Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outstation at Siam

Last week I was asked to fly to Thailand the next day. It's on a very short notice, but hey man it's city of Bangkok, and here I'm.

This is my first time in Bangkok. I was fast to like the city. Friendly people, pretty girls, and fluid Thai language, and of course the food. Thai the english, it sounds too funny. Something like HelicOptErrrrrr, hAAAve...

I checked in Oakwood Service Apartment. The room is good, undoubtedly one of the best hotel rooms I've been to. It's of walking distance to my office, at Citibank Building, opposite to Station 21, a pretty established mall.

Have been working my ass off though. Work, eat and sleep, work eat and sleep. Got wasted last friday night. The night club was awesome, conducive ambiance for party with DJ's. Traveled along the Chao Paya river, dropping by at Wat Pho temple, Grand Place, and China Town. Yea, just to check out the places and satisfy my want-to-know-ness. Pretty interesting places, loads of tourists, all kind of nationalities. Also, another act of solo traveling.

Back to room, got a bit of rest and I guess I will still need to get a bit of works done later. Hope I am getting my second weekend in the city before leaving to Songkhla.    

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A new take

Few days ago, boss approached me for a new role whereby he wants me to focus on a particular piece of technology the department is providing. Essentially, we are seeing increased interest in the technology, and they need a dedicated person to be "babysitting" all projects that use it, including resolving issues, analysing data and so forth. I guess it's gotta be big for a budding fellow like me. What I am almost certain is that there will be a big gap which I have to close.

"If you take it, it's yours, you're always my first priority, otherwise I will have to go to the others!"  A rather big compliment I guess.

In light of chance/change, indecisiveness and hesitation creep in. Yes, the role is tempting. It is exactly what I would wanna do, perhaps 3 to 5 years down the road, but it's presenting NOW. I am getting something and I am giving up something too. Always two side of coin. Again, my capacity will be put on test, big test I would assume.

German Autobahn: so fast so furious...

It's a new take. Things are going to be fast like the "german authobahn". I hope I will pull it off, always embrace optimism. There may be a cut in my allowances, and travelling, but I am anticipating the revision and how things should fare. Keep hope alive!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Evolving perspectives towards life

Came across this article which I find very interesting yet meaningful.

Primarily, it says about the three distinct spectrum of perceptions one seeing things throughout his/her life.

Spectrum #1: See mountain, perceive it as mountain; See water, perceive it as water.

People in this stage have always been sheltered from the storm. They are naive. They just have not been taken through a bumpy road yet, just yet!!! Life is seemingly a bed of roses. They do face shits in life, but somebody else has paved the road for them. They are still very much clean and clear. They are just ready to cross a river where there are bloody crocodiles in existence. They are carefree, tend to be a trouble maker too, but it's all right, because there will be someone else to cover the ass for them wilfully. Majority of individuals who have not stepped into society belong here, although there could be some people who been part of the society for some time.Of course, there are cases of exception.

Spectrum #2: See mountain, perceive it NOT as mountain; See water, perceive it NOT as water.

People in this category have been through a lot. They know the fact that they are riding on a bumpy road. Say they are crossing the river, they know that there are bloody crocodiles right beside or ahead of him/her. It's either they take the crocodiles down or they avoid the crocodiles to make it though or to pull it off.

They are trouble-averse. They tend to be sceptical, insecure and high on their guard. They could be masking themselves in the name of hypocrisy. They would rather choose to stay out of trouble than anything else. They may be pretentiously cool, pretentiously fine although they are not really so. They may find themselves lost in the capitalism world. They try to race with others, race with time, race with the space. At some occasion, they forget about what really contributes to the wellness of his/her life. 

I am here!!! It's time to move on.

They see river, and heck that they think it's Amazon River, it'd be deadly.

Spectrum #3; See mountain, STILL perceive it as mountain, See water, STILL perceive it as water.

These are the group of people who has great piece in mind. They can take out relationship between outside world and themselves. However the environment, the surrounding, the outlook fare, he/she is not bothered and has got very little interest . They have come to a point where nothing else matters except for what really matters for him/her. They have got things sorted out pretty clearly. They know what is really important for them. They go after their own interests are, rather than interests what most people going after.

Most of the time, this group of people are financially strong, or they have got  a good financial planning.
However, people who are as rich as millionaires may not necessarily be in this category, unless they are ready to curb the desire of wanting more.

They see mountain, and heck that they know it's Everest Mount or something, but so what, they are just hiking near the ridges, rather than heading to the peak like most would want to do.