Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking back and ahead

It's the last page on the 2010 calendar! I think it already makes no point to try to describe how fast time flies.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. So this is time to do this.

This year has been quite bumpy, but ain't it always about "swim or sank". Yes, I have survived storm after storm, and thus I'd say I'm tougher than ever (well physically may be rounder). I am expecting awesomenesses in the new year which has already proven to be a more challenging time. Nevermind, just remain hopeful, things will come the ways we want it, i mean EVENTUALLY!

I have had some milestones this year. With all kinda greatness, both the goods and bads, I have come out of the university and assume a title of "fresh graduate". Shit happened and I was out of job for quite a long time. I had gone through a couple of interviews before I successfully landed myself on a job. I'd say getting a job is no easy, let alone a desirable job. Being a little bit choosy should make things worse. Anyway, the good part is the I'd gain some experience.

On the other side of the coin, the protracted unemployment has allowed me to spend more time with my family. Since I got into university, I have been away from home most of the time. This time around, I was with my family for many festivals like duan wu jie, qing ming jie, zhong qiu jie, dong zi, and christmas. Well, it's nothing but meaningful. I have been swimming a lot too, that makes me a better swimmer, hopefully. Along with my job search, I have done quite some traveling, from Singapore to Johor and KL.

So, my 2010 is somewhat like a pendulum that has been swinging downward. This point in time, it almost hits the bottom, and looking forward, it will swing upward. The future is never predictable but I do have some optimism and enthusiasm. Pray for a better tomorrow!

BYE 2010 & HELLO 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My first french dude

I was introduced by a friend to a French dude, Patrick by the name, whom he "met" via couchsurfing website. Couchsurfing is almost like facebook except that it serves the backpackers community. It is indeed a great offering for those who wish to experience the distinctive way of live of the local people and their cultures and norms , let alone to cut cost.

The three of us hosted Patrick. It's a 4D 3N trip. We provided him a place to stay and showed him around the places. He is a French but he speaks very fluent english, to which I presumed the otherwise at first and that I would have some problems communicating with him. He is at his early of 50s and in a very good physical shape. He is an archeologist, rare enough? He could even tell that there's a mistake with regard to the date the Dutch Fort being listed as Heritage of something. Well, he may be wight. We brought him to the newly open Galery of Pangkor. He seemed to have great deal of interest on the ceramics and writings on which many of us have almost zero interest. Really interesting it is.

Despite the huge difference in age, generation gap wasn't even an issue for us. It had been very nice, informative and enjoyable to chat with him. We had some real good chats by the cliff, on the rock facing the sea at night, over meals, during swimming, at home and etc. Exchange of ideas is really the thing which I have vast interest in and this time, it was with a Caucasian. Our topics were so broad, from the stories about his 30D India trip, couchsurfing experience, the European's stuffs, the field of archeology to whatever stories of ours. I went with him to a spot at where the sunset is best beheld and I learned a good lesson about it. While many of other tourists were impatient to leave the spot, the two of us were taking our time there seeing how amazingly the sunset changed every other seconds. I wasn't awared about this last time.

Arhhh... there is a laughing stock. The two of my friends had a funny conflict/disagreement on who is greater, the beatles, celine dion or air supply. Well, the three are of something like apple, orange and pineapple and are all awesome at their respective time I would say. Another thing is that having a karaoke isn't such a good idea for him (perhaps the Causasians in general). It's thought as noise especially when you have either a terrible voice or terrible song choice or both. But yea, it's pretty entertaining and it actually made our day in a way. Conflict arised too between him and Sin over the use of facebook and couchsurfing. It is however, in essense, the differences didn't bother us much.

So we have become friend and yea we were invited to pay him a visit at Reims. Hope my financials will improve a lot to allow me to do that as soon as possible.

A little souvenir =)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is it!

the sky is kind of blue today,
the weather is just pleasant,
thanks to the downpour last night,
refreshing breeze felt in the face
the leaves of the durian trees flip over blown by the wind

it is almost like as if thousands of glorified-yellow hues greeting me good morning,
the songs played sound nicer than all other time,
I feel light, easier to move around and move along,
the intepretations of a handsome mood are amazingly fantastic,
I should be staying this way...yes i should,
let's blossom on positive energy everyday.
yup, I'm delighted at the moment.

Courtesy SNSD-Jessica's new solo: Sweet Delight

finally I know it's near the bottom after months of fucked-up unemployment,

c'mon i ain't that bad,

hell is that many things are just beyond control,

and fuck it,
i'm gonna be back to active mode leading a more meaningful live soon,
it sounds like a reborn,
well it is,
have faith and stay strong and lucky ...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Of recent changes in Pangkor from an insider's view

"Nothing ever built to last" - How true it is. Changes is necessary for sake the of growth and sustainability. For example, if human being don't grow old, fall sick and die, the human population will precipitously explode, and thus become not sustainable, in terms of food supply, job employment, lands for shelters, transportation and so on.

My hometown, Pulau Pangkor is of no escape from changes too. Here goes my anthropological study about this wonderful island.

Changes was once gradual, not until Dato' Seri Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir was made the menteri besar of Perak in 2009. Under his leadership, it is without reasonable doubt that a lot of money has since been injected to upgrade the aging infrastructure and facilities on the island, including a modern incinerator, fire station, police station, jetties, road, the street lights and so on. While the Pangkor people are happy to see all these changes, the health care and hospital facility, which are what we truly need, are literally left unattended to. (Well, perhaps just so little has been done about them.) In the event of emergency, there is always much delay to send the sicks/woundeds across the sea to the better hospital(s) in mainland. Such delays have claimed lives on many occasions. This is a major problem which the authority should look into as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary loss of lives. Despite a rather small population, we definitely need a few experienced paramedics to provide on-the-spot treatment to stabilise patients. Besides, we also need a fast and efficient means to send the patients across to mainland. Both of these can really make a difference between life and death.

Demographically, there is an evident outflow of young people seeking opportunities outside, in pursuit of eduction and career. Such trend is especially profound among the Chinese community in their twenties. Immigrants like Thai, Indonesian, Myanmar have been imported for the jobs in fishing boats as well as construction sites. Interestingly, there is also quite a number of men who have gotten themselves the Vietnamese wives. I believe the size of population has been going down but the diversity of community is growing. I hope the social security and peace will always be maintained and intact.

