Wednesday, March 31, 2010

prank of being vietnamese?

This morning, I went to class as usual. Sitting at the back of lecture hall, I was then joined by two other friends. The lecture bored me to hell as usual. Thus, I normally start talking away with those in proximity.

Out of sudden,(while looking in my direction) the lecturer said: The guy... in green shirt, can you understand me?? Apparently he was directing it to me.

Me: yea..following. (Speaking of which, he was teaching LP (not lampa lar...Linear programming okeyyy??)

Him: Good. By the way, are you from Vietnam?

Me: (Thought I heard it wrongly)...nah...I'm Malaysian. (felt insulted)

Him: Oooo...hahahaha (He can always do this kind of successful laughter, as in he laughs but the others don't)

As a result of that (the stupid question), the two friends started making fun of me being a Vietnamese.

Previously, I committed the same crime when I unintentionally regarded "somebody" from India while in fact, he's from Kansas, a nation in the State. I thought it's no big deal, not until today lor...

But yea, js checked the fb and came to realise that this is April 1...So, it could be a prank, right?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st interview

It's another TEC (Technology, Education and Career) around the campus. It is probably the most awaited event for most of the final sem students as they can expect some interviews and even job offers. Apparently this TEC is few steps backward compared to past TEC judging from number the recruiting companies and exhibitors. This ain't helping at all. Yea, I just attended one and the only one interview, which was with slb. Let's talk about my experience.

Woke up damn early and arrived at the interview room on time as told, 8.00am. Waited for some time just to find out that the tec person in charge had yet arrived. From supposedly first come first serve basic as to whose turn to be assessed, he had to turn to the shortlisted name list and called upon accordingly. On which, I'm the first for chemicel eng. (Shall I say i had the least to expect from? who cares anyway!)

Orite then, let's do it (self-talk). It's a malay female interviewer whom I presumed as adept in selamba-ness. The interview went like lightning, yeap, js as quick as that. Well, it's a first screening afterall. Here's the content.

slb: tell me about yourself something which is NOT inside the resume.

she literally looked into my eye waiting for my answer. Pushy!!!

me: (Diao, I already portrait myself to best in my resume lo. Boomed and was at the brink of suspension) uhmmm...yea, would like to elaborate on my strength. I want to do better every other day....uhmmm...(fuck it)...yup that's it.

slb: ok. let me pick a topic. tell me about "dengue".

me: (Diao, come another c4) Dengue is a disease which is potentially fatal (if medical attention is not provided soon enough). It is caused by Aedes mosquitoes. Cases are on the rise especially during monsoon season... Lot of research have been done but the cure is not yet found...The Ministry of Health constantly carries out fogging to eliminate the mosquitoes, especially in the high risk areas...(run short of craps)...uhm...that's about it.

Could have spoken more but js at the instant, ideas didn't come. So shit happened. Din make it to the next round (the group workshop and assessment). Blame it all to my incompetency in playing with c4. Thinking to join some special force already. wtf...

Wish you luck~

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can PRC win?

Was chatting with a friend of mine, who is an all time fans of the People Republic of China (PRC).

Well, the world is witnessing the unprecedented competition between 2 super powers, PRC and USA. Beijing Olympic 2008 not only successfully brought PRC into international recognition (Bird-nest Stadium, scales of performances...etc), it also has thereof "leveraged" the war of the two.

US, tough provoking about democracy and human right, but they never fail to advocate violence and more violence, for example the Vietnam War, Korean War, Middle East Invasion, Taiwan-China-Tibet. Millions perished including the innocents, the children, the unarmed and so on. More chaotic the world becomes, better the military sales, and thus better US economy, true??

PRC is definitely a recognized emerging super power albeit the western media makes baseless accusations about it, perhaps for the sake to remain a competitive media in the western community. Does it taste good to learn about the downside of own nation or own people, sure no!! Well they may be true about some claims, but most of the time they just magnify or zoom in the negative issues. Does it do any justice to PRC?

Yea, are you positive that China taking the lead of the race in near future (As in pioneering the world economy, technology and future trend.)? 10 yrs? 20yrs? US has led the world for decades and situate many of the world best universities. On the other hand, PRC has the word biggest population of the most industrious kind allegedly.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

PETRONAS finds big oilfield

Was blown mind off by the report on Petronas makes "big oil find".

It alleged that the discovery is the biggest oil field or oil well (not only) in this part of world but also in any part of the world. Which I intepret it as the period of plateau or peak production is in excess of million barrels (MMbbls) per day. My guess is based on the producution of the best-known giant oilfield, Ghawar in Saudi Arabia that is 5 MMbbls/day.

