Monday, November 28, 2011


No, I haven't watched the movie yet, though it has been hyped tremendously and it's already holding several records. Basically a movie with huge success.

I got the book for someone significant, which she said that the movie is touchy.

And I downloaded the e-book, started reading it since yesterday night and just done reading it. Can't believe that I finish a novel in less than 24 hours. This is the first novel which I read from first page to final page, and page to page. Usually I don't finish the novel I read.

Basically the author narrates his adolescence. A bum student who at first does nothing but causing mess and disturbance, totally transforms himself after being "assigned" to a good and pretty girl who is supposed to keep an eye on him. He changes and catches up a lot in his studies. He starts a romance with another girl who is excellent in academics until before secondary school. After that he falls in love with the girl whom he used to be "assigned" to and started his relentless but uninformed pursuit. There are many scenes of sweetness during the courtship. I admire his persistence towards love for someone he really likes.

There are pictures which I can bring very close to my heart. I wasn't really interested in books until standard 5. I was very playful and always rooming below the average region. In order to look good to the people I liked, I started working hard and caught up a lot. To date, I'm doing relatively well among my clan of those days, which I can proudly say.

It's a good read. There are many tips to pick up too. And yea, ADOLESCENCE is perhaps the greatest moment in live I think.

Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011

A date to celebrate, isn't it? To many people (including myself) it is a strong affirmative.

So how would you look at it. A repetition of Elevens, or a repetition of Ones? I'd prefer the latter. One, as in the origin, or the point of time when it all kicks off or "原点" in mandarin. It's kind of like a reminder for me to go back to some points of time in the past when I have had well-defined visions or dreams. Unfortunately, time erodes almost everything. We got lost, we sway and we go out of focus when we are faced with multitude of shits.

So, nevermind that the reality bites, nevermind that things don't usually go in our favour, or however big the challenges are, be sure that you're responsible to preserve a strong, relentless, and persistent will to follow through whatever your heart genuinely believe in from the very beginning.

Yea, I am a believer of the future and I've got lotsa things to look forward to. So the 111111 is again something to tell me that I need to move forward and look ahead.

A bookmark I made it my own, it's a dedication for U & me.

And yea, it's a pretty special occasion too, so much so that I've got five injections of vaccines for my forthcoming trip to Papua New Guinea. I seldom face needles, and today I faced 5 of them all one shot. Great!

What to expect from the adventure in PNG?? Honestly I'm quite freaked out but at the same time I can't wait to find out, that's me, GATAL!