Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outstation at Siam

Last week I was asked to fly to Thailand the next day. It's on a very short notice, but hey man it's city of Bangkok, and here I'm.

This is my first time in Bangkok. I was fast to like the city. Friendly people, pretty girls, and fluid Thai language, and of course the food. Thai the english, it sounds too funny. Something like HelicOptErrrrrr, hAAAve...

I checked in Oakwood Service Apartment. The room is good, undoubtedly one of the best hotel rooms I've been to. It's of walking distance to my office, at Citibank Building, opposite to Station 21, a pretty established mall.

Have been working my ass off though. Work, eat and sleep, work eat and sleep. Got wasted last friday night. The night club was awesome, conducive ambiance for party with DJ's. Traveled along the Chao Paya river, dropping by at Wat Pho temple, Grand Place, and China Town. Yea, just to check out the places and satisfy my want-to-know-ness. Pretty interesting places, loads of tourists, all kind of nationalities. Also, another act of solo traveling.

Back to room, got a bit of rest and I guess I will still need to get a bit of works done later. Hope I am getting my second weekend in the city before leaving to Songkhla.    

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