Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Genting Highland

Several of my course mates wanted to go Genting Highland in this break. I followed. The trip was just fine only.

We paid RM38 for the outdoor theme park tickets. However, we just managed to play 2 games only, namely the swing and dragon coaster. OMG, say RM38/2, each game costs us RM 19. Hell-y expensive! Actually it was not because too many people that we had to queue for long but the extreme weather, precisely the mist! It was so freaking terrible that I couldn't see people 10m in front of me. Not at all! The weather is apparently disastrious, but I love it's icy cool and higly moist. It's so refreshing and I was like walking in the dreamland when surrounding was blur!!

They waited for almost an hour for the cyclone coaster (four person per coaster) just to be informed that the coaster had to be shut down as the weather was too bad. By the way, they were supposed to go next coaster. So, freaking Siu! While I was eating my wafer resting somewhere. I almost burst my stomach laughing at them. haha...

Here come the nice part. So, we had to stay in door. Some went back to Theme Park Hotel, while me, boon how and Chin went to the casino. By the way, I was 2 months underage! But so what hor, I managed to enter without having the securities to ask for my IC while the other two were asked. As that's the first time for 3 of us being in a casino, we just observed around. Didn't make any investment. We also went to the tutorial counter to ask how are the games played. A hokien spoken girl was explaining to us! haha...(What Ang Gong)...As it's overly smoky, we just stayed for an hour like that.
P/s: for those who used to tease me can't go in casino, paiseh to let you down babe!

At night, we had a very nice bowling session in First World Plaza. Lol, I used to be the king of superbowl, but that night I wasn't doing a good job. Just scored 90plus, while the rest exceeded 100 with Chin being #1 scoring 131. Excellent! Arh...fyi, I ever scored 163 (lansi)! After that, we went to the Monte Carlo, an investment center, precisely the Highland Casino lar. Again, I managed to enter! Yea, I looked like a man alr, not a boy anymore! There got smoking and non smoking area. I was kinda sleepy and not confident to put in my bet until the very last half an hour before we left. So, we played the big/small, odd/single, #1-6 thingy. When my money was on the table, I instantly woke up. Our bet was rather conservative, around RM5 to RM 10. At the end, we all managed to make little gain. "low risk, low gain". We hanged around for 3 hours plus and then went back sleep.

Next day, we camwhored around Genting and left. Half way going downhill we stopped by a Bak Ku Teh restaurant. I would have to say that's the nicest one I had ever tried! The taste was just gang gang. The pork lean, pig leg, usus babi, Foo Zou, You Zha Gui...etc, everything was nice! Topping up by the cool weather, it tasted even better as we didn't have to sweat whole wet.

That's all about Genting trip. I gotta acknowledge Ong for taking care my welfare in KL. He brought me around eating nice food. I like a very special porridege together with dim sun in Cheras and 13 sticks of Kajang Satey. I love the mutton satey so much.

Friday, September 26, 2008

"What is your biggest acheivement ?"

Yesterday, during a very boring class, someone abruptly threw a stunning question: "What is the your biggest achievement? " On the spot, I can't really give a sound answer.

Collectively, yea I dear to say that I have had quite some accomplishments. In primary school, I used to be the athlete two years in a row but I lost in the district running events. I involved also in school handball and basketball team. Academically, okok only. Secondary school, nothing much other than scoring pretty fine in SPM, which bunches of people out there did it better. (Shit...screwed up Bahasa Cina, like what happened in my PMR). Again, I was part school basket and football team. Club thingy I didn't involve much. However, I was very active in 二十四节铃鼓, sort of a chinese drum club. We managed to win gold and silver in the state competition. I guess that's really big moment for us! Ironically, the junior team was the champion instead of us being the senior team. swt. In university, I participated some clubs, held some posts and organised some events. Thus far, the biggest moment was NACES 2008 in UPM being the first runner up for technical paper presentation.
P/s: May left out some.

Talking about the biggest one, I doubt to tell which one of them. This is because different people different horizons, expectations, boundaries and levels. Well, to me all these change over time. Meeting new people get new inspirations or even influences, they all will change accordingly!

Long ago, I didn't think I would enter an university, here am I now. Long ago, I didn't think that I could have a boundless networking, but now I do. Long ago, I didn't think that I could write in English, here I do also. Long ago I never thought I would be an engineer, but now I am walking the path. Most unexpectedly, it's oil and gas industry which I scarcely exposed to in those days.

