Thursday, October 29, 2009

Depicting eyes

Look at the gap between eyebrow and eyeball.
Might need to build a Bering Bridge to connect they both.

As though wearing eye liner.
If this dude were to put up a concert, the PAS guys will protest all out!

Soul-lost being. Can even freak a bold in daylight!
unforgettable. unforgettable aka "忘不了~忘不了~"

Erm...Like a piece of clay-made work!
Isn't it veli "ba zui" aka Fully-water containing?
Probably can squeeze out a gallen of water worr...

You're lucky. Coz sometimes we don even get to see his eyes!
This incredible dude, he knows how to switch on/off his eyes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Like I've done a Mega project

Finally it's over. I can't take it any longer than this. Huhuhuhu....

Talking about Process Plant Design aka (Final Year Design Project), it posed big hell to the chem. people. Well, probably not to all, but to those who gotta help ass-cover of others. The best case of senario is that every member contributes, so the work load is distributed, things could get done easily with quality. But in real case, this is by all means not applicable. Oh yea, it is this UNJUST when we all will score the same. I led and I gotta keep the show running. Seriously, I've used up my energy, time, mind, soul and anything imaginable working on it, JUST on it.

Apparently it has gotten me real real bad, especially in the past 2 weeks when works was intensive:

1. Spent like more than 12 hrs a day for days back to back in the lab trying to complete the process simulation using iCON. Not sure is it because of the dumb simulator or I'm the dumbbie. But hell yea, it took infinite iterations to get a "green-light" on. More iterations to improve the results.

2. Having terrible sleep deficit. This situation is virtually similar to burning candle at both sides. Slept "early" woke up early.

3. Raced against time. Lotsa works. Putting on huge pressure. It's big mental work to suppress all sorts of emotions: depression, stress, frustration, tiredness, disappointment, piss-off, temper and the likes. According to someone, I finally put on a tensioned face. Is this a compliment?

I watch many megastrucure documentaries, for example construction of Petronas Twin Towers, Dubai's Palm Island ...etc. I was always amazed by how incredible the project engineers are. They get things done, deal with "surprises", keep track the progress, and most impressively they solve problems, no matter how hard it is. Now, I can somehow picture myself in their situations. Can I claim myself get something "BIG" done?

Ohya...some credits to those standing by me...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deevali Eve outing Sitiawan-Telok Batik

It was a spontaneous plan. Off, we were downtown of Sitiawan for what it's famous for, the seafood. We dine-in the said-to-be best rated restaurant, Amu Seafood Restaurant. I had eaten there before that. The food wan't that yummy. There's a slight improvement this time around. I still love Pangkor-version of seafood which is like cooked specifically to my taste buds.

First dish - fried Bihoo-kuew teo. Tasted fine.

Salted egg prawn. Overly salty, offsprings of crab, not so satisfying.

It sounds like "Ju Ju" when you suck it.

La La. Tasted the best amongst all.

Fried Bihoo with big prawns. Tastelss instead. WTF really.

Sotong fritters. Crunchy. Not bad.

My dining mates.

After meal, off again we headed to Telok Batik Beach, Lumut. Another spontaneous move.

"Beach conferecing". Good experience.

Showing "blue-tears". It was first discovered at a beach of Pangkor isle.
Girls get melted seeing it. Trust me.

I'm emo. Don't I look like I'm emo?

Actually was piled with works but stole some time out. The time ahead is getting real crazy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

"Well-Versed" Pocket-C Operator

This cafeteria serves bad-rated food in terms of tastiness, hygiene and price as generally perceived. It's getting fair business though I suppose. The only reason I can relate is its location in proximity of lecture spots where there's high traffic of passers-by.

Thinking js to fill my empty stomach, I visited the cafe like the others. While paying for my food, I confronted the cashier, whom I thought he's the boss lar. Apparently, I had some problem getting charged unreasonably. Somewhat like RM 2 in addition to my estimate.

Me: Pak Cik, mahalnya ni. Macam mane u kira?

Boss: Mane mahal. Sausage RM0.50, telur RM0.50, kuah RM0.50 erm...semua RM4.70 (he skipped).

Me: Erm...Bihoo ni RM 2.50 ke? Mahal larrrr. Kat Pocket-D, ni baru RM 1.20 - RM1.50.

Boss: Oh ya ke. Kalau macam tu, you makan sane larrr. (raised tone)

I was literally hanged before reacted to him.

Me: Ooo boleh larr. Lain kali I makan sane. Nak bawa juga kawan ke sane.

The boss seemed to be quite alright with my response, which pissed me off further. I paid and I off.

The rule of thumb in business is to attract as many people as possible to come and buy. It takes big volume to sustain a business. As suggested by the saying "Customers are King", satisfy the customers, make them speak for you rather then you put up costly advertisement in mass media.

The particular cafe operator, however, DRIVES AWAY THE CUSTOMERS. He probably thinks that he doesn't even need us to run his business. In light of this, why would we help him. Correct or not? Let's ban on him.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It just ain't doing any good.

With dcplus down, let's see where the university internet connection is getting to.