On the economy aspect, fishery has long been the primary economic thrust. Tourism is increasingly gaining ground as Pangkor has long established its name for both local and international tourists. However, the fact that it is very seasonal, as crowds are only seen on festivals and public holidays, has capped its potential to becoming a bigger contributor to local economy mix. I hope the authority will have more dustbins placed along the beaches and arrange regular clean-up, as the beachside (especially near the Pasir Bogak) are always heavily littered as a result of mass tourism. Ask yourself, if the people cannot find any dustbin in the vicinity, how do you expect them to "manage" the rubbish? On the other hand, some businesses, especially food stalls/outlets, have vanished, either because of the operators passed away/became unfit/retired or due to low market activity. There is no many new businesses. I am actually quite worried that it may become an old folks island ten years down the road.

The cost of living has been affordably high (due to transport fee as it's isolated from the mainland) and it is on the rise gradually in light of nationwide inflation. I don't see much reform regarding the education system. There is a couple of excellent SPM students every year and some occurrences of disciplinary problems. Something different from the old days is that there is more and more people going for tertiary education. The use of Internet has also been widespread among the young people in recent years. I hope the "Window" can leverage them to world of knowledge keeping them on track with the ever changing world. Facebook is definitely one of the emerging trend here too. Moreover, the island is considerably safe as there is almost negligible criminal cases thus far, except for several cases of snatch thefts. Road accident rate is pretty low too.

As to the environmental aspect, deforestation has been observed taking place actively. Trees are being cut down to make way for development. This has raised quite a considerable concern. It is feared that if such action go uncontrolled, it can potentially pose some threats to the community, such as flash flood, landslide, warmer weather, destroy of scenic view of nature and so on. This activity has to be monitored and afforestation should be carried out simultaneously too. Furthermore, it has also been observed that the beachside are being gradually eroded by rough sea condition as well as rising sea water level. This is a slow process but its impacts will become pronounced from one decade to another. Hence, beach preservation and restoration efforts are important.

Changes are intended for betterment. Pangkor is inarguably very much liveable to the locals, as well as being a terrific touristic spot for a weekend getaway. Its slow pace of life, relatively complete infrastructure, smooth traffic, scenic seaview, fresh air and clean environment, island-kind-of weather and so on are among the good mix for such an amazing place. I hope the authority will always check their works and really go near the community to seek their opinions regarding the development/changes/upgrade that are most relevant to them, embracing all-inclusive policy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The people sitting next table at kopitiam

It really doesn't make you look any good when you are busy condemning somebody or something. Worse still if the topics are sensitive to the people at the surrounding.

I was at the kopitiam with a friend, trying to get chilled from the heatwave. Soon, a group of people of religion X came and sat just beside us. They were easily identified because this is such a small community in my hometown. We carried on with our conversation, so did they. Probably they were of such a big group that they were chatting audibly loud. It's not difficult to guess that they were having some sort of sharing session. (You most probably have guessed what X is)

At first, we weren't get bothered much, not until we heard a familiar name, Stanley. We actually paused our conversation to catch on what's with him from their chat. Well, simply because Stanley is such an unpopularly interesting person the way he is (unconventional, weird). The key point is what he has in common with the rest of them, place of worship. Coincidentally enough that Stanley is a friend of ours. They were bashing him terribly and laughing out loud. Another guy who is closely associated with Stanley was being "victimised" too. Apparently there are lots of prejudice/bias on them both. It certainly didn't reflect to me any good about them because I stereotype that they are like a "family" who have due respect for each other in absence of discriminate for any member.

They were such a big crap that they went on condemning the culture of others, the practices of their own families, and some sensitive issues regarding ethnicity. Me and my friend had to abandon our topics to follow their chat which annoyed us a lot. I bet they didn't have a clue what they were doing. First, their topics are senstive, then their chat were audible like as if they weren't only chatting to themselves, and for god's sake it's a public area.

Well, I won't classified them as a representation to the others of the same religion. In my campus, I have seen the so-called "family" too. Their bonding is solid and they treat and support each other well. (as much as I'd observed)

Yea, as to the grudging bunch, I truly feel sorry for them if they continue doing so. (Wrong place, wrong time, wrong subjects).

While it's fun to condemn something, it requires some skills. And yea, I believe that it doesn't make you look any good busy condemning.

Laugh once at others, laugh twice at yourself.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Accidental volunteering for a good cause

I had to travel all the way down Singapore on a mission.

Can u believe that me canvassing for a blood donation drive at the entrance of a sg mall?!!

It was all by coincidence. At first, I had an interview to attend. Then I had to prolong my stay due to some issues. Over the weekend, I basically got all the time to room around the city. I met up a dude, wen kiat who has voluntered himself for a blood donation drive organised by his company. Since I need him to show me the *inside of singpoare*, I simply tagged along the charitable work. Well, my previous visit has covered some touristic places, so this trip I would wish to see the speciality of the Lion City.

Giving out tissues and balloons, sending out the awareness about the ongoing blood donation drive is definately one of its kind experience. I believe we had done great job. We did get quite some rejections but so what, we hit the target!! I certainly felt good about that. But yea, a wide range of personalities encountered, from lansi, kiat su kiat si, buat bodoh to kind, generous, friendly, polite and so.

He certainly had introduced me quite some interesting stuffs. I was brought to visit NTU and SMU, the Main Public Library (hotel-like), cyber cafe for left 4 death game, clubbing hub @ kranji, Sands, the commercial hub, harbourfront and so on. Indeed, they make my visit more meaningful (insightful). Thanks macha...

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's time to *gulung tikar* the soccer

I have long (years) been absent from field. I remember back then, during my secondary school, I really couldn't do without football. Certain seasons like during the FIFA @ UEFA frenzy, we played it almost everyday without fail. Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I was fast, I got everlasting stamina and I was skillful. The mix allowed me to play for school with another friend. I was the main dynamo steering the direction of games.

This afternoon, I spotted a group of juniors playing football at the field. I invited another friend, Sin Sin to play with them and we did. Yea, we were just slightly better than *kaki bangku*. Decreased speed, slow response time, poor stamina, stiff physical and bad ball control. Unlikely, some of the juniors are really good. Initially I thought to do some show-offs, end up being trashed by the juniors team. Well of course they have the advantage because they play it constantly. Moreover, when it comes to sport, age is always a major factor.

Erm...i think I better *bungkus* @ *gulung tikar* and seek adventure inside the computer game. Even the greatest players like Maradona and Ronaldo have to quit their football career, the nature is really taking its course.

Whatever it is, football remains one of my favorite sports and it will always hold true.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Got pisssed twice today

This afternoon, I walked out of my house heading off to post office for paying my broadband bill, only to find out an apei was *taking without permission* the veggies that my father plants. Apparently I got pissed right away. I approached him to sort of *check him out*. It's my intention to cause him some embarrassment.