So, to answer "What is your biggest achievement", I would say it is the changes I have experienced thus far. Precisely, the mental and intelligence growth. From a plain sheet of paper, I am totally "tainted". I am not who is used to be! That's it lar...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A last minute problem

Finally my group completed the fabrication of Auto Pumping Water Treatment Unit for Engineering Team Project (ETP). It's basically to use a small mechanical pump (sprinkler) to push water through the filter (LifeStraw Persona).

This evening, we carried out detailed testing to check again the flow rate and if the unit is working properly with all the piping fixed.
P/s: the water quality is empirically proven to be safe for drinking.

Earlier on we had preliminary testing on the flow rate. The flow rate was slightly fine with voltage set to be 12v. However, something went wrong this evening. The water didn't come out at all despite that the pump kept pushing in the water through the filter. Thus, it's sort of project fails. Everyone started to appear anxious and become very helpless considering very little time left and worst of all was having no idea of which part caused the problem. We revisited the problem. A simple theory is applied --> [accumulation = volume in - volume out]. Two solutions we managed to think of. My Robocon member suggested replacing with an AC pump with bigger capacity which we have not procured yet. I came out with an idea to raise the operating voltage to 18v. The pump is prescribed to be operated at 6v. We however had tried out 12v, so why not 18v! The rest were kind of skeptic and pessimistic about my idea. They were afraid that the pump could be spoil. But I managed to make them to go back to lab for retesting.

So, we got the lab again and tried it by raising the voltage 3 times as much as the prescribed voltage. Firstly, the pump can actually sustain 18v. Perhaps can raise it to 24v which for sure will yield better flow rate. haha...I would say that it is very rugged and all rounded! Luckily. Secondly the flow rate was improved significantly. Filling 1.5 liter mineral bottle took 2.20 minute. What do you think? It's essentially to cater for campers and hikers. They do not rush time!

So, problem is virtually resolved and hopefully there is no more problem pops out. When there is problem, everyone like turned it to me being the leader! What pissed me more is that they said that we should not have chosen this project. There's a saying in Cantonese: "There will be no beggar if one knows early that he or she can possibly in future." Screw them!...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ban on Chinese dairy products

If you regularly consume milk and dairy products like candies, chocolates, biscuits...etc, I would like to draw your attention to the following.

The Chinese dairy product is found to contain traces of melamine, an industrial chemical. Melamine can cause kidney stones and lead to kidney failure. It is thought to account for four infant deaths in China. In addition that that, nearly 53,000 children in China have fallen sick after drinking melamine-tainted baby formula.

Report revealed that melamine, used to make plastics and fertilizer, has been found in infant formula and other milk products from 22 of China's dairy companies. Suppliers trying to cut costs are believed to have added it to watered-down milk because its high nitrogen content masks the resulting protein deficiency.

Singapore has already imposed ban on Chinese dairy products. Among those on the list include:
1. Chinese milk candy
2. Yili-brand yogurt bar
3. Dutch Lady-brand strawberry milk made in China

more suspected items.

(20 Sept) The Health Ministry is now also blocking the import of White Rabbit-brand candy and other Chinese products containing milk ingredients and will seize these items from store shelves, said Noraini Mohamad Othman, director of the ministry's food safety and quality division.

The Star 1
The Star 2
Al Jazeera

p/s: I still have an unfinished Dutch Lady fresh milk in the freezer? Should I discard it? huh, it is made in PJ, should be safe guo!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Malaysian government has pumped in as much as RM 10 million to fund a program training women as professional home managers. Expected to begin in November, the course will cover household management and the care of babies, children and the elderly.

Upon completing the program, she may get paid for RM 700 to RM 1,200 monthly according to Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen. In addition, Dr Ng said the training center offered an alternative income to an estimated three million "unemployed" housewives.

Common figures for employing a live-in domestic help:
An Indonesian is paid RM500 a month, while a Filipina charges not less than US$400 (RM1,200), while a local is paid about RM1,000.

more on the star , nst.

So, basically with first investment of RM 10 million to resolve huge unemployment, what do you think? The government finally does something which I feel quite reasonable! This is because the imported maids have been causing quite some issues not only to the society but themselves also face problems due to unfair treatment. Cases like domestic abuse, conflicts and even adulteries are often heard in regard to house maid. Some of them are deprived of their human right, being asked to work 24/7 and not provided with adequate basic necessities. Some maids even took revenge on the employers' children and eventually led to domestic tragedies. All these ain't fresh to us.

Instead of "house maid", house manager which sounds rather professional and high class I would say, they should perform a better tasks and they should also be better informed about the work ethics and their rights. Thus, the associated problems can be solved provided the program is a success.

p/s: wonder they accept guy ar. I haven't got my internship offer ler. Lol...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Post 916

Malaysian politic has been way too dramatic since the landslide victory by Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh by-election on 16th August.

