Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thoughts of Last Year

Last year was a great one for me. In the course of time, I have had lost plenty of my virginities.

I was down in Papua New Guinea. That's my first time flying chopper, my first time at a drilling site deep in the forest, also my first time doing night shift continuously for 5 weeks.

I finally climbed the Kinabalu Mount. Being a replacement to someone who couldn't make it, I was absolutely unprepared. The climb was tough. It poured on us. We were drenched wet and the temperature was like about 5- 10 deg C. I'm glad I made it. Ticked off one of the items on my to-do list.

Went for Avenged Sevenfold concert at Sunway Surf Beach.

Went for a visit to Shan Tou, China too, taking along my old parents and sister. We arrived in a farmers village. The scenes of the houses, the farms, the neighborhoods are all interesting to me. We traveled to Macao as well, (the Vegas in Asia).

Traveled to Houston, USA for a training and also went for a visit in New York City. Couple of funny encounters. We went to a Chinese restaurant. We checked the bill. There's few coins balance. I told the waitress: Keep the change. She replied, it's too little, no way. Then I topped up few bucks. I got a backpacker room near the China Town, cheap yet very close to the city. It shocked me quite a bit to see how small the room was, just a single bed and and a spot to put my baggage, no fan, and shared bathroom for twenty over occupants i think. I thought it's funny. I will pay a bit more next time if I'm going back. Hahaha. But yea, I was all too tired hoping from one place to another around the NYC. I slept well though. Anyway, NYC has such an amazing skyline. I photographed a lot.

Did a RCD job offshore Sabah in a water depth in excess of 1,000m. We were drilling from a SPAR with and tender barge, West Menang.

Also, did a MPD job offshore Sarawak, Onboard of Ensco 106. My first experience doing basket transfer. Lots of things that I have picked up. Also, spent my Christmas there.

Spent approximately a month in Bangkok, coordinating a job for Chevron. It's like working-traveling experience. Absolutely fallen in love with Bangkok.

It's been a year filled plenty of businesses, quite an awesome deals for me. Hopefully the momentum will maintain.