Me: Hey, what're doing?
Him: I want to take some veggies. Ah Eng plants this right? This veggies very nice ler, good for health...blar blar blar. (keep taking the veggies)
Me: Who Ah Eng?? It's my dad who plants this. Walao, how much you want to take?? (Raised tone + dulan face)
Him: Two three more. (then he cabut on his bicycle)
Me: (If he comes again, I am really gonna shoot him gao gao, not more bagi muka.)

Then I went to post office. A fucked up fellow tried to cut my queue. I didn't realise at first because he went straight to the lady in front of me and chit-chat a lil. Suddenly, the lady said to the fella u tak payah beratur meh?? I got pissed right away and immediately put on my dulan face. I guess he felt something wrong and then went queueing up. C'mon on lar fella, just queue up for the sake of orderness.

I am particularly irritated when someone cuts queue, especially my queue, well emergency case is exceptional. I remember there was once when I was paying for my goods at university's kopetro, a junior cut my queue and the cashier was so moroon to accept his money too. He really acted like as if it was alright for his deed. That's in the midst of examination. Everyone got tensioned up. I almost went exploded and spelled out *Can you get the fxxx out of here, go queue dude!!!*. Somemore his face is really a fucked face.

I don't know. May be I'm kind of fucked up these days due to the prolonged unemployment. Keep reminding myself that *patience is virtue*. Perhaps it's time to sip vodka or something!! hahaha...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Singapore-JB trip

Recently I went south to visit Singapore and dropped by JB to catch up with friends. My last visit to s'pore was such many years ago that I barely remember how it used to look. Plus the country is advancing by leaps and bounces. So, this visit is kind of eye opener to me! What I can say about s'pore is that "they really make something out of nothing".

The suspension bridge @ Sentosa man-made beach

King kong in the city @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore, famous for its sky garden.

One of my hosts in JB, Simon-Kerwin-Ong

@ Pasir Gudang Crocodile Farm.

The crocodiles look absolutely like toys to me.

Delicious Ikan Bakar @ The Zone, Johore

The Nasi Goreng Udang (TM), the best food I had there.

The entrance of casino @ Resort World Sentosa. The white is my favorite, Lamborghini Gallardo.

The symbolic, Lion Fountain in proximity with Marina Bay Sands.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

While unfolding of TBH's death

His death was suicidal or homicidal? This is absolutely a big case, as many things are on stake now including the justice, humanitarian, the reputation of the country, the credibility of profession like law and forensic pathology and so on.

Dr Pornthip, a renowned forensic pathologist, risking her personal security, came to testify in court for the second time few days ago. She has ruled out suicide in disagreement with the other three pathologists hired by MACC (two locals and Dr Peter Vanezis, a brit).

Dr Pornthip. Very the *chio* right, but she is highly recognized for her piece of work and professionalism

The case is being really so well plotted out. Perhaps all are acts fuelled by desperation to hide the truth. Dr Porthip's report was made public in recent inquest and the world (both the locals and internationals) watched a *world class* inquest. *World class* because we have thai and britain national pathologists as witnesses and "world class" lawyer Abdul Razak. Haha...

This is him, the *world class* lawyer. Widely criticized for his incompetence despite 24 yrs in service. But yea, his great sense of humor is out of question.

If you have little/no idea about TBH's case, read this through. I assure you it makes your day.

Here goes my fb comment in dedication to Teoh's inquest.

*In short, TBH's case shows a lot of ugly sides about the country (the corrupted execution system, the sluggish jurisdiction system, the incompetence in profession of law, and the bias and superficialness in forensic pathology. Indeed an insult to bolehland*

Hope the truth will be revealed soon.

Handling of phone call pon a lot std deviation

These days, companies normally have their own websites for whatever reasons la. Of course one can always find the contacts of the companies from their website for whatever inquiries.

Am doing jobseek recently. I searched for contacts and called up quite a number of companies Here goes some of my experiences with the ladies on the other end of the line.

Company A-->I actually got contacts of several personnel of the company. I called them up one by one and to my absofreakinglutely surprise, none of them actually picked up my call. Apparently I was kind of taken aback. All of them are away, really?? Public holiday or what?? By the way, a friend of mine told me that he had to call in more than 10 times until the call was finally answered. It means that this is a constant situation which may have been around for months or years, god knows.

Company B --> I called up the general line. A receptionist picked up and was damn blur about everything, so she forwarded me to another "expert". You know what, the "expert" was freaking blur too, she sounded like she just got awaken from sleep or something by the call. Her tone was bad which made me think she was on her period. Absolutely wtf.

Company C -->The receptionist was fast to pick up my call and was very helpful. Sounded professional, directed me to the relevant personnel who was adept at responding my inquiries. Damn impressed.

Company D --> The personnel was someone whom I'd dealt with before. Impressed because she is still able to recognize me although I have not been "bugging" her for a while already. Of course, she was helpful and able to provide me the tips I wanted.

Different companies make different level of phone call handling. Some are satisfying while others are not. I wonder whether phone call response actually reflects the operational efficiency of the company cuz I can see that some screwed up companies suck big time in it

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Somebody masuk longkang

Weather was just nice this afternoon. After getting some stuffs done, I decided to go "on-patrol". Being unemployed, I'm doing nothing but guarding off the island from any invasion or intrusion sort of things. Plain craps, but yea, I rode off slowly enjoying what the mother nature has to offer, the soothing breeze, the merciful sun and the scenic seaview. Nope, I wasn't checking out for chicks. Instead, I was kind of looking out for any signs of construction and devestation done to the used-to-be a wonderful place. In fact, I have always been vigilant on this since the arguably renowned Datuk Zambri was officially made the Menteri Besar of Perak.

Alright, back to the loser story. While I was having some fantasies on my mind, a motorbike overtook me swiftly. I was kind of shocked as it was all out of a sudden and I literally heard nothing coming from my back. Spooky?? My initial thought was: Walao, so fast meh!!! Need or not!! Chill lar bro...

Ahead of us was a van moving slowly and further down is a narrow sharp corner. Instead of slowing down, the man-in-act went on speeding up trying to overtake the van. As blocked by the van, he got off from my sight momentarily. To my surprise, there came an incoming proton saga from the opposite direction going kind of slowly too. Immediately I started to wonder how would he even manage to get through it based on the difficulties: *narrow*, *sharp corner* and *incoming car*. I rode on and then I saw him came to a halt already. He had got himself plunged into drainage channel by the roadside. He just stood there, unharmed and seemed frustrated. The bike got cacat a bit kot!!