BN is being driven to act on desperation. Among the paradigms:
1. Imposed ban on Malaysia Today by all internet service providers (ISPs) as being ordered by Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission(MCMC). It has been resumed though. more
2. 49 BN Legislators were sent for agricultural trip in Taiwan which was deemed as a measure to avert the party cross-over.
3. Detention of Raja Petra Kamaruddin (Malaysia Today Editor) and Tan Hoon Cheng (Sin Chiew Daiy News reporter) under Internal Security Act. more

p/s: Damage has been made. You further lost people trust! If you're very much into governing this country, prove it. Make no mistake! People don't need your joke to make their days. If this is the mentality within you, I afraid people will have to say "NO". Show some sincerity!

It's few days post long awaited 916. Anwar who has pledged to take over the government on this particular date, however seems not to make any progress yet. Despite the claim about more than 30 BN Member of Parliment (MPs) have confirmed to join his Pakatan Rakyat, solid move has yet come to surface. Consequently, there has been lots rumors that Anway is merely bullshit-ing.

Could 916 be just the prelude? Will the sweet promises be realized soon? Or all that came out from his mouth is just rhetoric?

He is really playing for stake now. If he succeed, he will be prime minister, otherwise it's a shame for him to stay in Malaysia.

However, what worst is that the country is receiving disastrous threats by virtue of this pending state. The country has been pretty much plunging into turmoil, particularly the economic. The external investors have lost their confidence towards the local government and pulled themselves out of the country. The Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) even dropped below 1000 yesterday. At the same time, the international economic crisis hits whereby the Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy. Malaysia will automatically get the impact.

If the situation persists, we are going nowhere. In fact, we are doomed!

Wish that Anwar is the kinda man who values his words and stresses integrity. Make those who are skeptic about him drop their glasses. The nation can't afford to wait longer. Move fast and settle things down!

People are waiting good news from you. Don't be a cock talker as what some people call you now!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kiss mark

Yesterday, 6 something in the evening, there was fogging around the village compound. First thing first, it's about time to break fast for the muslims. I was thinking: What a timing for fogging!

Sarcastically enough, I woke up this morning to find out there were 2 love bites on my right arm. My skin isn't allergic to the blood sucker! So, rarely do I get a long lasting kiss mark. These 2, however can substantially last for over 24 hours. Bet that the mosquitoe(s) must have a bloated belly sucking my blood.

Wonder that FOGGING is to WIPE OUT the MOSQUITOES @ to actually THRIVE them. On top of that, I can see some mosquitoes flying around in the room now. Are they gonna kiss me tonight? Pls, I'm not that hot...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Six brains computer chip by Intel

Few days ago, my PCS lecturer, Mr. Mohammad Noor Rosli asked us about the Information Technology (IT) advancement. Someone suggested to him 3.5G network while I suggested the I-phone by Apple Corporation. He was like ("OOO...those things, they have already been there quite some time"). I was thinking is he for real, up-to-date ler! I used to perceive that people around his age (50 plus) are mostly IT illiterate. Well, He perhaps has proven to me that I am stereotyping. I am actually what the heck to make such judgment on UTP director!

I am certainly not satisfied by that. So, I've found something to counter back. This surely is cutting edge enough to blow his mind.

The six-core chip delivers 50 percent more performance than its quad-core predecessor while using 10 percent less electric power, according to Intel enterprise group vice president Tom Kilroy.

Electricity and cooling expenses can account for nearly half the cost of running company computer servers.

"It isn't just performance and energy efficiency but the use models," Kilroy said of the boon promised by increasingly powerful chips. "One of the major ones is virtualization."

Multi-core chips are boons to computing trends including high-definition video viewing online; businesses offering services applications on the Internet; and single servers running many "virtual" machines.

"There is a realization that we will be able to bring things to market that weren't feasible four years ago," MySpace vice president of technical operations Richard Buckingham said while discussing the new chip's potential.

Read full text on "Xeon 7400"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heroes Season 3

What if there's a minority of human being who have superpower?
Interesting the world gonna become right?

Issac Mendez possesses precognitive visions.
This is his painting of Manhattan being decimated in nuclear blast.

"Save the cheer leader, save the world"

Hero season 3 is set to air at the end of September.

Get yourselves tagged!
It's thus far the best US series I've ever watched.
Wondering where to get the source though.
Hopefully Dc++ is up-to date.

My favorite role is non other than Peter Petreli
who has the ability to absorb any power when come into contact with him.
He is also the key to save the world.

