste. This is especially true in the case of time, which I think can be singled out as the MOST precious yet finite resource one can have. Waste no time and always remember: The clock is ticking. It really scares the hell out of me every time I look back how fast the time flies, incredibly fast!!! It somehow scares me too when I see people not capitalizing their time too...

Distraction is by all means HUGE out here. Be focused or get drifted off and drowned. Let's pray for an "all izz well".

Friday, April 1, 2011

First of April

Today is April Fool, nothing much happened, except for part that I bidded a crystal stone. I guess I made a brilliant choice to dine at the food center near the LRT station. There was an auction going on. A crystal jeweller put up a stall and started talking to the crowd, the people who came and had their dinner there. Initially I didn't quite give a thing about it, as the background noice of the traffic and train was overwhelming. Partly also, I am kind of skeptical with auction at such place. However, it started to grab my attention when the jeweller explaining on the connection between some fengshui with different crystals. For the first time, I was participating in a bid and I guess it's pretty fun. The scenes in Hong Kong drama where the riches call out prices in an auction popped out in my mind and I thought those are cool acts. I called the price too. The difference is that for every call, there is an increase of 2 bucks, completely insignificant to what's in the show. Well, I think it's manageable and within my budget, so I took part. At the beginning, the "market" was kind of passive as in not many people paying attention to the jeweller despite all the fantastic sales pitches. He wasn't engaging the audience. Soon, it got warmed up a bit as the items being autioned become more and more interesting. Apparently there was a group of guys at the other table sort of "coming after" me. The items I was up for, they wanted them too. I called the price, then one of them called, and i called again and he called, on and on and it went beyond my limit (RM30), I stopped. As far as I am concerned, we never should pay too high a price for anything even if it's good stuff. think the auction itself is a good simulation of the scenarios in stock market. The way to play it is never get too obsessed with anything in partcular, always look out for numbers. Something which are attractive will become unattractive if it gets over it's intrinsic value (book value) and therefore the risk incurs will be increased correspondingly. It is also about control of greed and fear, the emotional work is imperative. At certain point of time during the auction, when those guys were aftering me, I was kind of feeling that I was losing my ground. I feel like I should probably put up a good fight and I almost failed to refrain going over my predetermined prices at times. I came pretty closed to being carried away by what people call, the stampede effect. But yea, I managed to bring myself under control and keep head cool. Eventually I got a pretty good bargain I guess. The bunch of dudes ran out of "bullet"? Lol...
The jeweller called it White Rose. I bid it for RM 16. Of any worth???

For health, for luck, hope that it works things out well for me.

White Rose?? What a name. It's said that be from Paraguay, am i conned?