Thanks god, it didn't turn out an accident, rather a failed stunt. That said, I think I'm a much skilled rider than he is. Yea, I always speed on the road but the difference between us is that I control my speed, at all time.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Personal financial management

A meaningful program was aired via Ai FM this morning. I'm here to share some points regarding the topic.

Just when everyone wants to be rich, they normally do not have a definitive idea of how much of a wealth or asset should they possess. In simpler term, most people in general are actually not aware of what is the eventual wealth for them to attain financial freedom. Even simpler, how much is enough? They may say they want to earn a lot of money, have big houses and cars and other luxurious materials like jewelleries and so on. This is the misconception of the group of public about being rich.

By the concept of scarcity in economics sense, the wants and needs of individuals are always unlimited as opposed to their resources (time, money, skills, etc). Having that said, ones would normally get tied up by liabilities in pursuit of the materials as the cash outflow is faster than the cash inflow.

According to the guest of the program (陈凯顺, if i got it right), financial freedom is the state when our reserved resources can self-sustain/fulfill our needs and wants without needing us to work or find the external income. That would mean that at our retirement (say 50 or 60), we can still lead a desirable lifestyle using money from savings, investments, or business for ten, twenty, thirty years or so on until we die. That would also mean that we need a substantial amount of reserved resources which can generate sufficient cash inflow by themselves. Apparently, I couldn't agree more on his perspective about being rich.

He also mentioned about a golden rule for personal financial management which says the personal income should be broken into a ratio of 2:1:1:6 as representatives for investment, kid's education, insurance, and expenses.

2 for investments including bonds, mutual funds, stocks, real estates and so on.
1 for kid's (tertiary) education fee when they finish high school, or marriage fee.
1 for insurance (to protect for emergencies that need huge sum of money)
6 for expenses including food, transportation, rental, entertainments, parents and so on.

NOTE: Prior to this income breakdown, it is important to have upfront a saving of 6-12 months of your current income so that you can cash out for emergencies or unforeseen events (i.e. out of job).

Of course this is just one of the example out of so many strategies to personal financial management out there. And different individuals have their own constraints and situations to which they are bound within, and thus need different strategies to go about it. The key point to make here is that it is important to learn about it EARLY, execute it EARLY and probably do a review from time to time. Why bother to start EARLY? Well, simply we want to take advantage of the compounding, a process of generating earning on an asset's reinvested earning.

Being the greatest mathematical discovery of all time (quoted by Albert Einstein), here is how the compound interest works the magics. The formula is:

[Future worth = capital x 1.06^n], where n is number of yrs;

Take 6% interest rate and capital as 10,000, then:

n= 1, thus FW = 10,000 x 1.06^1 = 10,600
n=5, thus FW = 10, 000 x 1.06^5 = 13,382.26
n=10, thus FW = 10, 000 x 1.06^10 = 17908,48
n=20, thus FW = 10, 000 x 1.06^20 = 32,0271.35
n=30, thus FW = 10,000 x 1.06^30 = 57,434,91

If one is to plot it in graph, one can see that the graph accelerates fast with increase in the number of years. It takes reinvestment of earning and time, therefore it's critical to start it early.

Back to the Ai FM program, I find it very insightful and particularly useful for ones who are "green" about personal financial investment. Indeed an excellent program.

The final words of wisdom from the guest: ones may earn less but financial freedom is absolutely achievable by having a good financial management. Ones who earn a lot but may remain money slave forever if they do not manage their wealth properly.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Jho Low's frenzy

Recently, this young Penangite has been drawing tremendous attention from both local and international media. Initially, Jho Low was widely reported to have partied with Paris Hilton and many other international famous socialites and his excessive lifestyle spending exorbitant bills on alcohols and entertainment. As a matter of fact, he had so little track records in the past, and was whole mysterious to especially the oversea media who started off making away speculative reports.

Not until he lost his patience and came out to clarify rumors around him. Going through his profile, I am incredibly impressed. He has been a millionaire while he was still in university. Built on excellent fundation in business and superior networking with some super-richs from middle east, he is now a distinguished businessman, investor and fund manager, at the age of 28. Me, got mind blown off. He attributes his successs to the right place, right time and right people, which I couldn't agree more with the saying. If any of these factors is absent, the story will be whole different. And of course, he needs to possess a set of quality within him to deal with the resources made available to him.

I think he is a very inspiring figure, and if can I would wish to take some lessons from him...wakakaka...Well, he proves to us that "Malaysia Boleh" as opposed to the politicians who prove us nothing but bullshits. As an instance, malaysia foreign direct investment (FDI) crashed by 80% for year 2009. (Read) Perhaps Jho Low could somehow help to attract more middle east investors to pump in money here, like what happens in the Iskandar Zone where the major investors are from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


前两天,海南岛的亲戚千里遥遥,跨山渡海,到我家乡来探亲。其实这是初次见面。我是觉得满陌生的,但他们却相当的亲切,初次和我握手时,似乎握着久久都不要放手的,最后还要我用微力的拉脱. (是扮出来的吗?听太多中国人骗扎的故事了。)




Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So doing the butterfly liao

Fearing of getting out of shape, I tell myself that I have got to work out constantly. Or else, routine consisting of eating, sleeping, tv-ing, online, and little walking does grow people horizontally, no escape for anyone. Just this evening, I went swimming though without any companion. My dudes have gone out for study, working and so on. That's the thing for an isolated island that is short of facilities and opportunies, what to do. So it's only me who get stuck here. I'd never gone swimming alone, not until just now. Perhaps, part of the reasons is that I was dead bored.

Eye candy
And yea, am on a self-learning course to do the butterfly. Just for a lil fun lar...again, dead bored mar...(ZZZZZzzzzz) Had gotten several educational videos on it from youtube, but still I couldn't get the exact patterns doing it. But yea, just found a really good illustration on the steps.

Wish me the perserverance to master it. =)

Regret that didn't get Ah Beng, the Perak's swimmer to teach me this last time. ZZzzzzzz...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're gonna pay more for everything

The subsidy rationalization was put forth by Datuk Seri Idris Jala. According to him, the country would become bankrupt by 2019 say the government debt continued to grow by 12% per year. (Yet to be verified)

The cut finally phased in last week. It came as a surprise too because there was no related public announcement made, well may be there was but the coverage was kind of limited I suppose. Prices of commodities such as petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and sugar have gone up. It is a rather marginal increase I believe as many have yet felt the pinch of the price hike.

