Sunday, October 24, 2010

The people sitting next table at kopitiam

It really doesn't make you look any good when you are busy condemning somebody or something. Worse still if the topics are sensitive to the people at the surrounding.

I was at the kopitiam with a friend, trying to get chilled from the heatwave. Soon, a group of people of religion X came and sat just beside us. They were easily identified because this is such a small community in my hometown. We carried on with our conversation, so did they. Probably they were of such a big group that they were chatting audibly loud. It's not difficult to guess that they were having some sort of sharing session. (You most probably have guessed what X is)

At first, we weren't get bothered much, not until we heard a familiar name, Stanley. We actually paused our conversation to catch on what's with him from their chat. Well, simply because Stanley is such an unpopularly interesting person the way he is (unconventional, weird). The key point is what he has in common with the rest of them, place of worship. Coincidentally enough that Stanley is a friend of ours. They were bashing him terribly and laughing out loud. Another guy who is closely associated with Stanley was being "victimised" too. Apparently there are lots of prejudice/bias on them both. It certainly didn't reflect to me any good about them because I stereotype that they are like a "family" who have due respect for each other in absence of discriminate for any member.

They were such a big crap that they went on condemning the culture of others, the practices of their own families, and some sensitive issues regarding ethnicity. Me and my friend had to abandon our topics to follow their chat which annoyed us a lot. I bet they didn't have a clue what they were doing. First, their topics are senstive, then their chat were audible like as if they weren't only chatting to themselves, and for god's sake it's a public area.

Well, I won't classified them as a representation to the others of the same religion. In my campus, I have seen the so-called "family" too. Their bonding is solid and they treat and support each other well. (as much as I'd observed)

Yea, as to the grudging bunch, I truly feel sorry for them if they continue doing so. (Wrong place, wrong time, wrong subjects).

While it's fun to condemn something, it requires some skills. And yea, I believe that it doesn't make you look any good busy condemning.

Laugh once at others, laugh twice at yourself.

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