Sunday, July 26, 2009

Been absent for a while, ain't i? Thanks to Mr Laze.

Anyway, I literally survived my training. Yea, I had encountered some big shits when my whole training schedule screwed up. However, things worked their ways out eventually. I thought I've learned and gotten the exposure in abundance. Not forgetting to mention, KL is pretty much an interesting place for internship. Lots of places of interest, shopping, food, people, entertainment, Ferrari and so on. Amid all these, be ready to get broke also.

I'm now back to university. Huh...finally final year which is kind of long-awaited. I'm hoping for a smooth sailing Final Year Project (FYP) and Final Year Design Project (FYDP). Yea, this is the trick that the university makes on every single chemical engineering student. My acknowledgment goes here.

Good luck to everybody also...

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khooiyee said...

good luck to u my senior! ^^