Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is it!

the sky is kind of blue today,
the weather is just pleasant,
thanks to the downpour last night,
refreshing breeze felt in the face
the leaves of the durian trees flip over blown by the wind

it is almost like as if thousands of glorified-yellow hues greeting me good morning,
the songs played sound nicer than all other time,
I feel light, easier to move around and move along,
the intepretations of a handsome mood are amazingly fantastic,
I should be staying this way...yes i should,
let's blossom on positive energy everyday.
yup, I'm delighted at the moment.

Courtesy SNSD-Jessica's new solo: Sweet Delight

finally I know it's near the bottom after months of fucked-up unemployment,

c'mon i ain't that bad,

hell is that many things are just beyond control,

and fuck it,
i'm gonna be back to active mode leading a more meaningful live soon,
it sounds like a reborn,
well it is,
have faith and stay strong and lucky ...

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