Friday, January 28, 2011

Good to go already

As a scholarship holder to the national oil company, it is basically that everyone of us is obliged to wait for 6 months after graduation before you are free to go and join any other companies, provided there is no job offer coming through from them in the length of time.

Yea, there is always another option which is a breach of contract and repayment of a full loan, of which the amount is probably equivalent to a Honda City. Since my background isn't so strong, the second option is not even a legitimate option actually. In other words, I am practically and entirely unprepared for a boc.

However, I personally have some issues with the bond of 10 years, as I would prefer to seek adventure somewhere else and take full charge of my future endeavours. This is probably to say that I am choosing a more difficult and uncertain path which can be more rewarding too if things turn out anywhere from good to great and of course it can be the other way around. I can tell y'all that it is the risks which I am willing to take.

So I pretty much stucked at that point/period of time. I could do nothing except for waiting for their offer to call me in (which I pray not) and at the same time waiting for the six months to expire (which I truly pray for). This is a hell of a kind process, as it took a great deal of patience. It kind of broke my nerves at times. However, I simply had got no choice.

But now, the cloudy sky has cleared out for me already. I have come out from the tunnel. The six months is FINALLY and EVENTUALLY and ABSOLUTELY over and thus I am freed. Well, I still have to pay a cut of the *Honda City* worth bond, but I am more than happy to do that.

It used to be that I am on the chopping board but now it's the opposite. Indeed an excellent and awesome gift for my 2011 chinese new year. Things seem to be changed in my favor and I am guessing if it is the manifestation of the Law of Attraction, after all my relentless prayers.

Kong He Fa Choi

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