Saturday, November 29, 2008

100th post

Been inactive for some time! Simply because I got no internet access. So, I am now hitting my 100th post. For me, it's considerably a little tiny achievement. Hooray...

P/s: Please dun be such a dumbass to perceive that Pangkor people is deprived of internet access. We're very much developed in many ways! I "guess" 3G is coming there soon. Well in years to come.

My holidays really thumbs up. I didn't travel oversea, nor did I travel to anywhere in Malaysia. I just went back hometown. Hanging out a bunch of "old" dudes who always joke ass off, happening and crappy to be with. Our routine was just simple, not a little sense of "hustle and bustle". We went for breakfast & yamcha sitting hours in Kopitiam everyday (spoil people business as occupying the table for unreasonably long), picking up badminton, and more interestingly we went fishing. Fyi. despite being an island boy, well I may seem to be a sunshine "beach boy" or what, I just pick up fishing recently after 21 years staying in the island. (feeling nauseating alr? =)).

Well, I'd like to talk about fishing in particular. My gang has never fond of going fishing. Perhaps I'm too much into the Survivor tv show , I just put forward the idea of going fishing. The rest seemed to like the idea. So. we lend some fishing robs and headed to an obsolete jetty. As it's extended out into the sea, we didn't have to throw so hard to get our bait (prawn) into deep water for big fish. It's a gloomy and windy afternoon. Otherwise I may turn into char coal being under hot sun as it's unshaded. So, we got the business started by penetrating the prawn over the hook and put it down into the water. We waited impatiently for the fish to eat the bait. Well, we were kinda lucky. After 15 minutes like that, my friend alr got 1 fish. That's my first time seeing someone fish up 1 fish. Soon later, my other dude got 1 also. Finally it's me. I first feel some tension in thread. However it's gone after like a second. I thought the fish had gone. But my friend told me to keep on winding back the thread. Thereafter, the tension was back and getting greater. My fishing rob got curved up pulling the fish up. I got so excited winding the thread and finally the fish surfaced. It's almost the size of my palm. I unhooked the fish and take a second shot. At times, I could feel the tension in the thread, which means that there's fish eating my bait. Unfortunately, they didn't eat together with the hook. My fish got another 2 fishes which totaled up to 5 fishes as our hasil tangkapan in 2.5 hours. I thought to bring them to restaurant for some kinda Portuguese Ikan Bakar but then nowhere seems to cater this. In the end, I didn't get the chance to taste the fish I fished as I was departing for my internship.

What's funnier is that there were some malay fellows who appeared to be some kinda experts in fishing. They didn't get a single fish unfortunately. So, I'd conclude that fishing has a lot to do with luck. haha...Because they didn't expect to get a single fish, we didn't even prepare a plastic bag for it. So, the fishes we got were scattered on the floor. The so-called experts were eye-ing on our fishes, could felt some jealousy from their eye. haha...felt so good!

My first ever official fishing turned out to be phenomenal experience. I think that I am soon to get my own fishing rob. May go fishing again in coming CNY.

By the way, is it obligatory to learn fishing as that I am a island boy? haha..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's real cool paper!

Just did a paper, Process Plant Design I.

How cool was it?

There's a blackout during the examination. An experience that's first of its kind for me. The hall (MPH) plunged into darkness. The doors were being opened. The rain poured heavily. The thunder was roaring momentarily. However, the passing of time continued. Me, of course get going with my paper. The electricity resumed 15 min later, I suppose.

Announcement by the Invigilator Head: Due to the blackout, you're given an additional 15 min.

My thought:
"Whao ... fabulous! Hopefully there's blackout whenever I write papers lar. Can get top-up, why not!!" It can be a lil disrupting though.

p/s: Luckily, no one played firecracker!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, I should be sleeping at this late hour. Got paper to write tomorrow! I had been on bed, however to find myself just spinning around like Sin Chan, couldn't doze off. I got up and try some "Piano Love Song" to get hypnotized!

So, back to the title-->Survivor, yea the TV show hosted by Jeff, (Not me Okie). I am not trying to hype about it and by all means it need no me to P&P for it. It's among the TV shows that can actually catch my full concentration. Every single element appeals me well, ranging from the participants, the challenges, the exclusive rewards, the jungle survival skills, and more importantly the game plan which means the ways people kick ass as well as kiss ass.

Among all the seasons, the most exciting for me is Season 16-Fans versus Favorites. So much of tricks as well as twists. Basically there were freshies and people who ever participated and have had some experience. The latter group somehow had formulated a scheme how to go about playing the game and thus they had advantages over the freshies. In this particular season, the players were very competitive to each other, be he/she a social player/ physical player. Ones who have no physical can still outlast themselves in the game, because they were outwitted/outskilled the rest at influencing and persuading people. "PCS is important in this game!" Basically the women had formed an invincible alliance. They just freaking played blindsiding. The big men were being voted out one after another consecutively during the tribal councils. They are strong in challenges (games) but that didn't work for them at all.

There are some events which I like to highlight. Ozzy, one of my favorite players was the first victim being set after the merge despite having the immunity idol which he had found in the exile island. Presenting the immunity idol at the right timing is so crucial to avoid being voted out but the women just made him so comfortable to not use it. The same mistake recurred by several guys. Yet, the Ice-cream scooper gave up his individual immunity idol which can actually secure him a spot in top 4 and probably the title of "Survivor " and walk away with USD 1 million. The woman who received his "biggest gift" however turned on to him by voting him out. This certainly made new record in survivor series. The "women alliance" in the game was "fcuking" cut throat and they are "cooking". I cracked my head trying to figure out how they actually managed to blindside people again and again. Its like magic. In the end, the girl who flirts around won! I would say she deserves it though.

