Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Lunar Year

It's another week before Lunar Year, more commonly known as Chinese New Year.

The festive ambience is pretty much felt. During this course of time, I particularly love to visit malls to check their decos. I went to KLCC Suria, Pavilion, The Garden, Time Square, MidValley, Sg Wang. In this pageant contest, Pavilion emerges as the "MC&I award" (most creative and innovative). KLCC Suria, as usual wins the "Giant award" having a huge red Chinese calligraphy. Sg Wang takes away the "most CNY" award because its deco pretty much make up CNY feeling.

Apparently this is OX year. It's fearsome, isn't it?

Note for a flet of drummers there.
They imitated my school's formations.

Just now after dinner, me and housemate fellows walked over to Jusco. Well, it seems that it has tight budget with the deco. There was a mini stage performance also. We were just in time to watch 2 little "Twins" singing. One can dance well--She kept shuffling on her foot--a bit of hilarious though--should say amusing--"haha", while the other one sounds like Ella--boy-like-voice. Wrapping up, it was pretty much happening at the doorstep Jusco. Not bad at all.

Happy Chinese New Year!


Johnny Ong said...

yr last post b4 cny???

Chemhoster said...

My last post b4 cny? Erm...depends lar, if I got something worth to be blogged, will have update again in the meantime.

Did my cny post come too early or what?

Johnny Ong said...

16 jan wo ..... 10 days ahead? hehe