Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Used to be called "swine flue", the influenza is going pretty much rampant in proximity. By that, I mean the area of central Perak. Of course else where in the nation like Penang and Malacca are being affected alike. Several universities and national service bases are officially closed temporarily as mitigation measure. Hopefully it works. 4 fatality have been reported as of 30th July. However, I can see public in general isn't handle it with great deal yet, sadly to say including myself.

Rumors and speculations have been around as to how many suspected and confirmed cases whether or not the university will be shut off soon. One thing that can be told for sure is that the situation is getting worsened here when masks are being distributed for free. Some chaos is in the air.

In the event of break, I fear that the work piled like KK Mount. Rushing for deadlines is not good at all. The opposite case, we might be infected by chances, get quarantined and stuff, not good at all too.

What do I do then? Aiyo....great sense of pessimism.

Propaganda ==> "A better tomorrow"

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