Saturday, March 24, 2012

My first call for Stop Work

Coming back from work yesterday, I observed someone working at height without getting protected adequately. He was doing cleaning for the air conditioner outside the window at Level 4 or 5 without putting a safety harness on, the least of which that could prevent him from falling to his death or loss of physical ability and the likes.

It is easy to immediately associate the act lacking of safety and choose just to let it be, as if it’s none of my business. For what i know, it does no good at all if no intervention is taken. 

I went up to the hotel receptionist. I talked to her about my concern for the risk of which the guy might have fallen down for whatever the reason is. I told her my company put great deal of emphasis in safety. If the guy were to continue working outside there, I would make a report to my boss, which would also mean that the hotel might risk losing business with my company, a significant client for sure. 

I went back to my room, took a shower and followed up the progress. The guy was actually still up there. I told the receptionist again that I had already taken a photo and demanded her to raise a stop work immediately. 5 mins later, I went outside the hotel to check whether the guy had gone back in yet or not. And yes, he did.

This is my first Stop Work. It may well means a difference between live or death imagining the guy were to fall down. Such thing is not something fresh in the news. 

Feeling proud of myself, do the right thing, take leadership in safety. What I could tell is that the receptionist did not perceive the kind of risk I associated to. Yes, she did feel that it's unsafe, but the sense of seriousness just ain't there. She was kind of thinking that the guy would have finished the work fast and come back in safe and sound. However, we all just have no clue could have happened, even just the next second. Accident is odorless, silent as well as abrupt. 

Indeed a GOOD DEED! My colleagues were kind of surprised by me on this. Well safety culture is ON anywhere anytime.

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