Friday, May 31, 2013

One of the interesting days

I guess I've taken way too long a break penning down things, haven't I.

Today was remarkably interesting that I've decided to have a record of it here. So I'm back.

In fact, I've had a pretty hectic week. I was attending a one week course, well control, at Park Royal Hotel, Bukit Bintang. On the first day, the instructor, Wayne, wanted every one of us to make a brief self introduction to collect some background information of his students. Of the combined 200 over years of industry experience in the class, I barely contributed 5%. Besides that, I was the only first timer there in the class, while the rest were just needed a re-certification. What it means is that I've got a huge gap to close in.Anyway, I was ready to cook through.

Time lapsed fast. I did my practical test on Thursday on the choke trying to circulate out influx and kill the well while maintaining pressures kind of stuff. So I had two papers to write this morning, one on equipment while the other on on principles and procedures.

Fair enough, here goes how the heck everything that could possibly go awry taking place this morning. I pushed off the LRT station heading the Bukit Bintang. Half way through, I realized that I'd forgotten to bring my calculator, which I needed for the exam. I had to rush back to room.Apparently I didn't have that much of time to waste. It so happened that one of the two lifts in my condo was out of service. I waited impatiently for the lift which stopped at almost every floor. I finally got to my room and rushed back to the lift hoping that it hadn't gone down yet, It just went one floor beyond. Heck that! I thought that I wouldn't want to wait for the lift to make a round trip, I took the stairway from Level 16 all the way down to L2. I thought it would be quicker to ride a cab than taking LRT and then switch over to cab. I headed over to the taxi stand, heck that there's none. Just now there're plenty of cabs. I waited for a while, then the driver told me that he was not going to Bt Bintang, then came the second driver who didn't wanna go as well. I asked whether it's gotta be lots of traffic there, the answer is affirmative.

So I waited no longer but to run to LRT looking like a loser. It's like 30 mins before my exam kick off. I boarded the LRT sweating like hell. Finally got to Ampang Park and immediately hopped on a cab and carry on. Heck that the traffic lights were always in RED. Eventually I got to the exam room JUST in time. Everyone else was looking shocked at me as I used to be the early bird.

So basically I got shit after shit, things got back thereafter. I passed the test. Went to claim a Glenlivet 12 year from Hard Rock. Fix my condo access card. Called my cab for tomorrow early ride to airport. Packed my luggage for the hike, so on so forth.Plenty of things got done.

I hope that I'll have a terrific hike tomorrow. TBC.....