Friday, October 15, 2010

Accidental volunteering for a good cause

I had to travel all the way down Singapore on a mission.

Can u believe that me canvassing for a blood donation drive at the entrance of a sg mall?!!

It was all by coincidence. At first, I had an interview to attend. Then I had to prolong my stay due to some issues. Over the weekend, I basically got all the time to room around the city. I met up a dude, wen kiat who has voluntered himself for a blood donation drive organised by his company. Since I need him to show me the *inside of singpoare*, I simply tagged along the charitable work. Well, my previous visit has covered some touristic places, so this trip I would wish to see the speciality of the Lion City.

Giving out tissues and balloons, sending out the awareness about the ongoing blood donation drive is definately one of its kind experience. I believe we had done great job. We did get quite some rejections but so what, we hit the target!! I certainly felt good about that. But yea, a wide range of personalities encountered, from lansi, kiat su kiat si, buat bodoh to kind, generous, friendly, polite and so.

He certainly had introduced me quite some interesting stuffs. I was brought to visit NTU and SMU, the Main Public Library (hotel-like), cyber cafe for left 4 death game, clubbing hub @ kranji, Sands, the commercial hub, harbourfront and so on. Indeed, they make my visit more meaningful (insightful). Thanks macha...

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