Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Snapshots-The Curve

The Curve's Street, Damansara, KL

The Funtasy Four

The santa and santarinas ...getting ready to woo woo!

Warming up.

Where are the chicks? like all guys only...

Please har, these are not Kong Ming Deng!
Almost wanted to play KungFu there. Drunken Master.

Projection into the Curve Mall. Btw, irresistible sales on!

The santa's deers. What is the exact name, anyone?


Huge decor. Was astonished at the first sight!

Feel good! Thought to bring home the flowers.



The Street is so much Christmas-like.
Good lighting, Food, people, ambience of course.

Sorry, this is Sunway Piramid.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Engineer's Desktop Model (EDM)

Shit wey...It's a real bugger, talking about the Engineer's Desktop.

I had spent more than a working day trying to get EDM installed and run in my pc. Yet, it is not running at all till now.

Fyi, EDM requires a database(collection of tables), either SQL (Structure Query Language), Oracle, Microsoft Access...etc to run. The complexity arose due to its sensitiveness on the version of the database. For instance, in my case, EDM ver.14 is only running with SQL 2003 database. Just realize this. Initially I thought can just hentam, as in things are simply matchable. What a lovingly thinking! Hell that I know meh! It shits me a lot! It's frustrating!

What did I just do? Uninstalled/ removed all of them. Tomorrow, gonna reinstall the compatible match.

Gosh...I am having a bad cough now. Christmas is coming around! Damn Damn Damn! how to 3W (Woo Woo Wor). Haven't got plan for tomorrow countdown.

I have been contemplating if my speculation has hit pillar alr. I won't be seeing my nice colleague anymore. So, passing people contact is nothing better/ more secure than having people contact in hand. Sigh Sigh Sigh...gonna loop Avenge Sevenfold's "I won't see you tonight-part II". also 王力宏 "星期六的深夜"。。。Jeff, so pathetic meh...Chill out!

Arh...this morning, I handed over my Christmas gift prepared for "someone". Can be a male. Shit. Cause my office activists is organizing a Xmas Gift Exchange thingy. I bought something which people especially females do actually get astonished, a 1.5 litre wine imported from France ler. It sorta heavy. Well, it's not whiskey, vokad, martini, or something...The principle is 物重,情义更重!Translation: The gift is real heavy, yet if it's compared to my sincerity, it's nothing!

... Jungle Bell ... Merry Christmas ...
May santa clause listen to everyone's heart, grant us of our longing!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Malaysian Men come home late.

An interesting headline appeared in The Sun last week: Malaysian men come home late. It was basically a number of women unleashing their tremendous anger and voicing out their dissatisfaction and suspicion of their hubbies playing two timing or having affairs. Being a means for demonstration, they put up posters of their hubbies in bus stops with slogan like: "Dear hubbie, why aren't you coming home early?" or "Bastard, come back home right after your work!"

In response to this, a survey among the men had been carried out. Today, the headline for The Sun is something like men answering the whys. Surprisingly, many said that it's because of the filthy odor at home, be it smell from sweaty clothing, waste water, balance food, or something. After a tiring day of working, men expect to sooth down, relax and chill out at home, but the foul smell is disastrous. Some just keep quiet about this issue due to the fact that they don't want to hurt their honey by questioning their capability in house keeping. They would rather hang out longer in the offices.

Is it so? I mean is their reasoning justified? What do you think?

My thought: Yea, I do see there's a/some problem(s) man coming home late frequently. Male, let's put ya legs in the your beloved's shoes, what this can possibly be meant? If you're responsible, avoid this. Communicate with ya honey. Well, if you so happen to have affair, I dunno what to say. In fact, it's complicated for me to say anything. Situation varies from individual to individual. People take and see things differently, for example sex. So long as the hurt feeling is minimized, nothing is wrong. It's a totally subjective!

I can't give you my words that I may be coming home late sometimes in future either. As far as possible, I really think that it should not be happening though.

Filthy odor makes men coming home late, really? Shear lying lar....Yet again, it can be so. Women, do put some effort in housekeeping. Perhaps Ambipur can be helpful. You may wanna have maids. As long as the house is comfortable for man being.