Yea I can't agree more with subsidy rationalization. It is necessitated as the global prices of commodities continue to soar due to increasingly higher demand to fuel for development and industrialization. If the national commodities prices are to be maintained unchange, the government will have to fork out unprecedentedly huge sum of money to offset the increase in global prices of commodities, up to an extent that the government's expenditure goes beyond the government's revenue (tax), the country will sustain deficit and eventually go bankrupt.

So, subsidy cut should be in place. Consequently, we are going to have to pay more for almost everything, from transportation, to food and beverage, goods and services and even the properties. The cost of living will inevitably go up further. If it is not implementated systematically and timely, the general public is going to face huge pressure of living while the underpriviledged groups will face an especially hard time. They may be so frustrated that they go on strike, carry out demonstation, commit crimes, and so on to get extra money, release tension or whatever. All these will cause instability in the national security and thus affect the country's economy and even politics because they all are interrelated. Therefore, cutting subsidy may be a bad move if it's not done well.

I hope our government is dependable and capable of laying out a sound subsidy rationalization plan and be very vigilant and effective with the implementation. The money saved should be used wisely. There should also be reasonable relief programs to facilitate the various groups to weather the price hike. Companies should also revise their wages for their employees. I believe it will set the country in better position to move forward or probably achieve the vision 2o20 (in the best case senario).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Got the ticket officially

It turned out the most cocked up results I ever got. As a matter of fact, it's the least I'd expected it to be. As in that the subjects which I was very confident in (did well in coursework, nail their final examinations) sinked, while the subjects (FYP & FYDP) in which I was nonsense-ly lambasted ballooned. Honestly, I'm fxcking lost trying to figure out single good reason for it.

Well, I got my ticket in the end. Can't bother much but to be thankful! Let's get on and yea, I'm praying all for lucks, lucks and lucks!!
I'm coming!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain won her first WC

Paul the octopus is not merely a creature with tentacles, but that comes from the future who had repeatedly and accurately forecasted the world cup's results without fail.

In the war between Netherland and Spain, Paul chose the meal served at the Spain's side.

Andres Iniesta, the man who contributed the only goal that concluded the game.

Here goes my fb's posting regarding the game:
Initially Holland put up very good defense (by burning the yellow cards) but when more and more cards came out from them, it's clear that they're in big SHIT...Yea eventualli SHIT happenned. Losing a player = handicapped. Spain, after letting so many chances slipped away, they made it thanks to Iniesta's wonderful goal. Robben's getting MAD!!

It's with regret though that Brazil, my all time favorite didn't make it to final. The rest of this world cup are pretty much fascinating for me. Wonder what would the result be if for a final between Brazil and Spain?? It's time to shake off the nocturnal habit...Get some rest!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The final of FIFA 2010 is here

The long awaited South Africa World Cup is approaching its end soon. This time around, I'm pretty much of a world cup fanatic, following more than half of the 32 matches, which I used not to be doing. Thanks to the idleness I'm indulging in. I don't bet on a single match, instead I just enjoy watching the dynamics going on in every match. Thus far, the results of the matches are absofreakinglutely unpredictable I would say despite the probability of 50:50 (win @ loss). At first, both the teams competing for the final in last FIFA (France & Italy) were kicked in the preliminary round. After that, the highly disputable judgments committed by the umpires as thought to be the probable causes for the elimination of England and South Korea. Some bookies effect and the Octopus's prediction too create a lot of twists.

Anyway, it will be a final between Netherland and Spain.

Holland bad girls??
Definately the source of motivation for the Netherland FIFA Squad.
They are the one who sent the 5-times-world-cup-winner Brazil home. Their coach is like a magician who is adept at re-strategise. Take for instance netherland vs brazil, first half Brazil took the lead and freaking dominated the game, then second half, Netherland made it the other way around and defeated Brazil. Roughly the same pattern seen in the Netherland vs Uraguay. They also have superstar players like Robben, Sneijder...who actually throw us surprises.

The bull fighting nationals (why all males har?) cheering for Spain fifa squad.
They're the 2008 UEFA champion and their form are back having defeated Germany who incredibly outplayed the Argentina by 4-0.

So, here I'd pronounce my support goes to Spain. Let's see.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lionel Messi's is plucked!

One of the limelight figure in this World Cup, Lionel Messi who is predicted to be capable of leading Argentina to win the championship. Take a look at the photo down here.
Taken from Sin Chiew Daily's World Cup special edition.
Erm...I would suggest him to go and insure his penis or perhaps the whole of his body (from head to toes) because it's for certain that his opponents are going to mark/mock/tackle him just to make sure he will be on the bench because he is such a huge threat.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surprises strike

Just received an invitation for job interview in a southern state. It's a job which I don't desire much though (at the moment). Then I find out there is a notification regarding an invitation for interview from a giant that I've been longing for. Few days back, I got the feedback that I'm "recommended", which means that sooner or later I have got to return to the company. However, it's no surprise that the company moves so snail that I'm afraid I can't afford to just sit at home and wait. And when I was typing away this post entry, I got another phone call from a sound service company inviting me for an interview. Wow, all come in one morning session.

Now I'm left undecisive which one to go with. I'm bonded, do I still have the choice?? Darn!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The bullfighters lost (by chance)

The bullfighters (Spain), a team which I forecast is going to come head to head with Brazil in the very final of FIFA 2010 lost to the watch-maker (Switzerland) yesterday.

Just when everyone predicted Spain would have bashed Switzerland terribly, they defaulted. It's certainly heartbreaking watching how my favorite dominated and took excellent control of the whole game but failed at every finishings. Switzerland, on the hand, penetrated the goal just at the very few attacks and concerted all their efforts defending throughout the game and their strategy did harvest fruit.

Fernando Torres, the iconic striker of Spain,

Plz go make us some surprises.

Sheo ba zhang

It has been quite some years when I wasn't home during Duan Wu festival. This year I got lucky to able to feed my taste buds with the home-made dumpling (shea ba zhang in Ho Kien). It is definately one of my favorite food which I would only bother to have ones on this special occasion. My mom's dumplings are usually small in size, which she said it's good cuz the portion of filings are bigger compared to that of big dumplings.

