Monday, September 13, 2010

It's time to *gulung tikar* the soccer

I have long (years) been absent from field. I remember back then, during my secondary school, I really couldn't do without football. Certain seasons like during the FIFA @ UEFA frenzy, we played it almost everyday without fail. Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I was fast, I got everlasting stamina and I was skillful. The mix allowed me to play for school with another friend. I was the main dynamo steering the direction of games.

This afternoon, I spotted a group of juniors playing football at the field. I invited another friend, Sin Sin to play with them and we did. Yea, we were just slightly better than *kaki bangku*. Decreased speed, slow response time, poor stamina, stiff physical and bad ball control. Unlikely, some of the juniors are really good. Initially I thought to do some show-offs, end up being trashed by the juniors team. Well of course they have the advantage because they play it constantly. Moreover, when it comes to sport, age is always a major factor.

Erm...i think I better *bungkus* @ *gulung tikar* and seek adventure inside the computer game. Even the greatest players like Maradona and Ronaldo have to quit their football career, the nature is really taking its course.

Whatever it is, football remains one of my favorite sports and it will always hold true.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Got pisssed twice today

This afternoon, I walked out of my house heading off to post office for paying my broadband bill, only to find out an apei was *taking without permission* the veggies that my father plants. Apparently I got pissed right away. I approached him to sort of *check him out*. It's my intention to cause him some embarrassment.

Me: Hey, what're doing?
Him: I want to take some veggies. Ah Eng plants this right? This veggies very nice ler, good for health...blar blar blar. (keep taking the veggies)
Me: Who Ah Eng?? It's my dad who plants this. Walao, how much you want to take?? (Raised tone + dulan face)
Him: Two three more. (then he cabut on his bicycle)
Me: (If he comes again, I am really gonna shoot him gao gao, not more bagi muka.)

Then I went to post office. A fucked up fellow tried to cut my queue. I didn't realise at first because he went straight to the lady in front of me and chit-chat a lil. Suddenly, the lady said to the fella u tak payah beratur meh?? I got pissed right away and immediately put on my dulan face. I guess he felt something wrong and then went queueing up. C'mon on lar fella, just queue up for the sake of orderness.

I am particularly irritated when someone cuts queue, especially my queue, well emergency case is exceptional. I remember there was once when I was paying for my goods at university's kopetro, a junior cut my queue and the cashier was so moroon to accept his money too. He really acted like as if it was alright for his deed. That's in the midst of examination. Everyone got tensioned up. I almost went exploded and spelled out *Can you get the fxxx out of here, go queue dude!!!*. Somemore his face is really a fucked face.

I don't know. May be I'm kind of fucked up these days due to the prolonged unemployment. Keep reminding myself that *patience is virtue*. Perhaps it's time to sip vodka or something!! hahaha...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Singapore-JB trip

Recently I went south to visit Singapore and dropped by JB to catch up with friends. My last visit to s'pore was such many years ago that I barely remember how it used to look. Plus the country is advancing by leaps and bounces. So, this visit is kind of eye opener to me! What I can say about s'pore is that "they really make something out of nothing".

The suspension bridge @ Sentosa man-made beach

King kong in the city @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore, famous for its sky garden.

One of my hosts in JB, Simon-Kerwin-Ong

@ Pasir Gudang Crocodile Farm.

The crocodiles look absolutely like toys to me.

Delicious Ikan Bakar @ The Zone, Johore

The Nasi Goreng Udang (TM), the best food I had there.

The entrance of casino @ Resort World Sentosa. The white is my favorite, Lamborghini Gallardo.

The symbolic, Lion Fountain in proximity with Marina Bay Sands.