Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steve Job

Apple has been doing extraordinary phenomenal in recent years and it even overtook the big oil Exxon Mobil as the most valuable corporation in US. The worldwide craze, hype and excitement that Apple has drawn when it launched its products is totally mind-boggling, at least to me. Apple hit it again - More than 1 million consumers in seven countries ordered Apple Inc's latest phone, the iPhone 4S, in the first day, beating the company's previous record despite complaints from fans when products was unveiled. Read more.

The huge success of Apple has to be attributed to a man at the helm of the corporation, who would be no other than Steve Job, a truly visionary and inspiring leader. He pursued for quality product intercepting with fine art, a vital recipe for unrivaled coolness, in my opinion. Otherwise, the Apple fans wouldn't have queued up overnight to be among the firsts to get the iPhone. Make sense enough?

I'd love to call Job the inventor of modern days. He had brought about revolutionary change in the digital world which we are so heavily relying on for various purposes like communicating with each other and multi-media usages. The way we perceive technology has also been changed, partly due to the experience from Apple's innovative products and unconventionality.

Job's passing is no doubt a huge losses to the world. Some even said that his time hadn't reached a peak yet. When I first learned about the news, I was shocked.

These few days, I can't help but to notice that all the big media are doing coverage about Job, his life, his ways of success, his characteristics, and so on.

Few messages from Job that I've captured:

Don't dwell on mistakes.

Passion counts for a lot.

Stay foolish, stay hungry.

Steve Job, RIP.

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