Sunday, December 29, 2013

Year of growth

We got displaced by rising water at the rig site. Here I am, back to the town, anticipating to have some wonderful time for the new year party.

The year will be over soon. It's been a year of phenomenal growth.

A big pay raise. Couldn't be happier over it, well who would not be! Of course, I have to take up a bigger responsibilities. Somebody told: It's a challenge, not a problem. A specialist in the making, how is it not exciting. It does take a lot to be a subject matter expert. Although I sometimes contemplated about a shift of path, but it wouldn't be so within a foreseeable future. I guess I will still continue with the on-the-go lifestyle, jumping around and sleeping over different places, frequent the airports and so on. I only wish to extend my travels to new countries. Keep finger-crossed.    

Investing experience. I put a lion share of my money in the stock market. Over a period of a year, I've seen it hit the high of 13K of paper gain, and then descending to a bit of paper loss to date. No doubt the stock market is highly volatile, burning up all my paper gain was quite unbelievable and it has been a displeasure, but it's less of a concern. The market behaves like pendulum, it will recover my gains, just a matter of time. I'm still injecting money into the account and hope I will achieve 100K by  second quarter next year. Apparently this is quite an experiment to me, as it's a relatively a huge amount of money in the first place, and some people will argue that the market is very risky tool to increase wealth. However, I thought the risk is pretty minimal as I'm in no rush for the money. As I read somewhere: Patience is the only risk. After all, it's something worthy of my time and money.
Traveling. The solo trip to Nepal has been an a big motivator for me to want to do more of its kind. It gives me the assurance that it can be done and it's fun. In the foreseeable future, I will have to leave behind everything (as if nothing else matter), take my backpack with me and set out on my journey.

My brother just got married last month. I am happy for him of course. Now problem arises, my parents are bugging me where is my girl friend. A real problem. 

Shit happens from time to time, don't spend much energy dwelling in them. Too many ideas in the pipelinne, all is well to 2014.