Anyone like Hiro Nakamura? hehe...

more pics

Friday, September 12, 2008

My ETP sucks, Really?

I am gonna unveil a little bit about my ETP. My project is Mini Auto Pumping Water Treatment Unit (WTU). Basically, it has 2 important parts: the filtering mechanism (water treatment) and a small water pump (suction). Let's just talk about water treatment part. Initially we thought to adopt Reverse Osmosis mechanism but it requires a membrane which is costly. Therefore, we came to a decision to use a very commercial product, LifeStraw Personal. It 's a very effective filtering straw for obtaining safe drinking water. It has saved millions of life in Africa and India where standard potable water is scarce. LifeStraw

LifeStraw (known as sucker as well). It is simple but it works.
Picture taken from its official website.

Procurement of LifeStraw was extremely horrible. It seriously was. It is not available in Malaysia. So, I had to communicate with a personnel from India via email. This consumed a lot of time. I eventually got 3 LifeStraw shipped from India at the end week 7. I need to make an acknowledgment for them. They are free of charge. Special thank to the Vestergaard Frandsen

The Lifestraw is in my hand.
Initially I thought we won't be able to get them, but we got them for free!

I was testing the sucker! I sucked pretty hard, didn't I?
Btw, the water I sucked is just drinkable!

So, all the while we thought we were doing the right thing for ETP as in meeting the course's requirements and expectations. We have 12 weeks and RM200 to complete a prototype. My supervisor told us to not think too big for it! Do something which is realizable.

Yesterday afternoon, we were consulting a professor from civil department, Prof. Dr Malay Chaudhuri about our results on water testing. Four tests were done: turbidity, pH, ecoli and bod. In fact, our results are OK (safe for drinking). BUT, he commented us that our project is NOT engineering relevance. Even some non-engineering people can do it. Despite my justification, he said that we should at least make something new. He suggested to us to make another lifeStraw using char coal or granular activated carbon. I was freaking shaken in the first place. It's end of week 8, a very critical period. I was freaking tension. My mind was haunted the whole afternoon. Worst of all, I had to write a paper at night later. I couldn't actually focus on my revision. At 5pm, we had a meeting with our sv. Well, actually he gave us the ideal of lifestraw. He asked us to proceed. Then only I relieved.

Yea, I do admit that our ETP is more like assembling the existing produts. But then think of it this way. Say we were to use Reverse Osmosis, which I think there are quite some groups doing it, the membrane is an commercial product also. The lifestraw is nothing but a device for water treatment in our system. In fact, it's way cheaper than membrane but compatibly effective. So, it very much makes sense in the perspective of engineering economic. In addition, we need to fix a compatible pump with suitable suction power. If you have no technical knowledge, how the HELL you're supposed to choose a right one! And FYI, our pump is a Taiwanese pump. We just got it this week. The procurement of materials really took us lots of time. So, our prototype fabrication will only start next week. Don't ever come to me again saying my project is out of ETP. Drill you lar! haha...

I spared my revision time to check our project and drilled the test a bit already.
Anyhow, I should be thankful to the Prof Malay for questioning our project. We will be more prepared for the presentation later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The 50th Grammy Musical Award

I have 2 assignments which are due tomorrow. Hence I plan to stay up late. While having my supper, I stole a little time with it, the 50th Grammy Musical Award. I was then damned stuck with it. What I love most is when the stage by Alicia Key. "No One" was extremely rocking in the show. She looked extremely elegant on piano, her voice is extremely powerful, the stage effect is extremely sophisticated. To top that up, John Mayer appeared with his guitar! Everything was so right to the sensation. Everyone in the performance was very energetic! It's totally an un-miss-ible one!

Gotta get back to work! Can't afford to lose another second...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anwar can make a change but he is not all that matter!

Few more days it'll be 916, a date which Anwar Ibrahim has set to topple the ruling coalition provided he succeeds in enticing 30 BN Members of Parliment (MPs) to jump over joining Pakatan Rakyat (PR). BN has been very corrupted. Almost everyone knows that and majority of the citizens lost their faith to them. Forget and forgive shall not be applicable to BN anymore.
Recent breaking news in regard to issue on "chinese squatter" by Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail has exacerbated the tension. Chinese squatter

Chronology of BN becomes SCREWED UP. Click here

Undoubtedly, Anwar is the most potential leader in making this revolutionary change. However, one thing we should always bear in mind.

Anwar is not all that matter. What crucial more for citizens is a government who is anti-corruption, upholds national constitution, treats everyone equally regardless of races and religions, enhances the national economic and emphasizes on human right, such as speak freely. .

