Friday, December 2, 2011

Outdid the year 2011

Year 2011 has been awesome so far. There're lots of things which I am happy and grateful for.

Got hired early of the year, starting out my journey as a working adult. Engaged with closed loop drilling technology, something which I used to have very little exposure of, but yea, I find the work rewarding as it's something interesting and I believe it has a promising future too. Besides, the job has already taken me to many different places. From Kerteh, Labuan, to Singapore, Batam (Indonesia), Songkhla (Thailand), Aberdeen & Edinburgh (Scotland), there are many beautiful things to see and experience one place to another.

Did couple of outdoors, such as Skytrex, Paintball, cycling & trekking in Pulau Ubin, Singapore. I guess these are the things which add spices to my life. Hope that there are more different kind of adventures to execute in future.

Had my house renovated. Had done a food trip in the town of Malacca. Had found a significant one and still trying. Had learned about own self better. Had met up lots of people and made lots of friends from different ages and levels. Had improved my social network. Had missed the family trip to Hainan (with regret). Had laid a good groundwork at work for years ahead, hopefully. Had earned a bit of money. Had learned more about independence and to remain positive in light of adversity. Had settled my bond with Petronas who'd sponsored for tertiary education.

This year I see myself taking on a pretty steep learning curve, it's however that I find it interesting and fulfilling. I believe the momentum is still poised to pick up more in 2012.

Looking ahead to a passionate and optimistic 2012. Waste no time, live life out.