I think this festival is gradually eroded by time. Apart from the dumplings, there's no other relevant festivities organized here. Sadly, even in the news, it is reported that the prices of raw materials needed to make dumplings are on the rise, and thus the dumplings are sold at higher price.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Huge minerals reserves discovered in Afghan

So, I came across this interesting news. It said nearly 1 trillion of mineral deposits found, an amount which is so significant that it is claimed to potentially alter the Afghan economy and perhaps the war itself. Among the deposits identified including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metal like lithium (the key raw material for manufacture of laptop batteries and Blackberrys). Can you imagine that Afghanistan becomes the "Saudi Arabia of Lithium" and transforms into one of the most important mining centers internationally when the country is in a terrible chaos thanks to the terrorism and corrupted politics.

Further in the news gave some analysis of the implications due to the discovery, both the positive and negative. Among them are the prosperity brought about by the resources, the possibly intensified battling of Taliban to take control of the mining business, a more corrupted Afghan government, worsened China-US relationship, degradation of environment due to irresponsible exploitation, and so on.

Immediately then, scenes in the Blood Diamond popped out my mind. Terrific and meaningful movie it is!

Such discovery may be viewed as a prosperous gain, but to greater extend, it can always leads to disastrous torment to the underprivileged, innocent and vulnerable public of Afghan.

Let's pray that peace will prevails in the land of terrorism. =)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The worst oil spill (BP Deepwater Horizon)

The catastrophic explosion of Deepwater Horizon drilling rig situated about 40 miles southeast of Louisiana April 20 has by far caused the worst oil spill ever occured in the whole history of man kind.

The spill rate has been revised and suggested to be twice as much as the initial estimate, which amounts to 25000 -30000 barrels of oil per day. The amount is equivalent to exxon valdez disaster could be flowing into Gulf of Mexico every 8-10 days.

After a series of failures to seal the leak, BP is now resorting to a large capping mechanism to contain the oil slick and production vessels for recovering some cut of the leak. It is said that the flow can only be stemmed by drilling two relief wells and permanently plugging the well.

Methods that have been tried to stop the leaking oil.

The damage as a result from the leak is still surging. The cost for clean up could easily run up to billions of dollars. As the revised figure of leak is on the rise, it poses even greater stake to BP. Fearing the company may end up declaring bankruptcy, many investors have sold the company shares leading to volatilization of BP's share price over 40%, which amount to tens of billions of losses. It said "Today BP is worth $91.4 bil. In mid April, the company was worth $180 bil"

Such a spill is totally disastrous and its impact on the environment and economy will remain for decades to come. I hope that the planning, implementationof offshore activities will go through greater scrutiny, be free from bribery and in compliance with regulations.

Extension I
In view that the regulations for deepwater drilling which were established since decades ago have expired, as the operators are going to ultra deep water, president Obama annouced a moratorium for offshore drilling in US water. Whilst, drilling experts are reviewing the regulations to meet the unprecedented drilling conditions. According to industry officials, new regulations aimed at permanently reshaping the US offshore oil and gas industry will raise cost and could reduce offshore output.

In response to that, four of the world largest oil companies have come together for an initiative in order to regain confidence and thus get the moratorium removed. An industry consortium called the Marine Well Containment Co. has been founded to combat future oil spill. They are going to manufacture a system that is capable of containing spill in water as deep as 10000 feets, and capture up to 100000 barrels of oil a day. It is said to be flexible, adaptable and available for rapid response.

Extension II
The US government officially lifted the moratorium on Oct. 12, but energy companies are now due toface a more difficult and costly process to get permits to resume exploration there.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A concluding note

Wow, my university life has finally come to an end.

Attending university has long become a norm for today's society. However, having grown up in an isolated island, the environment wasn't as competitive in terms of education in the old days as compared to the urban area. Back then, the people in my community didn't actually view education as a survival kit. Sad but true that most of us are up to nothing but enjoying slack life. Thanks god that I didn't go too far with the kind of thoughts. There had been several individuals who had helped me much and yea I got lucky to land myself in a pretty decent university, or so to speak eventually.

It's been 5 freaking years already as a university student. Ups and downs happened, inevitably. The univerisity brings together people from different locations and background and thus a variety of personalities I've encountered. At times, I was shocked with some discoveries. Again, thanks god that I've made some great friends here who are true, who are more than willing to help, who are there for enjoyments and adversities. I seriously couldn't ask for more other than this. This point onwards, everyone's gonna head to different destinations, difference and alienation should arise, but I hope the friendship remains resilient over time.

I used to be very impatient to get out from this place, but I'm having mixed feeling now. I do wish I could stay longer, wish I could doze off in lectures, wish to hang out with dudes and so on, wish to crack a lil more jokes and so on. The reality bites. When it's time to go, we just got no choice. Well, let's embrace what's there awaits for us then.

What a great time it has been. May be it's because that I'm a happy person who tend to forget about the bad times.

Wish everyone a good future.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Living with shemale

Something of my house which I feel worth to pen it down here, the "faggotism", which I've spend almost the whole semester trying to orientate myself to but to no avail.

Fresh as it may appear to you, it's derived from the word "faggot" or simply "fag", which means ah gua, or chua ah gua. Therefore, "faggotism" is the culture or style of the shemale.

I'm staying in male dorm (of course). Making some noises is pretty common, but what's unusual about my housemates (I suppose 3-4 of them) is that they yell, they shout, they scream on regular basis, if not every night. We (me and roommate) kept wondering what's going on with them. All I can tell, they sounded like as if they're riding on each other doing the thing. Horny and top of their pitch. I don't think Adam Lambert can hit that note, seriously. Oh, they sounded exactly like the UTP's monkeys.

Yew Ting, a friend of mine whose room is one floor above mine has been insulted/harrassed too by their noise. He actually asked me to find out what's happening. A turkmen, Bayram was amazed too by them when dropping by my room.

I reason it that it's either because they've never grown up or they have too much estrogen flowing in their bodies. The latter makes more sense though.

I find one of them particularly irritating. He always squeezes his pimples in the toilet and have the water flowing non-stop for at least 30 mins every time. He really thinks the water is invaluable. Screw him lar, king of fag.

If I manage to record anything of them, i probably will pose it on fb. Darn, a bunch of weirdo.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The clearance

When you first enter the university, you may be a happy lil kid but there are piles and piles of works (if not shits) waiting for you to take on. As you go along, you offload or clear them out one after another. Towards the end the journey as an university student, you have got the best part of them done. And then you'll kick off another journey as another happy lil kid again. By that, are you all kidded by life??