An article from which I would like to extract some points to share:


國家主權是屬於人民的,政府機關只是屬於人民所委托的部份範圍。如果國陣依然故我和原地踏步,即使916變天計劃仍留在夢想階段,但民心思變的力量不是任何政治語言所能改變的。" Read more

Monday, September 8, 2008

Proton is NOT going to make a Loss

Another car talk by someone who barely have technical background on it.

Frankly speaking, among all the automotive makers, my preference is Japanese Honda. To be exact, I crave for Honda Civic and Honda Accord, regardless of year of production. Nonetheless, Honda series has made a huge progress year after year, not only the exterior design, but also the its performance. Apparently, Honda is very a promising one!

In recent years, the concerns for climate change and more efficient fuel economy surges everywhere around the world. The challenges that the automotive makers face are even much greater than ever! Transportation sector has been identified as the major root causing global warming. Thus, green technologies like bio fuel, fuel cell, electric car, solar car ...etc in vehicles become very vital for carbon footprint reduction.

In order to secure a competition in automotive market, the automotive manufacturers will have no choice but to opt for economical and green car. However, they are in dilemma. This is because they have to adopt highly sophisticated green technologies, which of course at the expense of extremely high cost, whilst they need to make something affordable so that they can get a bulk business. A trade off between these two must be reached.

Looking back in Malaysia, the dominant automotive maker, Proton which used to suffer losses in business has taken its initiative to move towards the international automotive arena. Proton is manufacturing electric cars in collaboration with Detriot Electric. If it turns out a success, PETRONAS's wealth will be shared by PROTON one day! haha...

Check out more:
Electric car by proton
Carbon Footprint

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Custom Top Gear

Had brunch in Kampar this afternoon. The lasak was very nice, not to say it is equally good as Penang lasak which by adding some heiko" - prawn paste, it become very tasty. The Kampar lasak, on the other hand tasted just right without any additive. We dropped by a confectionery shop for some mini egg tarts and kaya puff. They were very nice too!

Top Gear is an automotive review program.

As the title suggests, I actually would like to say about 2 cars which I spotted in Kampar. They appealed me lots. They are the newest Honda Accord and the newest Hyundai Sonata. Both of them were released early of 2008, but that's my first time seeing them with naked eye.

I thought it offers great sense of BMW 7 series. What do you think?

2008 Honda Accord has been ranked #1 among the Affordable Mid-size Cars.

Hyundai Sonata--stylish exterior, extremely cool

See what the experts say (specs and pricing):
2008 Hyundai Sonata
2008 Honda Accord
& more pic and specs

Saturday, September 6, 2008

An inefficient Saturday


12noon - 6pm: I was being hanged at the same page of note consisting of 6 lecture slides. Terrific progress! By mathematics, each slide took 1 hour. That's too fine. In fact, I was engaging with the web. I stuck at Friendster trying to upload some pictures but they exceed 2 MB, couldn't get it done. Then I was checking out the some matters regarding internship as mine is totally pending as of now. I was looking for oil field services companies, but ended up with zero output as in didn't even send any application.

6pm-8pm: Bed time. Then only started to work.

Initially I thought to watch a movie and complete at least one chapter of CPDC, but i defaulted every of them.

Two culprits are alledged to be held responsible for an non productive Saturday.

1. Weather.

The weather has been terribly nice since I woke up, which is 12 noon. I knew it well that I wouldn't have much things completed as I'm so into it (being seduced). If the university wanted us to be excellent, I would suggest to them to install a temperature regulator in each room, using a proportional, derivative, and integration (PID) controller since the U has its own LNG power generation plant, It's still economically feasible right! After all, this is PETRONAS university and PETRONAS is well known for it's wealth by each and every of the Malaysian.

For PID, click here.

2. Fast connection.

The Wi-Fi has gone crazy. The strengh signal was excellent. The window just popped out on-click (got kua zhiong a bit la). The chance for this to happen is like one in a million! By all means, I no matter what have to grab it by fully utilising it. Even now it's still superb. I'll be doomed if it persists long. haha...

It's so unfair for the connection right? When it performs badly (sluggish connection), people suffer due to it and they complain and even lodge a lawsuit to university's ceo. Okie fine, so now it performs excellently, it got sued nonetheless.

