Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's up next...

Long lost, ain't I? haha... I'm still good and kicking around. But yea, am kind of lazy to do posting here, due partly also to the lack of interesting ideas of what to pen down in here.

Anyway, recently I can't help but to get caught up by the kind of messes the world are facing. It is coming from all direction, spanning from political upheaval and reformation, economy crisis (what many believe a double- dip recession), chaotic social orderness. To name a few, US faced a downgrade of credit rating from AAA to AA- by S&P, Euro zone is still struggling over the sovereign debt, uprisings in middle east, tsunami and nuclear crisis in japan, unsustainably escalating inflation in china, and the list goes on and on.

What's up next?

In those days, it was not that difficult to foretell/predict what's gonna take place, how something would turn out to be like and so on. Back then, there was no such thing as supercomputer for modelling various scenarios or processing tonnes of formulas. Simply relying on hindsight, our forefathers could get a fairly good idea of what's up next. Conventional wisdom proved to be pretty adequate.

To date, things have gone a little out of control. Things are less predictable. Things are going erratically. Things are ferocious. Things are somewhat at scales never seen before. No doubt, our generation are smarter and more efficient than our ancestors were. However, are we getting to anywhere? As people keep wanting for more, more than what is needed, the whole system will become unsustainable. We think big, we want to take on something big fast enough. We cut corners. We manipulate things at the expense of something else. Worst of all, we operate in such a way that we ignore our responsibility, integrity and ethics. A fucking corrupted system, isn't it?

Thanks to globalization, thanks to advances in information technology, we are enjoying increased opportunities and instant communication with anyone anywhere anytime. The other side of the coin, the fact that we are so much connected/linked depending on one another, that we can no longer do without each other. What this means it that we barely can isolate the detrimental effects or damage done to our neighbours or someone at different geographic location. This means that crisis is even harder to be contained and managed.

It's time to give a thought what is our contribution to the mother earth and the world, although tiny as it may sound, if everyone shares the same thought, this is immense enough to make a difference. We are living in a highly complex world but we have got to always take care the fundamentals to go ahead and go further.

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