Monday, December 15, 2008

IT impaired against "corrupted"

Was damned stressed out because I spent the whole morning trying to install a software, EDM (Engineer Data Models). However, I didn't manage to get it done until I finally decided to turn to my colleague for help. He tried the same way as I did which led to error. Then He used an installer CD and it worked! So, it's the problem with the CORRUPTED installer copied to my pc. The numerous trials-failures earlier on almost prompted me to think that I might be IT impaired. Shit, I'm now in Digital Asset Department man. When I can't even get a software installation done in hours, in what position am I for the department! People may just say: U.FO. (P/s: U.FO = You.FuckOff) (P/s.s: Out of creativity, mind my language) I was almost "Xiao Liao". Just popped cappuccino from the pantry.

Yesterday, I spent almost whole night trying to sync video to my Nano, but I fail. So, it can only play cater for audio. Due to it's "brilliant" owner, it's handicapped being unable to cater videos. Lol, wondering that if I am somehow IT impaired! Shit...

Arh, was asked to do physical work today.Not photostatting, nor printing, making coffee, but a nicer one --> to fold the long log into A4 side so that they can be accommodated by A4 folder.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Feeling finger lickingly good

I have been working for 2 weeks including today. However, today I feel so fine in the office as in like feel at home!

Why? Here it goes. First thing first, the office was pretty empty. Quite a number of colleagues are doing clearance on their annual leave. They can't bring forward their days-off to next year. As less CO2 emitted because of less people, the global warming pretty much under control. That's why I felt good.

Since it's another 2 weeks to the end of year, most of the works/ projects/ cases had been done. Furthermore, it could be due to the retrenchment throughout the industry. People are more relaxed than days ago. People hanged out, talked more and joked around. Even the two big bosses talked craps with my sv. (O...outgoing sv cos he is transferring to other department) Din actually catch their conversation except for the laughter. So, I'm getting an incoming sv. She is based in Jakarta full time! What implies here is that there will be no one to keep an eye on me later on. In other words, I can basically do free-style provided my job done. Walao...good wei. However, let's not ignore about the downside! Whatever issues I have to deal with her, the only way would be via electronic means like phone or video conferencing. Not sure will meet her how many hours throughout my internship. Sigh...

More pleasingly is that I just got to speak to her, on phone. The conversation was good! She asked me if I wanna take leave in coming X-mas or new year. I said "it's ok" but then suggested to her that I would want to ask few days off during CNY. She sorta agreed. My conclusion is that she is just LIKE me, EASY-GOING. On top of that, she told me that I will be needed to be on a business trip for the company. It excited me plentifully, BUT THEN the shortcoming --> it's gonna be in bombing site as to reveal which country I'll be flying. I'm verbally informed, haven't "validate" it. It's a truth or fraud, follow chemhoster closely especially in the month of Feb or March.

My mood has certainly been shot up hearing that. Out of sudden, I could feel irresistable Christmas ambience in Suria KLCC. There was a "bunch" of philharmonic violists performing live. The melody matched my mood well. It's indeed a good day! Went over pc fair in KL Convention Center with my old dude. Gave up RM 25 for a "Sean Kingston" 4G pendrive. BTW, there're good chicks at Toshiba booth lol...hahaha...guys, go and have a look. WTH...

Another piece of story. My office people are actually FUNtastic. To support my point, there had been 2 birthday celebration in pantry. Next up, gift exchange "party". No idea if it's a party or not. Basically, everyone got to draw log and prepare a gift for that person. BUT then again, I din draw my TARGET! Lol...sigh...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Perhaps "his world" was right claiming that interns are always FREE!

Hang out here just to kill time whilst nurturing sleeping mode.