I: Gentleman, you just have to be working up to par! Overdo or otherwise will put you into trouble.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

When the luck comes

This is friday morning. I like friday in particular because I can slow down my pace of works and have more time to rest and do something I love to. I believe the same goes for most of the people. So, my mood was windy. However, I had gotta do some reading because I am gonna write the first paper, Engineering Economic for this semester though it's already week 7.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my Engineering Team Project (ETP) supervisor telling me that my stuff has arrived! It's such a great news. It's the first ever international deal I've ever accomplished. Well, I will come to this again in next post.

Just now, I went to my sv office to collect the stuff. My sv wasn't around yet. So, I had gotta wait for a while. There my luck came. A charming fresh chick came into the office looking for a lecturer. She actually had business in regard to Engineering Design Exhibition (EDX) as I noted she was holding the EDX letters. She was kind of blurred that she walked back and fro like having no idea of whatever. That's why I said she's fresh! As she is kind of lovely, elusive or rear species here, we have the responsibility to protect all of its kind. So, I just bumped into her if I could offer some favor. P/S: not that I have a crush. I explained to her that when it comes to meeting lecturer, she should inform and make prior arrangement! After that my sv came and that's it done with her. Arh...it's kind of pity that I didn't even know her name and not to mention about the contact.

Bumping into lenglui, it's totally not likely here, but I did. So, I considered myself very lucky for that. My mood is thus boosted up further. Like Chong Kian said, that day he bumped into his pretty and cute colleague, he was high for the whole day. Well, I guess so will I. Hahaha...

However, be chill first until the test is over!

Wonder has my karma been paid off?

Mean words

There are quite a number of technical terms that can actually be exploited to signify some general words. In fact, they are versatile.

1. Driller/ drilling/ Drilling engineer = screw

eg 1. When you would like to be mean to someone, you may say: drill you.
eg 2. When you perform badly in a test, you may say: I drill up the test.
eg 3. Someone who is a real fxxxker, to be nice, you may call him/her a driller/ drilling engineer

2. Black hole = suck/ sucker

eg 1. someone who sucks, you may call him/her a black hole
eg 2. What's a black hole!

3. pcs= professional "coke" sucking

p/s: Should you have more of its kind, do leave a comment. Think out of the box. Bet you all have lots one, share it.

They are harsh, but they are meant to be funny!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VCM production

Let's break some ice.

Fasting month started 2 days ago. As majority of people here are muslims, most cafeterias shut down for the brunch, and they extend their business hours until mid-mid night! I am kind of happy about it, cos I like to have supper mar!!...But then, I will have to starve in the daytime say nobody tapao or I'm too lazy to ask for tapao.

Another thing, the feichai's blog has already been upgraded to forum!
Come and join us! It's fun. Click here.
The president is doing interns in Intel, but he seems very free lol...makan gaji buta ke? haha...

Talking back about topic.

VCM stands for Vinyl Chloride Monomer. It's a monomer intermediate for producing polyvinyl chloride (PVC), essentially used for rigid plastic piping. VCM is one of the largest dollar-valued commodity chemicals in the State. The majors in this industry are Dow Chemical, PPG and Geon.

Why am I even concerned about it? You may say that it's a chemical what! Actually, I am forced to as it is my topic out of 3 for PPD assignment(Process Plant Design). By the way, the other two topics are nothing better than this, namely methanol production and toluene production.

Well, I would say it's very relevant to the course and it's in fact the right thing to do, but then it's going very detailed and it's definitely not the nice thing to do. Mr Khor, you are wise! You get us this time! I was expecting something like the past course Strength Of Material (SOM) which is way easier and senang than PPD. (P/s: Mr Khor is the lecturer for both.)

We, the whole 3rd year 1st sem che students have suffered so much over it. It's freaking time consuming because we have to do lots of literature review in this particular process as lots of process specifications are required. Besides that, we have gotta draw a very complicated process flow diagram review on the economic aspect of the production. Worst of all, it's individual work! Ngah Di...

There are altogether 3 memo (reports) to pass up. If I were to work continuously 48 hours, I probably could get it done straight away. (48 hours har!!) It just takes so much time lar. Wonder how many percentage it takes for the course.

So, how is VCM produced? Simply react ethylene with chlorine (Direct Chloorination) to get ethylene dichloride (EDC) which is later be thermally cracked or pyrolysis into VCM. It may sound simple but there are lots of details to take care, I swear!

Anyway, the first memo (report) is done. (P/s: 3 memo altogether!) The following 2 are coming up and they are kind of tougher. I am sure that we are going to have a "good time" again.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Traveller Palm Lodge

Do ya wonder what's it? It's the accommodation we lodged when we were in KL. There were 7 of us.

It's an economic hotel, located somewhere in Bukit Bintang, adjacent to Radius Hotel. Why do I bring this out? Of course there's story to tell about it.

