Monday, September 6, 2010

Singapore-JB trip

Recently I went south to visit Singapore and dropped by JB to catch up with friends. My last visit to s'pore was such many years ago that I barely remember how it used to look. Plus the country is advancing by leaps and bounces. So, this visit is kind of eye opener to me! What I can say about s'pore is that "they really make something out of nothing".

The suspension bridge @ Sentosa man-made beach

King kong in the city @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore, famous for its sky garden.

One of my hosts in JB, Simon-Kerwin-Ong

@ Pasir Gudang Crocodile Farm.

The crocodiles look absolutely like toys to me.

Delicious Ikan Bakar @ The Zone, Johore

The Nasi Goreng Udang (TM), the best food I had there.

The entrance of casino @ Resort World Sentosa. The white is my favorite, Lamborghini Gallardo.

The symbolic, Lion Fountain in proximity with Marina Bay Sands.


wenyee long said... enjoy ya..
btw, how come i cant see a king kong de? think should be my eyes prob =p
got souvenirs for pangkor gang or not..haha

Chemhoster said...

Erm...your eyes too small d, go do some operation lar...haha...

we all grown up liao, forget about souvenirs...hahaha...