Season 16 is certainly not-to-be-missed.

Now, I am tagging with Season 17-Gabon. Can't wait for episode 8 to come out.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pinky tag

Another taggie:

Person who get tagged is to list 7 weird things about him/herself. Also, he/she should at least tag 7 people by listing down their name and notify them by leaving comment.

How weird am I?

1. I don't like gaming (computer game). I don't play cs, dota, babo or whatsoever games besides euro 08 which I also barely play. I am about to uninstall it.

2. When I got lazy, I don't think and virtually have no efficiency. My paces slow down, I am prone making careless mistake. My writing just goes illegible. It always happens when I am writing papers and ended up countless "screwed-ups despite knowing how to do".

3. My composure (chillness) has huge standard deviation. I got so excited/nervous about stuffs until I got insomnia. However, sometimes I just chill and feel nothing for some big stuffs.

4. My laughter can be as worse as hysteria if I want to. It happens when I get very comfortable with the surrounding and people. Otherwise, I will just keep mouth shut and talk little. Cos I'm scared to be "empty vessel" but "makes more noise". It comes to me as big humiliation.

5. My conversation can vary from "heaven to hell". I talk courteously also foully, depending on with whom I am, where I am & what the occasions are. But yea, most of the time, I use proper language and I do always ask people to watch their language.

6. I always appear to be joking, but actually that's the way I got serious. Well, not dead serious but I am actually getting things done. People just can't understand me. What an orthodox, isn't it. Well, I am seizing such "bad habit" though.

7. I have never been in an "official" relationship.

Weird about this girl:

1. She recommended the USM-Cafe Western food. I did check it out, precisely the Arabic Chicken Rice. It tasted nothing special to me though. haha...

2. I somehow got to know she fancies Japanese much such as the manga, anime, may be some pop artists... Am wondering if she is good at speaking Japanese.

3. I am assuming that she is somehow a banana. She doesn't speak mandarin, (perhaps little) but she does speak Hokkien.

4. She blogs lots. She keeps complaining time is running out yet she is actively posting entries to feed her readers. haha...very committed blogger.

5. She can't swim, but she can float. Again, I am assuming.

6. She ar, sometimes very talkative but sometimes just keep quiet!

7. She ar, going to work for "Giant", I mean Exxon...Anything weird? (Paiseh, lack of idea)

Who I like to tag?
1. San Nien
2. Kha Loon
3. Wan Sin (tag back)
4. Tee Hooi
5. Melvin
6. Wong Ning
7. Kenny Sia (Ridiculous)

Hope you guys see it and be sporting!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I dun abondon "CHEMHOSTER"

Yea, the title is right! I mean it. It has been pretty long no update.

Nothing happened? Of course not. Even the US general election has been disclosed. Osama, no I mean Obama will take over Bush soon.

Well, there is a sound reason behind it. As a matter of fact, this was the period over which i was being nervous, got stuck, helpless, emotionally disturbed about a matter --> my attachment.

Here the story goes. One of the "thousand" companies I had applied called me for a meeting/interview. Guess where was it? The Starbucks in Ipoh Parade. Well, it's Halliburton standard. Almost as selamba as slb. Anyway, as long as thing done, right? Actually, that day my interviewer, (to-be supervisor) just so happened to come by Ipoh and I was the one who suggested Starbucks. Lol ... I supposed there was no better place to meet in Ipoh. (should have get some idea from the Ipoh GPS--Ang Khian)-->She is the consultant for Ipoh Mapping, nice food, nice places she knows them all.

During the interview, I was made to understand they are offering placement in Landmark, one of the divisions in Halliburton which I had known least and expected least as well. (Bet you have no idea about it at all) I initially thought to do mud. No choice, gotta go with the flow. The interview was also selamba. I wasn't questioned much technically but some cocu and software stuffs which I learned and forgotten alr.

Soon later, which was within a weeks time (in week 12), my sv confirmed me . I gotta breath some air then. Good doesn't last long. Since then, I hadn't heard again from the HR nor my sv. It was touching week 14. I called back to my sv who was in Beijing that time asking how's thing going. gone fast ler! He said that he had submitted my name to HR and HR will process and soon issues me offer letter. Until now, I haven't received it. But yea, I just called the HR, she said she is processing it and can only get it done next week. Oh my Oh...pretty sluggish!

I think i need to rid it off. Otherwise, I will continue to be insomnia. I understand being worried can't help stuff, but I just can't help myself. Also, I heard of many cases of insomnia. haha...I am not abnormal either!

So, my offer letter shall arrive next week and marks the milestones in my university life. Gotta stay 8 months in KL, tentatively Wangsa Maju. Whenever I like, I can "bird view" the panorama of KL cos I'm working in KLCC.

How long I've been waiting stuff to be finalized, you roughly know lar. Fyi, I started applying since week 1 & I probably get final confirmation, (offer letter in exam week)...Ngah Di... The feeling so sucks!

Take a chance to wish everyone best of luck in finals.

Next post-->Pinky's tag.