Oh hell yea, I'm going to write the first subject my final final examination, Engineers in Society, one of the most boring subject on earth, according to noisee munkee!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The chemy outing

The sand art game.
The triathlon game

The Greenies

The rubber passing game

The assembly before push-off

The netball game

The Blackies

Being amongst the graduating students, we the chemies are soon to bid each other farewell (of course lar). Having been through the similar range of encounters (easeness, hardships, torture, joy, tension, relief and the like) together for nearly 4 to 5 years, we thought it's fair to celebrate upon their completion. On top of that, it's good to celebrate the identity of being a chemie, a lil something of which I have my pride. I have to say it has been bumpy journey, and without reasonable doubt, we all have come a long way. Congrats to my (course)mates.

So the chemy outing was today (the whole day) at Teluk Rubiah. Thanks to Achul, who volunteerily took up the responsibility to organise such outing. We all have been so occupied till lately. Of huge accident and mistake, I was taken as assistant project manager nonetheless I didn't help out much. My apology to the committee.

With regard to the event, it went pretty smooth. Convoy consisting of nearly 30 cars from UTP to Teluk Rubiah, wasn't it breathtaking? Apparently, the turnout was more than marvelous. Luv ya sporting-ness the chemies. I did have good fun, personally. The mini games such as passing of rubber bands, passing of balloons, run- crawl-puzzle, sand art were kinda boring. However, after lunch, the games were exciting, of which the netball games was my favorite and my team emerged winner. Hehe... Also, we had tug-of-war just by the beach in rain. It's such a terrific experience. May soon attach sum photoes here.

It's definitely one of the memorable events throughout my campus life.

All the best, the Chemies-to-be.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Of noisee munkee's

I got to know this dude when I entered UTP. Since then, we have been co-rooming for nearly 5 years. Wow, freaking 5 years already. Without reasonable doubt, he is one of my best buddies in the campus. I'd like to dedicate him this post.

Sucking cincau-teh in Old Town Ipoh

Avril's concert during Merdeka eve.

State of being molested. Get yaself a pepper spray.

Inspector Noisee Munkee for English II.

Locating national treasure during convo treasure hunt.
Remember we went mamak till the wee hours of the morning and
then found ourselves exhausted to hunt.

The last two standing.

Posing in the V1C-cell (syok sendiri)
~Happy Birthday~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The cool moves I had around uni

Inspired by final things to do before uni life ends, I kinda gave it a thought as to what have I done worth to be nominated for the Chemoster's craziest moves in UTP.

Well, I certainly sick of the routine I have here. Things like classes, assignments, meals, naps, basketball, sleeps, get-aways js keep looping day in day out.

Here goes:

1. First hang-over.
It's an after-prom party. We joined in and clubbed at Voodoo. It's my first visit. Nice beats, packed, pretty much happening. On a dare from ZP, had a few rounds one-go of pure Tequila. Shake the body, checked the floor, get low sorta things. In the end, puked a little, passed out, but yea, I had a great deal of fun! Unfortunately, some crooks snapped my stoned face. Damn..

2. Birthday prank 3 yrs back.
It's at the nitez of my birthday, the dudes asked to play basketball. Din sense anything amiss, I tagged along. At one point of the game, C.K, the pale-looking frail guy collapsed to floor after something (forgot). I was taken aback and dashed to him trying to wake him up. After much effort and some time (15mins), he remained unconscious. I knew nothing about first aid, but I knew well that this was getting critical. The others ain't did much too. In desperation, I asked someone to call a driver to send him to hospital. It's Chong (not mistaken), which then followed by the scene that Xi Yi holding a cake. Then only I realised that it's a show specially tailored for me. I think them Oscar stars and it's a sound plot too! They GOT me. This should stay with me for many many yrs!!! Thanks!!!

3. Silly offence in front of security in the noob year.
Was with a fren (w.k) walking towards IRC. He forgot to bring his matric card which may be punishable of something. Forgot about the reason, I handed him my matric card and had his Tailor college matric card instead. It so happened that the security confronted us. She found out that I was using matric card of other Uni. She condemned me that this could b a sign of disloyalty to UTP sorta stuff and made it like a big big deal. Being a noob, we din process much, we freaked out and kept admitting to the misconduct and apologising. That's how noob we're! No different than a plain sheet of paper!! I would have sounded her back if I were being selamba a lil more.

List goes on...

4. Awesome stunts regarding tests.
Once, I went for OM test knowing absolutely nothing, not only I lost track with the lecturer, nor I did a lil revision about it. Was too occupied. Of course, I was gonna cheat. The funny part is that it was Reja whom I peeped the answers from. He is a Turkmen who did pretty badly in academic but he seemed confident with his answer. Will find out whether it pays or not to buy him in time of trouble. The phrase that best describes my situation : "Ji Dou" in canto.
It's a big joke too about EIS test I had recently. I spared js a couple of hours going through the past year. Again, was too occupied. However, I actually nailed the paper. Study smart actually pays in this case. The funny part, it's Bayram (another Turkmen) who snatched over my question paper on which I circled my answers and passed me his question paper. I was left in suspend for a while. "Everybody" saw it but the invigilators. What's a stunt.

5. Bombastic club annual dinner
It's perhaps in my 2nd year when I organised the ICC club annual dinner which was at ballroom in Clear Water Sanctuary Golfclub. The dinner's arrangement is somewhat a breakthrough in the context of utp's culture, which I would say very much dominated by malay's culture. We divided the dinner into 2 sessions. First half is pretty much official as we had award giving and dining in presence of the rector. Prior to the second half, we sent off the rector and pumped in some good energy with Auntie Mable band performing live. Pushing aside the tables to make up some space for a dance floor, everyone was sort of got high and moved along. At points, it might go a lil wild. But it's definately awesome watching them having so much of fun.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soon to leave uni

I got my final exam slip this afternoon, marking that I'm a soon to leave guy. Sadly, many deadlines are lining up yet, thanks to that I'm a chemical engineering student.

Roughly speaking, it's been 5 yrs me dwelling in this place. Here I had my ups and downs. I entered the uni as a totally independent entity as I knew nobody at all. Over time, I mingled around and found some dudes who share the interests of mine. During the freshman years, this was kind of easy as people were going to the same classes, and yea we knew each other little. We cooked maggi in the middle of nite and chat-chit yet went to classes the next day morning. That's fun.

As time flips, various factors kick-in leading to grouping, separation, alienation and stuffs. At some points of time, I sort of losing a lil sense of belonging, but yea friendship is something to be valued, managed and treasured on, I wouldn't say I've championed it but I guess I'm doing pretty well. Cuz I know well that being stuck in a deserted place like this or probably anywhere u go, friends or the companions are what cherish u.

As I've come along, shits happenned occasionally. But believe me or not, they do turn out to be sweet reminiscenes.

