Monday, September 13, 2010

It's time to *gulung tikar* the soccer

I have long (years) been absent from field. I remember back then, during my secondary school, I really couldn't do without football. Certain seasons like during the FIFA @ UEFA frenzy, we played it almost everyday without fail. Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I was fast, I got everlasting stamina and I was skillful. The mix allowed me to play for school with another friend. I was the main dynamo steering the direction of games.

This afternoon, I spotted a group of juniors playing football at the field. I invited another friend, Sin Sin to play with them and we did. Yea, we were just slightly better than *kaki bangku*. Decreased speed, slow response time, poor stamina, stiff physical and bad ball control. Unlikely, some of the juniors are really good. Initially I thought to do some show-offs, end up being trashed by the juniors team. Well of course they have the advantage because they play it constantly. Moreover, when it comes to sport, age is always a major factor.

Erm...i think I better *bungkus* @ *gulung tikar* and seek adventure inside the computer game. Even the greatest players like Maradona and Ronaldo have to quit their football career, the nature is really taking its course.

Whatever it is, football remains one of my favorite sports and it will always hold true.

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Johnny Ong said...

when u mentioned "a group of juniors" i was laughing already. had not played on a big field for 2 yrs now. i wonder how terrible it will be haha