First, let's talk about the hotel itself. As a matter of fact, it's not even considered as hotel because it's just a double storey terrace house, I repeat it once, it's just a house! It's kind of run-down. I was freaked out at the first impression of the house. I was thinking: OMG, are we even staying this house? Anyway, it's economic as it charges RM25 per person per night with breakfast provided. Facilities available are standard include mattress, shared living room (common room), hot and cold shower, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, newspaper, and air-conditioned at night only, on to that, it's pretty clean, so still stay-able! More importantly,it's location is fantastic. Everywhere is within walking distance. Time Square, Sungei Wang, Lowyat Plaza, Pavillion, Star Hill, we could just walk over. Well, they all are in the same place though. However, we could even walk to Pudu Raya and Pasar Tani. Basically we need no transport but our foot.

What's more legendary is the owner of this hotel, Suzi, a female wey! She is an extraordinary Malay at her early 40. At first, I couldn't tell her nationality as she speaks very fluent English. She badly groomed herself nor dressed nicely, although the surrounding of the house is clean, such a big contrast. I really can't tell how well is she doing until I had a rather brief conversion with her. So, she told me that she ever been to lots of places all around the world. May be that's why she speaks nice English. To her, the best city is Cape Town in Africa. However, she didn't want to tell why. She loves to socialize with people from different background and learn about their cultures and ways of living. She makes friends and listens to people by heart rather than hypocrisy. She gave me a piece of advice: "Don't judge a people by his/her look". I believe there must be some story behind this. She also told me that she doesn't hold tight to religion, especially when it comes to interacting with people. That's what makes her special from majority of Malaysian here. Besides that, she advised me also live every moment as though there is no future. It's almost impossible to re-have the same people at the same setting meeting up and having conversation. When the moment passes, that's it and no more U-turn.

What impressed me more is that she was even able to give a brief lecture about wine, champagne, liquor, vodka, so forth. She commented about the difference between polished and parlia drinkers. Those drink in the club, get them self drunk and high, guess what she said about them. She said that they are rich! haha...

She also talked about her business from setting up to managing her hotel. She actually renovated the house by herself 4 years ago when setting up. That's the barely recovered the monthly expenses. She had gone through lots of hardship to establish this business. She said that doing this business is her passion as she got to receive people from all around the world to come and stay and make friends with them. Fyi, quite some euro backpackers stay here. We even talked to a Portugal guy. She said that passion will last but hobbies can change over time. She advised us to dream big. Nothing is impossible, step by step you will get it sometimes while what important is the process of learning. Also, I was stunned to hear that this freaking house can actually cost RM 1.2 million. It is rundown, it not even big. The monthly rental is RM4 000. What I can rationalize is due to its the freaking location, costing even more than a bungalow! . Don't you all think housing and estate investment is too promising!

She has seriously overwritten my first impression towards her. Bear in mind: Don't judge a people by her look. Well, perhaps she made up part or the whole story, but if she is capable of coming out with such interesting story and advices, I would rip my skepticism.

What's a unbelievable woman! Her horizon is broad!

However, she is a heavy smoker! Sigh...

Arh...another piece of story. One of us, well should just say a stranger accidentally broke her little table which has sentimental value as it's given by her husband. Guess what, she was pretty upset and asked for RM200 deposit until it's back to its original condition. Her anger came when we finished talking. So, the plot changed drastically from high to down, but we are still come.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Countdown to Merdeka in Bukit Bintang

It's my second time to witness the mass scale of countdown to Merdeka in Bukit Bintang. My first time was 3 years back in 2005. That time I was one of the representative for UTP participating in marching parade in Dataran Putra Jaya. I still remembered that we were not granted to get out of the hotel on the Merdeka eve. Despite that, we sneaked out. The process of hide-and-seek was so interesting! haha..

Well, let's talk back about 30th August 2008. We had our dinner at Pasar Tani after getting our bus tickets. Walking back to Bukit Bintang, there's a very talented artist drawing human portrait. Quite many people stopped by to have a look, so did we.

We got to Bukit Bintang at 11pm. The place had already been heated up. Like last time, there were extremely lots of people. The road has officially been closed down by the police. There was a concert. Everything was like it used to be, kind of Dejavu, nothing was really fresh but then I like the noise and energy of the crowd. The crowd was essentially teenagers. Best part of them are so-called lala. They just had so much fun spraying the bubble at each other. Say you sprayed me, I avanged. At times when they saw pretty chicks, they sprayed and the chicks sprayed back.
These kinda things lar. They reminded me of my school time playing chase-and-run. It's indeed fun! I actually wanted to join them but I was just out of the league. Anyway, me and Zhan Peng had fun too watching them.