If the allegation is true, the company revenue will go up the a whole new level. In the scenario of oil price goes up to USD 100, the revenue is simply skyrocketed. The fact that PETRONAS pays a good cut of its revenue to the government, we're gonna be more properous than ever. So, this is the fact that we all Malaysian should celebrate about.

It said PETRONAS contributed about RM75 billion annually to the federal government, which is equivalent to about 42 per cent of the country's revenue. With this discovery ,we might be getting like RM100 billion or more. Hoping that the wealth is effectively managed for the goodness of the country and its people.

More info of Malaysia ogs industy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where are we actualli in the world map?

Hey hey hey, interesting fact to tell, but it's kinda damning, prepare yaself.

Here it goes. Yo, I made some research into the top university in the planet. That led me to a site, which revealed to me such a depressing fact that my university actually comes from bottom in the ranking, absolutely NOWHERE at the top!!! I snapped the photo here.

Ranks of universities in M'sia. Click to enlarge the photo. See for yourself.
This then led me to some further thoughts.
I personally like to defend that the university should top the list locally. However, when being put on the world map, we're so completely "submerged" from the crowd. So listen here, we SERIOUSLY got no solid reason to act cocky and conceited! UTPians, NO big deal...but yea trust yourself that you're gonna change the world. And hopefully you do by Law of Attraction!! Well enough that the university is transforming into a research center, I'm in full support of this with the hope that the university name will surface one day!!

It's already a fact that all the local universities are like midway or at the end of the ranking. For years and years, the government has pledged to enhance the education sector, that has a critical role to the nation building and progress. Huge resources and money are put it, yet we're js THERE only. What has gone wrong with the planning, the implementation, the follow up and the post mortem and stuffs. Thailand and Indonesia do actually have their universities ranked way higher us when in fact the country had way done well in the past, yea in the past.
It is tough funny that lots of lepasan spm still fighting hard to land themselves into the universities...I'm pretty sure that most of them have absolutely no idea about this or else they most likely consider to go abroad.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's alr week 8!

And so I've made it here, week 8, such a big deal har??? Crap..but yea, this is gotta be kidding me, time flies so fast so that I'm totally puzzled by the coming of my 2nd mid-sem break. I had my 1st mid sem break during CNY. I ain't in the fast lane kinda lifestyle yet I feel like time has little mercy on me, what if later on I am employed and have long queue of SERIOUS assignments to do and deadlines to meet? Really can't imagine that...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The causes of ill

Finally my body is succumbed to the extreme weather. Could barely sleep last night cuz having a stuck nose. Trying to figure out the reasons why I'm falling sick.

1. Had a basketball match in a fine afternoon right under the burning sun. It's 1.3o noon and the sun was at its peak of intensity. The game was js 20 mins ++ long but I got cooked alr. Thanks to the thoughtful iChemi organiser.

2. Had a V5 cafe burger set two-night ago. The burger sucks, so as the fries and the salad. Worst that it's way oily and heaty that it's caused me sore throat few hours after I consumed it. I guess this was the result from the way they made the food. It's definitely a NO for V5 Cafe Burger.

3. Nothing thrills me much recently which leads to the downfall of my body defense system??? Perhaps I need some doses of happiness, but it's a routine everyday. Sigh...

4. Aging?? That my body's ability to adapt to the change of environment is declining? Hope not!!!

5. Of all the reasons, I think the primary culprit is still the mad heatwave. Even the mosquitoes don't survive the heat. It's rare to find a mosquitoe recently, no?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Just-In-Time ain't all good

Doing things in excess or in deficit is pointless in most situations, or so I think. Hence, I truly appreciate the word "Just Nice". From here, a brilliant concept has emerged, the JIT (Just-In-Time). It is such a vital concept where operations are concerned, especially for big organizations. It allows for the just-enough inventories and thus an enhanced cash flow. McDonald, a global giant in fast food industry, has adopted this idea that the operations in any of its outlets run smoothly and the customers never fail to enjoy swift service from them.

Recently I've picked up JIT too. I'm reflecting on two instances. I started my FYP progress report 5 hrs before it's due, more unbelievably an assignment 1 hr prior to its deadline. (It's because of the heatwave lar!! hehe) I managed to hand in both JIT-ly. It hasn't caused me any harm probably because that I'd forecasted the workloads pretty accurately. But the thing is that I gotta rush my ass off (din even have time to go toilet?!!). Sooner or later JIT is gonna come and haunt me I believe.

JIT is supposedly tactical but I've made it a fair substitude for "last minute". Time to rid it off!!! But I've contracted the FSS (Final Sem Syndrom). Swt! Swt! Swt! Is this called oxymoron?