Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nearing the crossroad?

You know, when you are coming to a crossroad, a junction or any equivalence, you will have gotta make a decision, or else you are just going to stay on the same ground and going no where.

I am kind of in a dilemma right now whether I should seek for a change or stay on, wait and see. Frankly, I totally love what I am doing now, but situational arrangement may prove to be quite unfavorable to my long term growth. Well, perhaps it's an issue with the person-organisation fit. I am not sure if I am a fans of the culture and values of the company.

It will be another test of patience I guess. I say give it a bit more time to assess if the situation may become favorable or bullish. Because once I make a decision, it means I am just gotta get going and no turning back.

All is well...

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