I constantly feel that this place way sucks but yea looking back in time, I did have quite some blast, ironically. I make new friends, I've grown up a lil, leaned a bunch, exprienced a variety of stuffs, and etc, all thanks to UTP.

I'm certainly looking forward to the day I'm leaving, and I hope that the remaining days are beautiful that no heatwave, no projects, no tests, sorta things. Dream on lar...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pulau Redang is no longer meant for general public

Yet another controversy popped out in a place where nothing is impossible, the bolehland. I bet 100 bucks that you are for certain amazed to learn this.

Pulau Redang is set to be a high-end and exclusive tourist destination. Source.

Among the specifics given by Terengganu MB:
- Only hotels rated five-star and above will be allowed to be built.
- Hotel rate shall cost no less than US$500 (RM1599) a night.
- As a measure for curbing environmental destruction and indiscriminate littering.
- Budget tourists are asked to opt for Pulau Kapas and Pulau Perhentian.

Am thinking if there is conspiracy of making it a private island?? Like Pangkor Laut owned by YTL group which is exclusive and niched for the affluent class of people. Of so many preventive measures to abate the environmental damages as a result of massive tourism, do they actually need to resort to a move deemed as desperation.

Check out what others say about it.
Elitism is being practised openly
Resolve problem by raising money beyond everyone's reach

Quickiy book your flight to visit Redang or later you will be charged RM1600/nite.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

prank of being vietnamese?

This morning, I went to class as usual. Sitting at the back of lecture hall, I was then joined by two other friends. The lecture bored me to hell as usual. Thus, I normally start talking away with those in proximity.

Out of sudden,(while looking in my direction) the lecturer said: The guy... in green shirt, can you understand me?? Apparently he was directing it to me.

Me: yea..following. (Speaking of which, he was teaching LP (not lampa lar...Linear programming okeyyy??)

Him: Good. By the way, are you from Vietnam?

Me: (Thought I heard it wrongly)...nah...I'm Malaysian. (felt insulted)

Him: Oooo...hahahaha (He can always do this kind of successful laughter, as in he laughs but the others don't)

As a result of that (the stupid question), the two friends started making fun of me being a Vietnamese.

Previously, I committed the same crime when I unintentionally regarded "somebody" from India while in fact, he's from Kansas, a nation in the State. I thought it's no big deal, not until today lor...

But yea, js checked the fb and came to realise that this is April 1...So, it could be a prank, right?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st interview

It's another TEC (Technology, Education and Career) around the campus. It is probably the most awaited event for most of the final sem students as they can expect some interviews and even job offers. Apparently this TEC is few steps backward compared to past TEC judging from number the recruiting companies and exhibitors. This ain't helping at all. Yea, I just attended one and the only one interview, which was with slb. Let's talk about my experience.

Woke up damn early and arrived at the interview room on time as told, 8.00am. Waited for some time just to find out that the tec person in charge had yet arrived. From supposedly first come first serve basic as to whose turn to be assessed, he had to turn to the shortlisted name list and called upon accordingly. On which, I'm the first for chemicel eng. (Shall I say i had the least to expect from? who cares anyway!)

Orite then, let's do it (self-talk). It's a malay female interviewer whom I presumed as adept in selamba-ness. The interview went like lightning, yeap, js as quick as that. Well, it's a first screening afterall. Here's the content.

slb: tell me about yourself something which is NOT inside the resume.

she literally looked into my eye waiting for my answer. Pushy!!!

me: (Diao, I already portrait myself to best in my resume lo. Boomed and was at the brink of suspension) uhmmm...yea, would like to elaborate on my strength. I want to do better every other day....uhmmm...(fuck it)...yup that's it.

slb: ok. let me pick a topic. tell me about "dengue".

me: (Diao, come another c4) Dengue is a disease which is potentially fatal (if medical attention is not provided soon enough). It is caused by Aedes mosquitoes. Cases are on the rise especially during monsoon season... Lot of research have been done but the cure is not yet found...The Ministry of Health constantly carries out fogging to eliminate the mosquitoes, especially in the high risk areas...(run short of craps)...uhm...that's about it.

Could have spoken more but js at the instant, ideas didn't come. So shit happened. Din make it to the next round (the group workshop and assessment). Blame it all to my incompetency in playing with c4. Thinking to join some special force already. wtf...

Wish you luck~

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can PRC win?

Was chatting with a friend of mine, who is an all time fans of the People Republic of China (PRC).

Well, the world is witnessing the unprecedented competition between 2 super powers, PRC and USA. Beijing Olympic 2008 not only successfully brought PRC into international recognition (Bird-nest Stadium, scales of performances...etc), it also has thereof "leveraged" the war of the two.

US, tough provoking about democracy and human right, but they never fail to advocate violence and more violence, for example the Vietnam War, Korean War, Middle East Invasion, Taiwan-China-Tibet. Millions perished including the innocents, the children, the unarmed and so on. More chaotic the world becomes, better the military sales, and thus better US economy, true??

PRC is definitely a recognized emerging super power albeit the western media makes baseless accusations about it, perhaps for the sake to remain a competitive media in the western community. Does it taste good to learn about the downside of own nation or own people, sure no!! Well they may be true about some claims, but most of the time they just magnify or zoom in the negative issues. Does it do any justice to PRC?

Yea, are you positive that China taking the lead of the race in near future (As in pioneering the world economy, technology and future trend.)? 10 yrs? 20yrs? US has led the world for decades and situate many of the world best universities. On the other hand, PRC has the word biggest population of the most industrious kind allegedly.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

PETRONAS finds big oilfield

Was blown mind off by the report on Petronas makes "big oil find".

It alleged that the discovery is the biggest oil field or oil well (not only) in this part of world but also in any part of the world. Which I intepret it as the period of plateau or peak production is in excess of million barrels (MMbbls) per day. My guess is based on the producution of the best-known giant oilfield, Ghawar in Saudi Arabia that is 5 MMbbls/day.

If the allegation is true, the company revenue will go up the a whole new level. In the scenario of oil price goes up to USD 100, the revenue is simply skyrocketed. The fact that PETRONAS pays a good cut of its revenue to the government, we're gonna be more properous than ever. So, this is the fact that we all Malaysian should celebrate about.

It said PETRONAS contributed about RM75 billion annually to the federal government, which is equivalent to about 42 per cent of the country's revenue. With this discovery ,we might be getting like RM100 billion or more. Hoping that the wealth is effectively managed for the goodness of the country and its people.

More info of Malaysia ogs industy.