Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's talk about the mission

We (the final sem ppl) probably find ourselves taken @ swept away @ haunted by the final year projects.

But pls be reminded that we're on an enormous mission. A mission to infuse the Final SEM student syndrom (FSSS) -- upgraded from Final Year Student Syndrom (FYSS).

So, basically we're gonna have to concert all our energy in expanding the Fei Chai's list. Well, when we bid our goodbye, at least we got something black and while stating how happenning it had been back then.

We need creativity. we need bombastic ideas. we need more outstanding jokes. we need more cool actions, more valueble craps, more wonderful wonders

We gonna spread laughters, happiness, cheers, we're gonna propagate them all.we're gonna make something out of nothing.we're gonna champion the infertile jungle.

Isn't this a great mission which we all should take part in? Anything (at all) that sounds COOL, report to the publisher (xiyi)!

We'll triump! We'll triump! We'll triump!

Let's be the southparkers, shall we?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold's drummer dies

This comes to me pretty shocking. Jimmy Sullivan aka The Rev has passed away. He was part of my favorite band, Avenged Sevenfold as drummer and backing vocalist. I'm not so much into metal rock, but I love listening to theirs. Hope they will stay rock even with the departure of Jimmy.

The Rev will be missed

Soul rest in peace.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The curry essense

It seriously is no need to go fancy restaurant for a superb nice food. They might let you down at times and cause you pain in the ass. There's a humble shop in Pusing making real good curry.
Curry wild boar @ RM 4. The curry is concentrated and freaking delicious.

Curry "BIG" prawns @ Rm5. Four of them served. Really generous portion. Taste really good as well.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dealing with the lab people

Got back here for more than a week already. Thinking to get my laboratory work started. Unfortunately, am still haven't got all the apparatus and reagents ready yet. Had gone the extra miles to get things. Problem is that here got bunch of kanasai staffs who ain't helping at all. When making requests for items, was either turned down or turned away. It could be that going through a big circle, back to the person who first said "NO" to you gave the thing asked for. Totally frustrated and pissed. That's what I encountered in Chemi labs in general. Very shitty working attitude. Laze around, insincere, indifferent and procratinating. With they all, the university is by all means making no way to becoming a research center.

Literally went through big rounds. The dudes in Mechi labs were a bit acceptable. At least showed the interest to help. The ladies in civil lab were nice and helpful, giving tips and advices and all. Really appreaciate that. PE's dude is rather fine as well.

Biggest shit is that the chemi's fella is the coordinator. Dammit!

Indeed holy crap stuff!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A loser kopitiam in Jusco Ipoh

It's been some delay and to make up some time, we chose to dine-in inside Jusco. We were stuck at the juncion near to McD and the kopitiam, in hesitation of which one to choose. It's around 8 (dinner time) but it's pretty empty at the kopitiam (if not mistaken, there's just one and the only one table of customers). McD is the opposite, lots of customers. (Who doesn't fancy McD)

Not sensing anything can possible go wrong, we gave a shot at the Kopitiam. Partially it's because I sniffed the good smell of curry.

The staffs outnumber the customers but the service way terrible. I asked the waiter to recommend the signature items. Guess what he replied me? The expansive ones are the nice ones. And he went on mentioning all the dishes on the menu. For he's a foreign worker who speaks little inggeris, so nwm lar. Getting no tip (at all) from him, we tembak our order. Our beverages got served pretty soon but definitely not our food. People who arrived later than us done eating, paid the bill and left. Our food hadn't come. A local girl came by explaining and apologising about the delay. Apparently our order had been left out. Soon later, our food got served. The food was just fine.

Then we asked for bill. A local guy came. Ong was kind of like playing playing with him. He asked whether or not can give discount for the delay. Guess what the fellow replied. "Already gave you a lot of curry soup WHAT!". He looked serious, and he spoke serious. It was like he was even more annoyed and fussed than we were over the mistake they had made. I paused a second and burst out laughing. WT HECK. Like it's OUR BAD?!!

We should have known there's must be a reason why they're getting little customers.

