Friday, September 2, 2011

1st "Mid-sem" break at work

Back from a week long break, thanks to the Hari Raya and Independence Day. I was off to my lovely hometown for rejuvenation.

Time was flying freaking fast. Spent time with family and friends. Went for badminton, and of course, sea-swimming. Can't believe that we even had a brief picnic too, and it's kind of fun.

It so happened that my friend's dad passed away, attended the funeral to offer my condolences. Hope she will get over it soon and stay tough in light of the challenges the life has to bring to us all.

Just yesterday, while going round aimlessly by the beach, I bumped into an American couple who was in the middle of trouble because their motorbike was out of fuel. I went up to them and offered a helping hand. I know how hell of a time it was to get stuck at that particular stretch of road which is kind of isolated and the day was getting darker and darker, worst still there is no street light. I rushed to the town and bring them a bottle of fuel to "live" their bike. They were very grateful of me and wanted to give me a tip of RM2. Well, pretty stingy i guess. Anyway, I turned down the offer. I hope that I had made an impression to the American couple that the people of Pangkor are kind and friendly and spread it out to his friends and family. I'd like to see people from all over the world learn about Pankor and even make a trip here, forgetting the part they do cause pollution sometimes.

Anyway, it is a pretty enjoyable break, I hope things will start rolling again.