Friday, April 1, 2011

First of April

Today is April Fool, nothing much happened, except for part that I bidded a crystal stone. I guess I made a brilliant choice to dine at the food center near the LRT station. There was an auction going on. A crystal jeweller put up a stall and started talking to the crowd, the people who came and had their dinner there. Initially I didn't quite give a thing about it, as the background noice of the traffic and train was overwhelming. Partly also, I am kind of skeptical with auction at such place. However, it started to grab my attention when the jeweller explaining on the connection between some fengshui with different crystals. For the first time, I was participating in a bid and I guess it's pretty fun. The scenes in Hong Kong drama where the riches call out prices in an auction popped out in my mind and I thought those are cool acts. I called the price too. The difference is that for every call, there is an increase of 2 bucks, completely insignificant to what's in the show. Well, I think it's manageable and within my budget, so I took part. At the beginning, the "market" was kind of passive as in not many people paying attention to the jeweller despite all the fantastic sales pitches. He wasn't engaging the audience. Soon, it got warmed up a bit as the items being autioned become more and more interesting. Apparently there was a group of guys at the other table sort of "coming after" me. The items I was up for, they wanted them too. I called the price, then one of them called, and i called again and he called, on and on and it went beyond my limit (RM30), I stopped. As far as I am concerned, we never should pay too high a price for anything even if it's good stuff. think the auction itself is a good simulation of the scenarios in stock market. The way to play it is never get too obsessed with anything in partcular, always look out for numbers. Something which are attractive will become unattractive if it gets over it's intrinsic value (book value) and therefore the risk incurs will be increased correspondingly. It is also about control of greed and fear, the emotional work is imperative. At certain point of time during the auction, when those guys were aftering me, I was kind of feeling that I was losing my ground. I feel like I should probably put up a good fight and I almost failed to refrain going over my predetermined prices at times. I came pretty closed to being carried away by what people call, the stampede effect. But yea, I managed to bring myself under control and keep head cool. Eventually I got a pretty good bargain I guess. The bunch of dudes ran out of "bullet"? Lol...
The jeweller called it White Rose. I bid it for RM 16. Of any worth???

For health, for luck, hope that it works things out well for me.

White Rose?? What a name. It's said that be from Paraguay, am i conned?

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