Few surprises today:

Early this morning, it's super freaking unusually packed in the train. Proceeding all the way from Wangsamaju-->Setiawangsa-->Jelatek-->Dato Keramat-->Damai-->Ampang Park-->KLCC, people just kept swamped in, don't they have eyes to see how pack it's! Neither do they have brain to think how terrible it feels like being sandwiched in between with macam-macam aroma! Was suffering from acute breathing problem! Damned annoyed by that! More worth informing, my dude compellingly leashed out his "virgin" shoulder to a "perfect" stranger who got out in Ampang. I din manage to check out how "perfect" is she. He ranted it all day!

Secondly, I was on the same lift with a fellow, well I mean the India country manager of Halliburton whom I totally had no ideal about until he finally took the initiative to check me out! Lol, I guess I just cherishes my selambaness.

Thirdly, out for lunch with somebody to whom I terhutang budi a lot in the sense that this person was actually the service provider, I mean materials provider for our courses. Despite having walked to Avenue-K a couple of times, still lost in way. I know, my sense of direction is beyond retrievable.

Fourthly, went swimming after work. The water was damned cold. However, two interesting creatures showed out. Stayed "a little bit " longer than intended. What are you thinking? We didn't do anything behind our clear conscience, okey!

Back from swimming, my housemate brought her frens back. Lol...lazy to know people alr. It seems like everywhere is fish here.


Hope you're entertained. Hang up here!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


One of the Disney Digital 3D movies-->Bolt was released recently. For the first time, I got to experience a movie which gave real good sensation. Things we see in this world are in 3D, which means everything is constructed by xyz axes. Watching a 3D movie is very much like having the movie characters to act in front of you. In other words, "real-time show"! It's explicit to see things moving toward (Coming right up to you like you can catch it or what) or otherwise.

Being my first weekend of working life, me and a dude went Pavilion GSC. The ticket cost RM 18, with a special spec for 3D viewing in package.

Not gonna talk about the movie review. It's fairly good I would say.

After the movie, had a gathering in Time Square with KL-based UTP-interns.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Brief visit to IPTC

Today is the last day for the largest oil and gas conference, International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) in KL Convention Center. More about IPTC.

Having one hour plus lunch break, I went over to pay a visit for the world-class oil and gas exhibition. Yea, it really was! I was totally blown mind off seeing how grand scale the booths were! Undoubtedly, huge money had been thrown in. PETRONAS got a double storey booth,best design I would say but its a bit laying back to efficiently convey information. My vote goes to slb being the most informative and interative booth. They had working models with video on LCDs. At the same time, there's technical presentations. Due to time constraint, I just stayed for short. Baker Hughes offer a visual and motion sensing bowling game (correct term?) I did store strike for once and won some hands! Bravo! haha...
Halliburton wasn't doing so well. However, it showcased it's R5000, an g&g-->Ge0logy and Geophysics software which recently won Oil and Gas Award. Of course there were many more companies like Shell, ExxonMobile, Total, Kuwait, JAPEX, name a few. Very regret to not be able to put up photo. Going to get a camera phone. =)

On top of that, TOYOTA motor , Misubishi and even Shell showed off their prototype solar cars! Wonderful!

It's really eye opening, but I didn't gain much technical exposure which I was supposed to do. Perhaps I spent too little time there. I was pretty late to go back office. I was installing a software on my sv's desk who went out for lunch almost the same time as I did. So, I was kinda caught red handed!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3rd taggie

I bet tagging thingy is immortalized! Since "his world" had managed to come out one, of great interest one I suppose, why not the rest!

However, the verdict being "on internship" corresponds to free as in have plenty of time somehow, isn't so applicable, to me in particular, but for Pinky, yes! (Somebody is getting mad) These 3 days, due to the fact that I'm still "green" in the office, not even once I stole bone. I just kept popping in coffee, cappuccino, soft drink, or sky juice to stay awake and refrain myself from napping/ dozing off. Hence, I need to "reimburse" my sleep debt" when I get back to room. Sigh, thing get worsened due to the human jam almost everywhere.

Anyway, here I go! Me, being a hot guy, really? Come, you judge it.

See, he's excited at the scene. I guess that I'm hot! Don't you agree? haha...

I freaked out alr, better closed up "curtain"!

What do you think? Comment comment!!