Sunday, February 22, 2009

A night at Jogoya

It's a Friday night in Jogoya!

The plan was rather instantaneous. This gentleman, Ian texted me to go for a Japanese buffet supper in the afternoon on the day itself. I did give it a second thought. The reason being that it costs RM80-100 per person (including tax). In addition, I'm not quite used to raw food. However, I was coaxed to join as there's some discount.

Jogoya does have a wide variety of frills to offer! I really indulged myself to the fullest. I whacked anything that seemed handsome/charming to me. Some of them I dunno even know what they are. In brief, Jogoya is like a combination of Tenpayaki (terrific black pepper steaks), Sushi sashimi, seafood (fish, king prawns, oysters...etc), chicken (nothing-so-special), For dessert, they got yummy Haagen Daz ice-cream, confectionary stuffs, fruit puddings and so on. For beverages they got fantastic young coconuts, green tea, cocktails and even wine. Before leaving, I actually lost 60% of my sense by bottom-up 2 glasses of wine. Felt real good!
Jogoya doesn't pay me to promote for it but I have to say it worth the money paid!

Such a giant oyster or something! It's baked with cheese. It seemed damn handsome too. However, I didn't put it into my stomach. The reason is that it's raw! I had to spare a VIP ticket for it. What's a pity! What a waste!

After an overwhelming supper, we went for a walk down the Bukit Bintang street. Guess what, we're so lucky to spot a Lamborghini parked in front of JW Marriot hotel. I had always wanted to see it with naked eye. It's like dream come trues! It's such an exhilarating sight! Next, I want a Buggati Veron!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LRT's misfortune!

As usual, was boarding a super-packed LRT. However, luck wasn't with me today. I mean it.

One poorly-groomed ROUND guy stood just by me. He looks no different than an ustaz. Having him stood in proximity is already disgusting to hell to me. His bushy beard is adequately nauseating by its own. He's so closed to me that his filthy belly was virtually rubbing on my thigh. Ya, RUBBING! My modesty is swiped in such a nonsense way. I gave him several tiger-eye but he din bother me at all. I was about to lose control into punching the fat belly! He just didn't take it as a big deal and kept rubbing. For hell, it's the biggest disgust in the recent past to me. I dodged and he came forward, like needing my thigh to scratch his itchy belly. WT-Fark. Finally I reached KLCC with so many "fantasy".But, he's about to labor! I mean the scenes of me wrestling him down the floor and bouncing on his belly like a trampoline. Really sweat! Macam-macam can happen in LRT. Yesterday's one was a fantastic-heavenly journey!

Btw, my internship first visit by UTP lecturer is just over. To those who haven't done it yet, just take it lightly as it has zero weightage on the coursework. But do prepare the training schedule and Form B sumtin.

Suffered sustained toe spasm. Come on, cramp at the toe. It ridiculed me, but not as much as the above asshole!

To make technical post on PE.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-day's thought!

Yes, finally v-day is about to over.

It's a fairly good festive for ones who wanna do merchandising. For instance, flowers, chocolates, cards, food, perfume, and not to be forgotten handicraft or DIY.

Apparently, I sound pretty much affirmative that I'm single. Today in particular is kinda displeasing or even grieving for the singles as romance is to be sensed everywhere you go. The singles are very much allergic to romance on V-day particularly.

Excerpt from AK
" Valentines Day is pretty dreadful. It's the day which reminds you how single you are, and all the 364 days of you being grateful for the freedom singlehood offers, suddenly the 14th highlights the fact that may be, being double is much happier."

Yea, I can't agree more with her about this. Very well said.

I went out with bunch of UTPians, had a satisfactory meal in Kim Gary Midvalley branch. The conversation was hot. Watched Slumdog Millionaire. An Indian movie took place in Mumbai, whereby a nude fellow successfully walked away with 20M Rupee having answered 10Qs correctly in a "Who want to be a millionaire " TV program. This movie reveals how he manage to do this. It's quite nice. Go check it out at your convenience.

So, here am I doing this pathetic post. I hope the same day next year thing is different. Is there any love consultant who I can turn to for advices. hahaha...

I would like to dedicate myself 《心跳》 & 《星期六的深夜》. Good luck!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

To my surprise hor!

On the way back taking LRT, some people were discussing about where to go for vacation. Out of the blue, I overheard "Pangkor". Someone was damn ass-kissing about Pangkor. He said Pangkor's seafood is damn cheap and damn delicious. He said also the hotel is damn cheap. It's sort of like he knows it all about Pangkor. (Cantonese's saying: Know little, but wanna be the rep!) Anyway, what's a complement! Well said x 2! He was damn promoting Pangkor. On my behalf? I didn't give him any benefit! So, I officially take the pride as a Pangkorian from this point of time. I was about to leave my ass in the air.

On another note, Datuk Dr Zambry, the new Perak Menteri Besar is from Pangkor as well. Hopefully, there will be some funding to my beloved hometown. With $$, you can't rule out the possibility that Pangkor is turning Dubai II. Hehehe...

Another surprise! After the futsal session with colleagues in Ampang Sukan Kompleks, we went over to Suzi's Corner, a pretty run down restaurant just behind the kompleks. I had a yummy (middle red) beef stick with black pepper sauce! It tasted real good [the beef is jucy, some partially fatty and cuttable (by teeth)]. But hor, it's RM 29, with which I could dine-in Chilis outlet in KLCC. I've heard that the sticks in Chilis is fantastic but haven't yet put a piece in my mouth. Sigh...js another schlumberger restaurant in Ampang. However, I think that it's quite famous as I could see many foreigners and locals, business is good!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This weekend no rest...

Two groups of friends drop by this weekend. I sort of going all out just to avoid being crowned as " Beh Gan --Hokkien--" which means unfxckable in mild sense. I used to call my bro who, by occasion behave less entertaining, less sporting, or wet blanket sort of things. It all comes back to me! Karma! I wanted to just sit back and stay off mode but the otherwise happens.

It so happens that both groups are heading to Genting Highland tomorrow. Thus I need to tag along lo!

Btw, one more thing worth ranting about! Just eaten an overlypriced Sze Chuan Frog rice near Jalan Alo, near Bukit Bintang. It's RM16. Damn! Much exceeded my forecast! It just tasted normal!