So, I hope the kopitiam owner know what's happenning around his shop before it's getting too late.

Visit to a fish farm

The other day, I tagged along a friend to visit a fish farm situated some hundreds of meters offshore of Pangkor. There, the offspring of commercial fishes are raised. According to the owner, it takes like a year plus to “upsize” the fishes which are then marketed abroad, especially Hong Kong. The farm was set up two years ago and is undergoing expansion. apparently, the return on investment should be pretty encouraging. Also, he said that close to 1 tonne (1000kg) of small fishes are used to feed the thousands of carnivores daily.

Among the variety species, my favorite one “Long-Dang” simply because it’s the most costly one, sellable at some RM40-RM70/kg depending on season. A big “Long-Dang” can weigh up to 4-8kg which can cost up to couples of hundreds. Say all the offspring are successfully raised, the business is really a good money making machine. But of course, there’s sizeable risk growing the fish newborns. Experience and expertise are key to its success.

Was a pretty awesome experience. Here go some snapshots.

Overview of the farm. Each of the pool can “house” up to hundreds of fishes. Indeed a money generator.

Feeding the carnivores.
*Imagine you accidentally fall into any of the pool, gone U.
It’s like Amazon River. Wakaka...

Calculating the “survivors” to monitor the health of fishes.

Diver to go underwater checking out if there’s any hole on the net letting the “money” freed. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t opaque enough and he needed an oxygen tank. So, mission unaccomplished. “Such a loser”!

Look, how many dogs there are! Initially I was freaked out at the sight.
(gandpa, grandma, father, mother, sons daughthers, grandson...)
Well, a biological measure to safeguard the farm from theft.

All the dogs swim. No kidding. Master of doggie. Of course doggie style lar.
They jump into the sea fear nothing. Really!

The pageant queen. Despite the fact that I dislike dog, it’s an exception.
It’s so fat, so cute, & so nice to touch.

Almost wanted to make it mine!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hair rebonding - historically existed?

Hair rebonding has already been a part of fashion back then, I mean even back as far as ancient chinese civilisation.

Really? Go and check out this movie.

One of the interesting characters, 刘郁白, starred by 黎明 (Leon Lai). Look, how frizzy his hair is, no?
But towards the end of film, he got changed, most notably his corrupted ha ir into smooth silky hair. Don't tell me this is due to Sunsilk, Pantene or Himalaya thingy. No way.

Speaking of which, isn't this image of the fictitious movie Chinese Hero (华英雄), but an unknown fella sitting beside kept saying this is 聶風 from The Storm Warrior (風雲). Indeed a stubborn dude!

So go and double check with the Mr director regarding the existence of hair rebonding technique back then.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New in 2010

Burj Khalifa

Literally surpasses the defending champion, Taipei 101 by more than 300m, translated into nearly 60 floors.

Google Nexus One

The very first google phone. Allegedly a better smart phone than Iphone 3Gs.

Review on TechCrunch
On the other hand, the government got us some things new too:
Feel free to add more to my list...Tx!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From shock to surprises

So I had given up all the goods back in my home and hometown (the people, the food, the sea-side, the ease and carefree-ness, and most importantly the comfort), rather unwillingly I got back UTP, for sake of FYP lor...whatelse it can be right! It certainly doesn't feel good. So to the utp-ians, stay back as long as you can afford.

Series of things were awaiting me to find out.

This is my broken fan. I had it put right on my desk before I locked the door and went for break a month ago or so. However, it had been moved outside. I was like "Oh shit", something or all gonna be gone. Getting bit of nervous already. Hastily, I opened the door.


The room was properly done and in a good order. Instead of a break-in, it should be a housekeeping or something.

Yet, that's not the point. To investigate further, the locks were still intact. Hoo...chill x2.
Well, i did actually had quite some things kept inside. (documents, books, speakers, printer, shoes, ...). In fact, everything else gone missing (including those in the drawers) while the wardrobe left untouched. Thanks god that my double locks work.
Thanks god that the way I locked the locks work. hehe...hebat!

In half an hour time, it's in chaos already. Messy person har me...
Happy new year...