Saturday, July 14, 2012

A new take

Few days ago, boss approached me for a new role whereby he wants me to focus on a particular piece of technology the department is providing. Essentially, we are seeing increased interest in the technology, and they need a dedicated person to be "babysitting" all projects that use it, including resolving issues, analysing data and so forth. I guess it's gotta be big for a budding fellow like me. What I am almost certain is that there will be a big gap which I have to close.

"If you take it, it's yours, you're always my first priority, otherwise I will have to go to the others!"  A rather big compliment I guess.

In light of chance/change, indecisiveness and hesitation creep in. Yes, the role is tempting. It is exactly what I would wanna do, perhaps 3 to 5 years down the road, but it's presenting NOW. I am getting something and I am giving up something too. Always two side of coin. Again, my capacity will be put on test, big test I would assume.

German Autobahn: so fast so furious...

It's a new take. Things are going to be fast like the "german authobahn". I hope I will pull it off, always embrace optimism. There may be a cut in my allowances, and travelling, but I am anticipating the revision and how things should fare. Keep hope alive!

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