Here go the anonymous feedbacks:


2. Sapa ckp internet UTP slow bak siput? Laju je ni..ok la utk refresh 20 kali baru dpt.

3. Don't complain about the connection. Don't complain about the connection. Next in the to-do list, graduate A.S.A.P

4. Is UTP subscribing Dial-Up?

5. wana forget bout internet in utp...yes, tae yeon...i love u tae yeon...

6. finally...there's internet!

7. tlg someone organize mogok..kte mogok xnk anta assignment kalao internet utp x upgrade2 ag..da sental duit student gile2 xkn xde duit nk ks tenet power sket? [jom mulekn ngan assignment eis

8. Arh!!!!!! Internet so FYP & FYDP progress can be fast?? We should include this into our interim later!!!

9. connection sucks

10. I hate UTP internet connection... F..K

11. CB connection

12. Surprisingly, my connection is good. OUTCONNECTED the rest! Hooray! Js went YouTube.

Now, your say.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Tonight is a good night"

The original plan didn't work out. Instead of attending Prom dinner, we went VooDoo, one of the finest clubs in Ipoh.

It's freaking packed inside the club whereby we had to pushed our way through. The music genres were well accepted by most. Beats was deafening and provocating. We made up quite a big group. Three bottles were ordered. Everyone was like literally gone crazy and we DANCED whole night through. They were all very fine companion.

The intoxicant!
As often, there would be someone proposing bottom-up. I went 4 rounds of it which resulted me in "blur" but very "uplifted" mode. That's time when I could rid off stuffs and just dance. Fun I would say.
The alcoholic effect started creeping in after we got out of the club. This was killing me. Had a kick and literally threw out. First time I got this drunk. The feeling was painful and a total awe.
My advice (for both males and females alike) do measure your intake capacity, watch you intake accordingly. Or else it shall put you in a very vulnerable position to any kinda threats (robbed, assaulted, raped, accident, etc.)

Despite all, it was a total blast. Got over the hangover the next day. Losing appetite, migraine, exhausted...But I'm now kicking!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ban of dcplus

The university recently put up an ultimate ban to the dcplus, a sharing platform of multimedia, documents, installers and stuffs.

Dcplus is undoubtedly an UTP culture. Many of us had been so heavily dependent on it. After google, or perhaps as par with google, dcplus had been indispensable to me, personally. And I believe same goes to others. It served me as sources of entertainment, knowledge and more importantly time-killer.

The issue raised by the administrators was being copyright infringement. Somehow true but WHO GIVES A DAMN. Elsewhere, probably every university has the equivalence. If not, the internet has any kind of any things. Dcplus was js a focal point of stuffs which is pretty much downloadable from internet. Well, I might not have ever considered about the publishers, entertainers and the likes, but dcplus was just so convenient. We obssessed about it. As a matter of fact, dcplus used to give us life. Imagine what will the afthermath of block of dcplus be?

In consideration of the copyright voilation, can't the administrators make some sorts of negotiations instead of brutally slashing it off?

To live on another semester without dcplus, hell crap lar.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RM40 haircut.

It's saturday morning. We, the culture anthropologist project team were downtown. We were on an ethnography mission to probe into what sorts of celebrations were there in Sam Poh Tong during Chinese New Year. We were to do an interview with the person in charge there.

Sam Poh Tong, a Chinese Buddhist Temple within a natural limestone hill.

Nice architecture, geen surrounding. Marvelous, isn't it?Come & pay a visit to Sam Poh Tong one day.

It was a brief interview session. In fact, there's no much activities around the temple during CNY. We roomed around checking out the place before departing to JJ. The girls wanted to get new dinner dresses while I needed a haircut.
I notice a banner about promotional haircut @ RM 12 outside a saloon. Thinking to get some saving, I gave it a shot. There's no other customer except me. Without my notice and agreement, the female assistant stylist poured some liquid on my hair and performed a hair wash as well as head massage. It's my first time getting these kinda services. It's kinda fine and relaxing. However, I started to ponder could this be RM 12 haircut. Next, it's the male stylist on my hair. He was rather delicate trimming my hair. Thereon, I was pretty sure no way it's RM12. My thought plunged deeper. He took some 30 mins to overhaul my hair which is of 3 months uncut. The assistant stylist gave me another hairwash (with js plain water this time) and then the stylist styled my hair with clay and spray. I was served for some 40-50 mins. As much as I enjoyed their service, I had been mentally unrest in the process as it would have prolly cost me a fortune. Money has been tapped out fast these day. Swt.

Let's check out the RM40 product:

Side view. I'm happy.

Front view. I'm tired.

When I js needed a haircut, ain't this is a lavishness? Fyi, this is my most pricey haircut. May be I should have js asked for cutting, rather than keeping queit and got sold the whole package.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day of punishment is close?

There've been few natural catastropes occuring almost back to back recently. (Ketsana typhoon, Sumatra earthquake, Samao Tsunami.)

They kinda got me thinking. Is it that wht goes around comes around? Probably we need to do our part to not "upset" the mother earth any further. Make way for all forms of peace, make less destructions.