Sunday, October 14, 2012

Of the beers I've got

I am no big drinker, not at all. I guess I drink as I want to socialise and it's actually part of my job. Lol. Further than that, it's one of the things which I wanna do to expand my life experience, much like traveling to different places, learning different cultures, and so on. Hilarious tough, most of the beers taste about the same to me, but some are smoother than the others.

Here's a list of beers I had tried, (not following any chronological/preference order):

1. Carlsberg, Danish

2. Heiniken, Dutch

3. Beck's, German

4. Chang, Thai

5. Singha, Thai

6. South Pacific, PNG

7. Corona Extra, Mexican

8. Stella Artois, Belgium

9. Hoegaarden, Belgium

10. India Pale Ale (IPA), English

11. Budweiser, American

12. Shiner Bock, Texan (American)

13. Tiger Beer

 Of course, the list if not exhaustive. Guess I will need to come back and update it over time.


Anonymous said...

Tiger beer was 13th?? thats shocking haha

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