On the other hand, the concert was ongoing until it stroke 12am, the firework finally lit to dark sky. It's like any other firework show, however part of the view was blocked by the sky scrapers. I had my nicest firework show back in my hometown when Siti Norhaliza came to Pangkor for new year countdown in 2004. After the firework, me and Zhan Peng walked off to meet up with the rest. To my huge surprise, the stage was given up for Eevon許慧欣, taiwanese pop female singer. I quickly rushed all the way to see her. We managed to come so close to the stage. Whao...She is incredibly fair and beautiful in her brown dress. Her feature is sharp. The emcees were playing with her on the ballet dance at which she is pro. She sang 3 songs. Afterward, even whao, it's潘瑋柏, taiwanes male pop + rap singer. He is damned smart and yen in his striking red shirt dancing along while singing. The female audience was so crazy about him. What the heck lar. Every little move came with loud screams! Done with singing, he was escorted back to hotel which is just behind the stage. We followed him up. Guess what...there were people who actually going after him despite of the securities. It's just like what reported in news, everything I gotta experience by myself, very interesting!

The countdown concert by Sungei Wang Plaza. It's free but it's fabulous

Check out: http://ent.sinchew-i.com/node/7907

This is the angle I am talking about. She steals all the guys.
Shit...I didn't have a camera with me. Dody, where the hell are you!!!

This the guy who steals all the girls...

Then, me and ZP searched around for Poppi, but couldn't find it. So we dropped by Star Bucks Cafe yamcha while enjoying the night scene of Bukit Bintang. The traffic was still busy at 2am, holly shit!

Day 2 in KL on Independence Eve

It was 30th August, which was also the Independence Day eve. I was awaken by an ear-deafening and terrifying noise, the jet fighters. Bet that they were having full rehearsal for the Merdeka Celebration.

12 noon, we walked from hotel to Pavilion mall. I've heard of it since long ago but it was my first time being there. When I first stepped in, I was very much astonished by the architecture, the layout and more remarkably, the interior design of the brandy shops. The shopping mall is spacious. If I were to base in KL, I would fond of spending my leisure time rooming here. haha...so soon falling in love with the mall, love at first sight, wasn't it? Another thing which everyone knows, it's a paradise of fashion, lots of international brands that I could barely recognize are nowhere but here.

Arh...this is interesting! Toilet usually tells how well a building is. Like UTP, I would say the toilets are very good, just as good as the building. While for Pavilion, the toilets are nothing different from the Body Shop (Perfume Retailer) because it smells very good, seriously. Stay longer inside the toilets, you will smell better, need no perfume or deodorant any more, trust me!

At the stair case near the entrance

Guess? Expensive Brand wey!


Super brand Prada

Firstly, we had to hunt for food. Roomed around the food area. The food court was marvelous (talking about the layout of outlets, dining place, furniture and the atmosphere, but then not sure if the food is tasty). However, majority of us wanted to go Pancake House outlet.

Beef stick. The roll is very nice.

Shea Teng's one. Not sure good or bad.

Pasta with fried chicken

Wafer with vanilla. Recommended one. But remember to find 2 @3 ppl to share. It's huge.

Pencake House's ABC. Erm...not recommended I think.

After getting our stomach stuffed, we did some window shopping. The sale was on in conjunction with the Merdeka. What's more tempting to us, the sign "Price further mark down". I nevertheless was on tight budget as I am soon to buy a hand phone. We dropped by cinema and bought tickets for . The movie was at 5pm but it's just 3pm. So, I grabbed the chance to visit Star Hill plaza, a even more high class place.

A Mercedes SLR Mclaren spotted in front of Star Hill Plaza.
Very sporty!

The vocalist for Star Hill Merdeka Stage performance.
She is damned gorgeous. Thought of buying her a bouquet of flower. Influenced by Dody lol...

The bar lounge in front of where the pink lady sings.

Extension from Star Hill to JW Marriot. Fantasies corridor I ever used.

Even nicer than Pavilion! Very peaceful. Everywhere can see security.

Eye catching and eye opening snaps:

The Fantastic Four brought you by Pavilion Plaza.

Somewhere at Bukit Bintang. By giving RM1, he will air you a kiss.
After that he will come to a complete static until the next RM1. He even barely take a breath.

Cool car. But I don't think it's Audi as suggested by the 4X0

Closer look. Wonder it is for display or for racing? lots of people stop by to see it.