Monday, May 9, 2011

Mixed experience at hair salon

Thanks to the fuss over the heatwave, I finally decided to visit. Don't see the relationship?? Longer hair tends to trap heat.

Quite often, it's a hard decision as to which salon to visit, since there just so many of them around the area I reside. I am actually thinking to try out one by one.

I entered the Quay salon, a random choice though. I sat down.

Girl assistant (GA): who (which director) are you looking for?

Me: It's my first time here, I have no idea.

GA walked off for awhile and came back.

Me: How you do charge?

GA: Hair cut is RM35, hair wash and treatment is RM5. Blah blah blah...(Wth, She was mumbling, I had to observe her lip's movement to guess the message. Is it the new way of doing sales? )

Me: (Shit, so expansive one!) OK, wash, treat and cut then. (See, she managed to close the deal)

Hair wash, scalp message, rinse, blow all done in 5mins plus. The director showed up. He was called Ah Boy (wth? C'mon ain't you a freaking director? Ah boy? Lol). He is around my age. Appearance wise, he doesn't quite portrait the sense of a hair director, don't wanna comment further.

Ah boy: How do want to cut?

Me: What hair can you do for me?

Ah boy "ransacked" my hair and head, to which I could tell that he was having excessive energy.

Ah boy: I'm gonna cut roughly the same style as it's now, but the side I will trim more ... blahx3

Me: Fine. (You better prove your creativity)

Cutting in progress. He started off using "mow-er" to trim the side hair, just like how the Mico's director did. However, he was pretty detailed, to which he did it over and over again, changed the mow-er's head into different sizes. I could definitely see that he's concentrating on my hair. Unfortunately, this led to a problem. He f*cking pulled my right ear, yea just the right ear to lock my head into position so that he could continue to mow. I could totally feel his "pinch" and I could observe that my right ear already turned reddish. Recalling back the scene, it brought back the memory when I was in my primary school back then, the teacher did that to me (as punishement) for submiting the homeworks late. I was puzzled, didn't I ever screw him, did I? My left ear was completely untouched. Thanks god but still wth big time. Then he switched to a scissors and continued to work on my hair. From time to time, he'd just pulled my right ear again and again. I was getting pissed off already, and the level just went up and up. Lukily he managed to get my hair done in time before I lost my control to may be sound at him or something.
The GA came to rinse my hair. Still very soft-spoken. While blow my hair to make it dry, a kid came in. Out of thin air, she showed all the of excitement and she actually could speak up. Not it yet, when she done with me, she then used the hair dryer to blow away my cut hair on the floor near the wall. I got quite puzzled.
About the same time also, a malay girl came in. She had to remove her tudung and a guy help to cut her hair. It's like an eye opener for me. Lol...

Ah boy styled my hair. I paid and left with the director's name card, for god's sake"Ah Boy" is clearly printed there, no kidding.

I thought my hair is pretty well done, his detailed efforts somewhat pay off. I got chilled a lil.

I said the money I paid make a bit of sense but a lot of nonsenses.

Likin the new hairstyle quite a lot...

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